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Russian IL-20 Shootdown And S-300 Supplies To Syria. What To Expect?

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On September 24, Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu announced that the Syrian military will receive the S-300 air defense system within two weeks, adding that the system has a range of 250km and is capable of intercepting several air targets simultaneously.

The defense minister added that all HQs of the Syrian Air Defense Forces (SADF) will be equipped with better automated process-control systems, “which are only supplied to the Russian Armed Forces.” This will allow a centralized control of SADF units across the country to be established, will lead to a better integration of Syrian and Russian military assets operating in Syria as well as provide the SADF with better targeting information. According to Shoigu’s statement, Russian EW systems will suppress any communications, radars and satellite navigation of combat aviation involved in attacks on Syria from the eastern Mediterranean.

Shoigu recalled that Russia had frozen S-300 supplies to Syria in 2013 at Israel’s request, adding that now the situation had changed.

Many observers and experts are looking forward to the time when these systems will indeed be placed on high alert in Syria and will then demonstrate their ability or inability to confront modern combat aviation.

In any case, the supply of S-300 system will further affect the already shifting balance of power in the Middle East, particularly in Syria, where the Assad government and its allies – Russia, Iran and Hezbollah – de-facto achieved victory in the hot phase of the conflict.

Cooperation with Turkey allowed the Syrian-Iranian-Russian alliance to reach a number of important military, humanitarian and security goals, de-escalating the situation in the northwestern part of the country and setting a foothold for possible peaceful dialogue between Damascus and the Turkish-backed opposition. Relations between Ankara and the Moscow-led alliance have never been too warm, but have been cooperative on the ground. This cooperation faces opposition from Washington, which has even threatened Ankara with sanctions.

Meanwhile, the US-Israeli bloc have not been able to achieve their goals in the war torn region. These goals were to replace the Assad government with a loyal regime and to limit the influence of its adversaries – Hezbollah and Iran. In fact, the conflict has led to a significant growth of Iranian influence and of the activity of Hezbollah.

The US decision to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of the Israeli state and the attempts of the Trump administration to intervene in any case where Israeli interests are allegedly under-respected have already led to a further escalation regarding the Palestinain and Israeli transborder issues. Moreover, the US withdrawal from the Iran Nuclear Deal forced Teheran to take a toughter stance on regional issues, including its ballistic and military programs and investments in the conflicts in Syria, Iraq and Yemen.

The situation in and near the Gaza Strip is especially tense. Clashes between Palestinain protesters and Israeli forces have resulted in hundreds of killed and thousands of injured Gazians. The number of Israeli strikes on various Palestinian targets has grown while Palestinian armed groups have also expanded mortar and rocket shelling of southern Israel.

On July 19, Israel also adopted a basic law declaring itself the nation-state of the Jewish people. The law set Hebrew as the official state language, removing Arabic and declared Jerusalem the Israeli capital. The law further established “developing Jewish settlement as a national interest and will take steps to encourage, advance, and implement this interest.” This move became another factor fueling Arab-Israeli tensions in the region.

In view of the above, Russia has for a long time been working to remain ready to cooperate with all sides in order to defeat terrorism and to put an end to the Syrian conflict. The Russian military established de-confliction lines with the US-led coalition and the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF). Efforts from the Russian side allowed the situation near the Golan Heights to be de-escalated and prevented further confrontation between Israeli forces and Iranian-backed units in southern Syria. Furthermore, Moscow has avoided engaging in the smoldering Syrian-Israeli conflict and has contributed no direct steps to repel any of the Israeli strikes on Syria.

However, as Shoigu stated, the situation has hanged. The Russian decision to supply S-300 systems to the Syrian military was a result of a series of events which started with the incident involving the Russian IL-20 reconnaissance plane off the Syrian coast on September 17. The plane with 15 servicemen on board was shot down by a Syrian S-200 air defense system repelling an aerial attack by the Israeli Air Force.

There are two conflicting versions of this development:

Russian version

According to the data provided by the Russian Defense Ministry on September 18, four Israeli F-16 jets carried out strikes on two facilities of the Damascus government in Lattakia. During the attack, the Israeli jets used the IL-20 as a cover thus triggering the incident.

On the same day, Defense Minister Shoigu stated that Israel is the side bearing full responsibility for the IL-20 shootdown and added that Moscow reserves “the right to respond”. Russian President Vladimir Putin described the incident as a string of tragic circumstances.

On September 19, Russian forces kicked off live fire drills off the coast of Israel and Syria, which lasted until September 26. The no-fly zone established in the framework of the drills covered most of airspace near Israeli waters.

On September 23, the Russian Defense Ministry held another press briefing providing a detailed look at the IL-20 incident. During the briefing, Defense ministry spokesman Major General Igor Konashenkov once again confirmed that Moscow sees Israel as the side responsible for the tragedy. The reasons are the actions of the Israeli side:

  • F-16 jets were using the IL-20 as cover to hide from Syrian air defense fire;
  • The Israeli military warned Russian forces about the strike less than one minute ahead of it and provided misinformation about the targets claiming its jets would attack several “industrial facilities” in northern Syria;
  • Israel has shown its low commitment to the  deconfliction agreement with Russia. According to Konashenkov, Russia has sent as many as 310 notifications to the Israeli military. In turn, Israel has notified the Russian side only 25 times although its jets carried out more than 200 strikes on targets located in Syria over the past 18 months alone.

Konashenkov emphasized that “the hostile actions committed by the Israeli Air Force against the Russian Ilyushin IL-20 aircraft cross the line of civilized relations.”

On September 24, the Russian Defense Ministry held another briefing revealing radar data confirming its statements.

Israeli version

The version of the events provided by the IDF is quite different. On September 18, the IDF released an official statement claiming that Syria, Iran and Hezbollah were responsible for the tragedy.

The IDF contested the version provided by Russia saying that Israeli warplanes were “within Israeli airspace” when the Syrian forces launched anti-aircraft missiles.

“The Syrian anti-air batteries fired indiscriminately and from what we understand, did not bother to ensure that no Russian planes were in the air,” the IDF stated.

Describing the target of the strike the IDF claimed that it was “a facility of the Syrian Armed Forces from which systems to manufacture accurate and lethal weapons were about to be transferred on behalf of Iran to Hezbollah in Lebanon.”

On September 20, the Israeli delegation, led by Air Force Chief Maj. Gen. Amikam Norkin, visited Moscow in order to provide Russian officials with Israel’s initial investigation of the incident. They claimed that the Syrian military fired more than 20 anti-aircraft missiles in response to the Israeli attack, with most of the missiles being fired after the Israeli jets had left the area. The delegation once again insisted that Syria is the side to blame for the situation.

Following the September 23 press briefing by the Russian Defense Ministry, Israeli Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman stated that Israel’s Syria policy will remain unchanged, and will include further strikes, despite the IL-20 incident.

“We act with discretion and responsibility,” Liberman told Israel Radio in an interview. “Nothing has changed and nothing will change. This is our policy.” He further stated that Israel does not “intend to have a public argument with Russia via the media”.

“We have made it clear that we will not allow Syrian territory to become a front for Iran against the State of Israel,” Liberman said. “We will continue to act to prevent this and we have all the means and all the possibilities.”

On the same day, the IDF once again rejected the Russian version of the IL-20 incident as false claiming that all the data to prove the Israeli version had been provided to Moscow.

Reactions and analysis

Summing up statements and reactions of the sides, the only point on which the Russian and Israeli versions of the incident agree is that the IL-20 was shot down by Syrian air defense fire off the Syrian coast.

Tel Aviv took a harsh stance publicly denouncing Russian statements and rejecting the authenticity of the radar data provided by the Russian military. Furthermore, the Israeli defense minister found time to claim that there will be no changes in the Israeli behavior.

The long history of Russian involvement in the Syrian conflict shows that Israeli leadership could not have been interested in scenarious like the IL-20 incident because a productive relationship with Russia is the only real tool to avoid the further deployment of Iranian and Iranian-backed forces in southern Syria and a possible open confrontation there.

The Israeli establishment had nothing to gain from the IL-20 shootdown militarily or diplomatically. Additionally, this incident can hardly be used in Israeli domestic policy to mobilize the population because Israel itself is in a constant state of emergency.

It appears that some Israeli mid and top level officers and military officials were beside themselves with glee at their “successful exploitation” of the allegedly weak Russian stance, which allows Tel Aviv to maintain a relative freedom of actions in Syria. Thus, the decision was made to interact with the Russians in a hostile manner, which led to the IL-20 incident.

An official decision to supply S-300 air defense systems to Syria as well as the tough response of the Russian Defense Ministry to the IDF’s attempts to deny its responsibility for the tragedy shows that by September 24, the Russian leadership had finalized a common platform on this incident, which had also been approved by Putin.

Russia decided to take a series of direct public steps, which are designed to ensure the safety of its troops in Syria and to boost Syrian air defense capabilities thus further limiting the influence of the Israeli-US bloc in the conflict.

While it is unlikely that the Russian military will be publicly involved in the repelling of Israeli strikes on Syria, it will take some steps under the Syrian flag. These steps may include:

  • providing the SADF with additional intelligence as well as means and measures to repel Israeli aggression;
  • further supplies of modern air defense systems to Syria;
  • coordination of the SADF efforts to repel Israeli strikes through their military advisers embedded with the crews of the Russia-supplied air defense systems.

Considering the current level of media hysteria in Israel and the US and the complicated situation in the region caused by the ongoing standoff between the Israeli-US bloc and Iran, the rash and hostile actions of Israel in Syria once again put the Middle East on the verge of a hot regional war.

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Zo Fu

What to expect ? Israeli F16 breached Russian declared “no fly zone” couple of hours after declaration with 2x F16 over Lebanon. They were escorted by SU-35 to borders, no Israeli jet was shot down. Couple days after that American F22 was intercepted by SU35 in Russian part of Syria, pilot of F22 was agressive which led to mocked dogfight, F22 lost and was escorted without being shot down. So my answer is: we can expect countless Israeli and US provocations and Russian toothless reactions until next “tragedy” (Putin’s words) occurs. IMHO Jews will try bombing raid on S300 positions and many Russians will be killed as S300 crew will get order not to protect themselves and hold fire.

Tudor Miron

Telemetrie, why did you change your nick name? You openly propagandise starting a war. We know who wants war (west knows its financial system is collapsing and hopes that war will erase its debt), so we know who you are working for.

Tommy Jensen

All right Tudor. Tell us the road to peace then?


In the ME easy.

Europeans should leave Arab land, and stop trying to enslave them. that means the Jews and Americans, need to get out. The Jews could live in America, and seize New York, rename it New Israel.


” The Jews could live in America, and seize New York, rename it New Israel. ”

I wouldn’t give them New York , but the general idea has merit. I propose giving them the state of Alaska , as the new home of all the world’s Jews. The Jews get more land and resources than they’ll ever need , and the US rids itself of Sarah Palin’s state – a win-win !


I hate to be the one to break this to you, but they have already taken New York.


True , but we have to take it back. It might take some sort of an occupation , but hopefully it can be done peacefully.

If they start throwing rocks , though , I say : Shoot to kill.

Boris Kazlov

Not Alaska please, I hope that some day it will be returned to the motherland. Let them take California, plenty of hippies, liberals, homosexuals, niggahs there.


And have their Parliament in Trump Tower Sinbad :)

It is flashy and completely tasteless , so it will appeal to the Khazar typesvery well.


He is tacky isn’t he no style, perfect for America. It’s hard to imagine that the country that elected JFK has now has stooped to Trump.


Its said that a nation gets the leaders the voters deserve :)


For the US to blow up Tel Aviv in belated retribution for the deaths on the USS Liberty intentionally perpetrated by Israel ? :)

Boris Kazlov

Not intentionally perpetrated by Israel, it was with the full acquiescence of U$AIPAC.


So you say Israel can attack and kill Syrian Soldiers with impunity and support terrorists in Syria while Syrian and Iranian soldiers are dying for Russia’s war.

Fact is as ally Russia should never have allowed their allies to be harmed by anyone including US.

IT’S long over due the S300. Suspending S300 long time ago was the worse decision Russia ever made

Tudor Miron

Syrian and Iranian soldiers dying for Russia’s war? So it is Russia’s war in Syria? I’m buffled that even now people do not realize that if S-300 were given in 2013 they would have been destroyed by now or in terrorists hands?


That’s about the silliest assumption.

That asset would not be in bear desert areas stupid.

Israel would not have been so free to attack and US would have been wary

You think Assad is as stupid as you?

Tudor Miron

Joe :) When you call me stupid hiding behind your keyboard, does it help you to feel “smart”? How old are you?


Let me say this, I am older than your father.

and another, try to refute what I posted and said before your post stupid replies

Tell me how the heck can rebels capture a S300 system that would have been well protected unlike those desert ares radars that the rebels were able to destroy because SAA withdrew from those areas.

Give me your reason … I know you can’t Period

Tudor Miron

Joe, if you afraid to give real answer than simply admit it. But why do you afraid to say how old are you? I’m 48 – see how easy it is? Why is it so hard for you to tell the true? Regarding your claims that S-300 would be secure. Let’s check some facts: June 2012 – trrorists captured AD base near Rastan (Homs province). They captured S-75 and several Shilka. August 2012 – terrorists captured AS base neat Damascus. They got several S-200. https://youtu.be/8OQklH8kjTY There are many other examples but this is enough to show that SAA could not secure even most valuable of their AD asstets.


My son is 42. Enough said. For an asset like S300 that system would have been placed in very secure areas unlike the many S200 spread over wide areas.

SAA would have bombed the shit out of the rebels coming close to the many layered defences .

There is a world of difference between S300 and lots of old gen S200 .

Looks like you lack strategic knowledge.

Even at the worse moments important Syrian assets were still secured until Russia moved in. Plus if S300 had been supplied coalition planes would not have had any chance of aiding the terrorists.

A lot of things would have happened.

S300 such an important assets would be among the last to fall


How about America “accidentally” bombs their position for an hour – like they did at Deir Ezzor?


Depends on where the S300 were deployed, Syria’s adversary was ISIS and all these FSA groups along with Al Nursa, S300 could have been used for ground attacks, which would be a waste. S300 is mobile and could have followed the withdrawal pattern of the Syrian forces. Aerial threats were minimal and S300 would have been a baggage to deal with in a urban warfare environment.

Without Russian presence in Syria the S300 would have been marginally ok, however, IAF and US Air Force could have taken them out, after loosing some aircraft.

Today, the S300 will be integrated with the Russian S300 and S400, along with significant EW capabilities, and ample point defenses, with a central command and control that makes coordination and battle management very efficient.

Boris Kazlov

Tudor my friend, it is not Russia’s war, yet Russia is involved in it, not only for the security of its southern border, but because it is her duty to protect a long -time ally, since the times of Hafez Al-Assad, the father of the current president, and also because this is an epic struggle between the satanic forces of U$AIPAC and the rest of the peace-loving world, Russia is the light of the world. But I am not blinded to justify every action of Russia in the conduct of this war, S300 should have been supplied much earlier, it was Russia’s duty to protect Syria, and it would have reined in many missile attacks and free bombing raids from Israel, it did not have to take the lives of 15 Russian heroes to move the Russian government into action.


It is Russia’s war. They made it their war in Sept 2015. Seems at last they’re getting down to war.


Putin will work a broad based political deal that leaves Turkey to deal with the amalgamation of anti Assad forces concentrated in Idlib and keeps Iran increasingly out of theater. Israel will maintain Golan but no more. Kurds will control east of Euphrates. Russia will recognize Jerusalem as Israel capital. Egypt will absorb Palestinians into Sinai. Putin will win a Nobel. The S-300 will never be given to Syria.


I don’ think Putin is going to leave Erdogan to deal with his terrorists in Idlib. ….. I think Putin is playing overkill on Israel downing his plane in order to forestall a FUKUS invasion of Syria when he and Bashar go clean out the rabble.


Things are never as they seem. Putin’s path to history lies in him causing a peace that has eluded everyone. It does not lie in a slug fest with opposing powers with technological ability on par with Russia’s. It lies in orchestrating a peace. History would never forget that.


Russia will not recognise Jerusalem as the capital of Israel until such time as that UN resolution preventing it is rescinded. Likely not ever.


yup, this is proxy war of russia nad usa


We both realise that this conflict, or any other real conflict for that matter,are not video games where there can be instant gratification I think Tudor.

Although I am impatient to see the SAA final victory against the US Coalition of Terror, I am also realistic enough to understand that the defeat if Israel and the FUKUS gangs will take time if a Nuclear war is to be avoided with the ‘children’ in the WhiteHouse and the Pentagon who have little or no grasp on reality.

The time when the demise of Zionist power arrives will be the time I will celebrate and ‘time’ is the weapon that will achieve that as the Exceptional People are ‘Hoisted by their Own petard’ :)

Tommy Jensen

Russia, Turkey and US has worked to carve Syria up into 3 spheres of influence. Russia controlling most of Syria with Turkish influence in Idlib, the American sphere in Rojava.

Putin dont want opposition to Israel and Netanyahu has declared he would be “ok” with Assad, if Russia, Turkey and US divided Syria up into three spheres of influence, and this is what happened, Israel´s demand.

Thus we understand better why Putin allowed Israel to kill Iranians, Hezbollah, SAA and Russian officers inside Syria the last 18 mth………..all to please Israel and “our Western partners”.

The S-300 in Syria is only for Russia´s protection.

I will bet 6 bottles of good red whine within 12 mth, that we will never see Assad declare he shot down an Israeli, US, UK, French, Turkish Airfighter with S-300.


“The S-300 in Syria is only for Russia´s protection.”

Hardly – it’s integrated with the Syrian.

Tommy Jensen



Interesting read but it’s also opinion and some of it already outdated. We already know the S-300s systems will be integrated with the Russian systems.

I hear 12 systems are going in plus some Buk, Pantsir, Tor “and others.” That combined with the electronics blackout is an awful lot more than what’s needed to contain just Israel.

It has become rather pointless to say “Israel won’t tolerate in Syria,” Heard a whisper too, that Israeli and US jets have already been bounced.

Brad Isherwood

Russia must put up CAP of Su 35,33,30 with Syrian Mig 29s, Slam the door shut… from Golan to Euphrates. If IAF tries over flying The Lebanon,

Shoot them down if they don’t turn back.

No more appeasement to Israel They are a threat. …and should be responded to with exacting power.

Icarus Tanović

From Golan/Jawlan to the border of Iraq.

Icarus Tanović

Just ignote him. He’s an Israeli Zionistic troll.

Joe Dickson

Kick the Turks out and the war is already half over, of course that is the easier half.


The next 12 months will indeed be a year to watch I agree Tommy :)


Most likely S300 will be operated by Syrian personnel (Russian advisors are probably just around them). The acquisition system will be integrated and automated by Russian in their base to avoid accidental shootdown, but their firing decision will be most likely controlled by Syrian after confirmation by Russian.

At political level, this means S-300 operated by Syrian forces has the right to shoot Israeli planes incursion & attack on Syria’s territory.

Syrian has been shooting missiles on Israeli warplanes for ages.

Beside, Russia & China has a lot more weapon that can damage US & Israel that doesnt involves military action.

Tommy Jensen

Dreamer. S-300 is for Russia only, no matter what you hear in the media.


We ll soon find out. Wont we


Don’t conflate “Jews” and Zionists.


The Russians do not have to shoot the F22 down, psychologically they can make US pilots afraid and doubt the veracity of their equipment, and when you are afraid and have no confidence in your equipment…….you are good for nothing. As far as the IAF F16, they are a joke, they are like flies that can be swatted down.


The doubt is gone, russia cannot shoot down shit.


You must be one of the arrogant airheads, on two occasions the Suk 35 maneuvered behind an F22 for in easy IR missile kill. And how were these F22 located if the stealth makes them supposedly untrackable?


Lol lol lol russians are 75 years behind modern weapons


“I go to nurseries and kill white babies while hanging their parents to entertain black kids of all ages.” (Part of lyrics of a song of a black rapper in France)



Certainly gets a better reaction that tales of whites lynching blacks in those good days huh?

Tommy Jensen

We must believe Putin when he says it was a string of tragic circumstances. Israel has already said they are sorry, they apologize and many Israeli officers have been in deep sorrow about the 15 dead Russian goyims. Even this was not a mistake by Israel, Israel also have feelings and agree to investigate what Israel did after they did it.

It is tragic for Israel, like Holocaust was tragic for Israel. The moslims stupid ban on usury are also tragic for Israel.

Israel will not hesitate to do it again, if Israel is jeopardized by Iran´s WMD´s and if Hezbollah threaten to defend south Lebanon again.


Yes Israel has feelings, pride avarice lust envy anger.


Major General Igor Konashenkov


Manuel Flores Escobar

Israel will never attack the S-300…among other reason they dont want that many fighterjets could be shot down ( included the F-35)….but Daddy Sam could do it using a massive cruise missile attack to surpass the ring of TorM2 and Pantsir….and Hit the S-300…of course with an earlywarned detection the S-300 will move and avoid the GPS guide and Tomahawks will hit an empty area or maybe a decoy model…..


The Russians can certainly track the missile launches, which, added to the US’s poor intel on targets inside Syria and the immense hundreds of miles that the missiles must travel to reach these tenuous targets, probably explains why US cruise missile launches against Syria were totally ineffective against Assad. If the Russians can jam the missiles as they claim, the US is in an even worse position than that.

The Israelis are worse, bomb basically a civilian house and then make up a story. They can be expected to perform very poorly against the S-300 and cannot be expected to even know where these are.


Lol ineffective lol. They hit everything they wanted.


Then they are ineffective at knowing what they want, or they wanted to be ineffective


Russia economy and management is ineffective …. Sh1thole country


That seems to not prevent them constantly winning and the American wimps running away. The US military should stay at home because it can’t stand the sight of its blood and is manned by some flabby lumps who can’t do a push-up


Very stupid comment . Russian ?


Maybe clean your filth up with your country’s stripey rag before guessing what country other people are in.


Dunk your fat American head back into your frying pan, flabby


And u into ur vodka


Are Russia and allies would again just defend themselves or send some cruise towards the ships as well as bases inside Syria? emmmmm…. high time.


Israeli pundits said the S-300 units would be destroyed by Israel. So according to them, pilots who avoid the crude S-200 and are trained to fly away from it are going to fly towards the S-300 deliberately and try to engage it in some kind of shoot-out?

Israel also bragged that they will send the F-35, which presents Russia with an opportunity. If Russia shot down and seized the wreck of an F-35 in Syria, this would cause trillions of dollars of damage to the failing Americans and cause them to scrap the entire project. It would also damage US-Israeli ties.


I think the French frigate was heavily involved. Putin decided not to strike a NATO member’s ship as it would draw in the USA which was what Israel was hoping for. So he went along with the Syrian shoot down hypothisis so he could enhance syria’s Air defense. Good move Putin.


There are two questions that wait to be answered about the S-300s. The first is will they get the job done and shoot down manned IDF aircraft with a respectable rate of efficacy? And if they will. Will the rules of engagement change to expand the no fly zone for IAF aircraft from west of the river and over the sea, to over Lebanon and Israel also?


“Many observers and experts are looking forward to the time when these systems will indeed be placed on high alert in Syria and will then demonstrate their ability or inability to confront modern combat aviation.” ———– You don’ say!


This is the post Saddam has WMD world. Israel has a version when they put out their evidence and data to support it. Until then they have noise.


Pssst buddy, I know this top secret carpet cleaning service in Turquzabad if anyone wants to get cloaked..

Scott Miller

I suspect the Israelis WISH they had the ability to orchestrate circumstances the way Russia is claiming. More likely an unfortunate friendly fire incident.

Jonathan Cohen

Bad news. I don’t like to see abortion rights defending powers in conflict. Defenders of abortion rights, such as Russia, Israel, Turkey, Rojava, Ukraine, Bahrain and the US need to unite around their main cause against abortion banners like Saudi Arabia, Iran, Syria, Yemen, Poland, Northern Ireland, Palestine and South Korea. Conflicts between abortion banners and even between both should be celebrated and encouraged to divert arms and ammo from conflicts like this. Abortion defending Russia needs to stop defending abortion banning Syria just as abortion defending US needs to stop defending abortion banning South Korea. Good thing Russia won’t be defending Iran.

Art Best

You want to know why this happened?

You may want to read this and learn about who the Jews who rule in Israel and the US of A really are and why they do what they do. If I’m not mistaken, this particular piece was put together and written by a rabbi, of all people. If you don’t know who the Frankists are, you have no idea why the world you live in is the way it is. I highly recommend to the community to read and share this piece wherever you can: https://therebbeblog.wordpress.com/2017/08/25/sabbatean-frankism-as-the-paradigm-of-the-modern-left/

P.S. One fundamental difference with the writer which I have is my conviction that the Talmud and the Jews who follow it or do not reject it are no better than the Sabbatean or Frankist Jews. Read the Talmud and decide for yourself. For example, the Talmud states that Jesus Christ is to be tortured to death by being boiled in semen and excrement (after having undergone other preliminary forms of torture): http://antimatrix.org/Convert/Books/Talmud/dilling/dcontents.html

Icarus Tanović

Oh yes. You Sotonists suck on this.

Melville Pouwels

idf had nothing to gain ??? shit man


What to expect – nothing good from russia, because nothing good ever came out from russia. You cannot manufacture simple sutomobile or computer, you are 100 years behind modern civilisation. Primitives.


You have to hand it to the Russians, they have been very careful no to escalate tensions, the Russians have played a very steady incremental game, they move their pieces very slowly and incrementally, if they tried to deploy these A2AD systems when they first came in, they might’ve provoked a reaction. almost all territories have been liberated, and with the idlib dmz, now instead of running for their victory they took a big step towards it. they used the shooting down of their plane very nicely to deploy their air defense systems, game on !!

Would love your thoughts, please comment.x