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Russian Hysteria 2.0: Both Primary US Candidates Are Kremlin Agents


Russian Hysteria 2.0: Both Primary US Candidates Are Kremlin Agents

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In the upcoming US Presidential elections, the new hysteria is that Russia is attempting to influence US voters and is supporting both key candidates – Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders.

This means that the “evil Russians” have stepped up their game and actually want either of the front-runners to win.

Senator Bernie Sanders, the most popular Democrat politician, winner of Nevada’s next party election and leader of polls in the US autumn presidential election, said Russian President Vladimir Putin is not his friend and accused the Russian leader of being an “autocratic thug.”

But that’s exactly what he would say if he was a Putin agent, of course, he wouldn’t let himself be discovered.

If voters have to choose between Trump and Sanders, they will suddenly find themselves in a situation of choice between politicians, both of whom are declared authoritative by the media and “intelligence sources” claim they are actual Kremlin agents.

It is hard to imagine how a society can maintain at least minimal prudence and minimal respect for its own security forces and democratic institutions in this case.

It is also noteworthy that the reports that Russia is providing electoral support to Sanders, who is trying to become a presidential candidate for the Democratic Party, began appearing in the information field almost coincided with his victory in the primary elections in Nevada.

According to American experts, now his chances of winning the national congress of the Democratic Party, which determines the presidential candidate, have increased significantly.

Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders beat opponents at Democrats’ caucuses in Nevada. According to American media, he won 47% of the vote. This is almost two times that of Joe Biden, who became second. Third place went to the ex-mayor of South- Benda to Pete Buttigic.

However, in 2016 there was already a similar situation – and then Sanders was simply “robbed” by the votes at the national party congress, because the party elite decided that Hillary Clinton would still be the best candidate, and the votes of ordinary voters and Sanders delegates did not matter.

The “fact” that Russian structures are trying to help the election campaign of the Vermont Senator Sanders, the Washington Post reported, citing sources in the US intelligence circles. As the publication emphasized, American lawmakers, the Donald Trump administration, and the candidate himself were informed of this Russian intervention.

“Unlike Donald Trump, I do not consider Vladimir Putin a good friend. He is an autocratic thug,” Sanders also said. “I don’t care, frankly, who Putin wants to be president. My message to Putin is clear: stay out of American elections, and as president I will make sure that you do.”

US National Security Adviser Robert O’Brien said that he had seen no intelligence or analysis to support the claims that Russia was supporting anybody in the elections.

All information that claims Trump or Sanders are supported by Russia comes from unnamed US officials, and various intelligence sources.

Regardless, absurd rhetoric continues.

James Carville, a prominent democratic political strategist, said that Putin won the Nevada election.

Carville is known for actively participating in the winning election campaigns of Bill Clinton, Tony Blair, Ehud Barak and Afghan President Ghani and so on and so forth.

According to Carville, the Kremlin specifically supports Sanders to bring down the weakest democratic candidate against Trump who will definitely lose to Trump. And to save Trump for the 2nd term, the main goal of the Kremlin.

As a result, Sanders’ victory in Nevada and Biden’s defeat translate into discussion of whether Putin manipulated the elections in Nevada. Carville also called on all democratic candidates to unite against Sanders and prevent the Kremlin from implementing its plans.

Republicans, in turn, point out that the CIA (with the support of CNN and the Washington Post) specifically stated 1 day before the Nevada caucus that Russia supported Sanders (this is in addition to standard accusations that Sanders was allegedly a communist).

Thus, they wanted to cover up Sanders’ relations with the Kremlin, as they did with Trump and lower his chances in the elections. But the voter failed and the plan did not work, hence the growing hysteria among the democratic establishment, which created a very monstrous picture, where the main candidates from both parties are connected with the Kremlin.

Regardless, a plethora of memes and caricatures are now being spread in social media, depicting Putin as the biggest winner, Sanders as a communist, as well as both him and Trump as Kremlin agents and what not.

Some of them can be seen below:

Russian Hysteria 2.0: Both Primary US Candidates Are Kremlin Agents

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Russian Hysteria 2.0: Both Primary US Candidates Are Kremlin Agents

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Russian Hysteria 2.0: Both Primary US Candidates Are Kremlin Agents

Click to see full-size image

Russian Hysteria 2.0: Both Primary US Candidates Are Kremlin Agents

Click to see full-size image

Russian Hysteria 2.0: Both Primary US Candidates Are Kremlin Agents

Click to see full-size image

Russian Hysteria 2.0: Both Primary US Candidates Are Kremlin Agents

Click to see full-size image

Russian Hysteria 2.0: Both Primary US Candidates Are Kremlin Agents

Click to see full-size image

Russian Hysteria 2.0: Both Primary US Candidates Are Kremlin Agents

Click to see full-size image

Russian Hysteria 2.0: Both Primary US Candidates Are Kremlin Agents

Click to see full-size image

Russian Hysteria 2.0: Both Primary US Candidates Are Kremlin Agents

Click to see full-size image

Russian Hysteria 2.0: Both Primary US Candidates Are Kremlin Agents

Click to see full-size image

Russian Hysteria 2.0: Both Primary US Candidates Are Kremlin Agents

Click to see full-size image

Russian Hysteria 2.0: Both Primary US Candidates Are Kremlin Agents

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Russian Hysteria 2.0: Both Primary US Candidates Are Kremlin Agents

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Russian Hysteria 2.0: Both Primary US Candidates Are Kremlin Agents

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  • Barba_Papa

    Methinks the only way to shrug of the Russia hoax hysteria is to agree and amplify. You can’t deny it, that is what a Russian agent would do. You can’t disprove it because these people don’t use or are dissuaded by evidence or logic. Hysteria is not logical, it’s emotional. You got to own it and thus make it sound ridiculous. Sell Putin buttons and Russian food at your meetings, joke what you’ve bought with your Putin blood money this week and how useless and inept your opponents because they didn’t get any checks from Putin.

    • Jake321

      The Kremlin hack who wrote the above article wasn’t being sarcastic, only ignorant and stupid. But maybe you can’t tell the difference.

      • Concrete Mike

        We can tell your the little fascist here!

        • Jens Holm

          When we write about You, its often deleted.

          • Concrete Mike

            Ok, are my feelings supposed to be hurt now?

      • Daily Beatings

        How dare the author be ignorant and stupid, that’s your job.

  • Concrete Mike

    Hah butt hurt democrats make my day.

    At least the republicans dont hide their war mongering. Lybia will forever be the stain on the DNC for me, never again will i beleive these pseudo humanitarians.

    DNC has become the evil empire. Kinda fitting ,im listening to rage against the machine, always have and always will.

    • Jake321

      Well, don’t cheer yet. Russia has two butt hurts to worry about. One if the Dems win and take their vengeance which will result in the RF going the way of the Russian Soviet Empire. And alternately, when their preference, Traitor Trump wins and makes it clear that the Universe can only have ONE big azz to kiss and Putz Putin the Lesser better get down on his knees.

      • Concrete Mike

        Russia.dont give a crap.about american internal.politics.

        Cuz its a fucken zoo.

        All what you said is irrelevant. America is a puppet nation anyways, beholden to Israel.

        Its pathetic, no matter what happens its russia’s fault… infantile really.

        If the DNC wants war with the russians, then it will.never get elected, WE THE PEOPLE DO NOT WANT WAR!

        Thanks for chiming in though, glad to see the fascists have their marching orders, and you were stupid enough to reveal it.

        Divide and conquer works at home too ya know.

      • rightiswrong rightiswrong

        The Dems have a great working relationship with Russia, it’s not just uranium and rockets you know.

        And Bibi loves kissing Putins as s.

  • Zionism = EVIL

    The reality is that the Americunts have a Jew infestation and a corrupt political system and blaming others is their favorite pastime for all the ills of their shithole failed rogue cesspool.

    • Jake321

      Sour grapes. Spoken like the true loser you are. What paradise of a country do you live, kid?

  • Europa Erwache

    Southfront copying colonnel cassad once again.

    By the way it is very very hillarious how Southfront is super-supportive of the USSR and of Orthodox Marxism-Leninism (e.g. “Central Europe from Yalta to Trump”) established in half of Europe but at the same time does not hesitate to criticize Bernie Sanders, whose Socialist views are much more lenient than the Soviet version of Marxism, in order to promote Trumpism. We get it guys you have achieved at establishing a puppet at the Oval Office who is destroying the power of the US worldwide and is promoting the geopolitical primary of Russia worldwide.

    But we are not as stupid as the fans of Donald Trump. At least respect your audience and do not repeat such cheap attacks against Bernie, just because Bernie has a serious chance of ousting the Russian-puppet, Donald Trump. For God’s sake! Your double standards are awful in this article.


      Relax,you exposing tyrants nwo incest spawn agenda,socialists more lenient than yugoslavia?

      tell that to hitler,would laughed at you,yet cry like a baby,seens when’s 24 trillion debts=positive?
      Atleast the soviets post ww2 acheived feats no other nation could better,in highly sophisticated,

      When the leader believes more in lie$ than his people$,it becomes a serious problem in deed!

      My few euros worth:

    • Jake321

      With you on this even though I don’t support Bernie because, like the Russians, I think he is easier for Traitor Trump to beat.

      • Concrete Mike

        Traitor trump?

        Why is he treasonous? He gave israel all it wanted, golan jerusalem west bank?

        Thats not enough for you greedy assholes?

        Or you still beleive in the discredited russia interference?
        Still crying hirlery didnt make it??

        Keep crying no one is listening fucken baby!

        • Jens Holm

          Typical ME comment using “traitor” Jerusalem, assholes, crying, fucking baby.

          As often, You dont understand ME is not the center of USA. Maybee its only a hobby.

          • Concrete Mike

            What are you talking about dude?
            Into the Tuborg’s early i see.

            He is an israeli first american and doesnt hide it, therefore the cry baby label is fair game in regards to that individual.

            And since this individual has sympathized with jabhat al nusrah, a recognized terrorist organization worldwide, using the noun “asshole” towards this individual is also fair game. Many other nastier things could have been said.

            Go have more tuborgs, maybe ill understand you better.

          • Jens Holm

            I am not like You. I mainly read and comment. So its about, what he writes and not where he is comming from.

      • rightiswrong rightiswrong

        You think!

        Ducking hilarious, world class comedy gold.

        The thought of you thinking.

    • Peter Jennings

      You’re ranting and raging. There is no way that President Putin would have the Trumpster as a puppet. The damage being done to the US is purely self inflicted and doesn’t need any outside help.
      Bernie calls the President of the Russian Federation a ‘thug’. This thug is the best statesman to appear in the last century. A thug who has seen off many western antagonists, who’s own people couldn’t wait for their chance to vote out of power. So, it doesn’t seem as if Bernie is that well clued up. If he is and still maintains that President Putin is a thug, then he is singing from someone else’s song sheet and being disingenuous to the US public.

      • Jake321

        Overwhelmingly, the US Public thinks and knows Putz Putin the Poisoner is a thug. In fact, one of Bernie’s biggest problems is that the bulk of the US Public still associates Bernie’s declared Socialism with Russia of the Putz’s Soviet KGB days. That is a main reason Traitor Trump wants to have Bernie to run against.

        • Concrete Mike

          Hah Liar!
          You live in meme land son.

          Even under the smallest of scrutiny, all the things you blame on putin come right back to us.

          No worries the DNC is corrupt to the core, bernie will never get the nomination, because its a sham!

          All you beleive in is lies!

          Your whole existence is to perpetuate these lies. A pretty pathetic existance, even cockroaches dont envy you.

          Poor lad, hopefully you dont end up on the end of a rope, not too late.

          • Jake321

            Well, yes. Since you are a Putz Putin the Poisoner Troll everything does come back to you Russians. Thanks for being honest.

        • Jens Holm

          I agree. The USA ideology world is very narrowminded. But its the other ways around too.

      • Jens Holm

        Sanders sing his own song only.

    • Jens Holm

      You have to write here almost as You wish. I am sure it was strictly forbidden in the Uncle Mars world. You speak from some collapsed Museum.

      Socialist is not Communist. Socialisme in´USA context is the contrast to Capitalisme. Sanders again and agian compar with Skandinavia. Our socilists are Social Democrats which split AWAY from Your Marx, Lenin, Stalin and those after them.

      I You grap deep in Your museum, You might find the killed Trotsky. You might compare a little with him being Menchevik.

      I have written Your comments here many times. People like You should go back to Your farm and grow something there after instruction.

    • rightiswrong rightiswrong

      But, but, isn’t Bernie already a Commie spy, working for the Kremlin?

      Or are you just another selective ducking p rick!

  • Xoli Xoli

    Who care about that USA undemocratic warmongers elections. O f cause bible scripture fulfiller will win.Pompeo favourite Sanders will not win.But by the way who cares which devil win.

    • Jake321

      Sure seems Putz Putin the Poisoner does. He said so himself. He’s a Traitor Trump guy. And the silly inaccurate Kremlin fluff article above doesn’t change the fact that Russia has been putting in a lot of effort to try to sow discord in the US and prefers Traitor Trump since he is the best Useful Idiot to help them in their efforts.

    • Jens Holm

      I care. I prefare Presidents from there knowing the rest of world because we are depended and trade and should be able to do that in stabile conditions.

      You cant rely in Trump at all. He was elected because rhe old establisment were too established.

      • Xoli Xoli

        Congratulations good for you.

  • Jake321

    What a load of crap. This Kremlin fluff piece is embarrassingly inaccurate and shows a great amount of ignorance about politics in the US. But it does push the same lies the Kremlin has been pushing for years. Not the least of which is that Bernie went to the Democratic Convention (not Democratic congress, dodo) with significantly less Primary votes than Clinton. He lost fair and square. In fact, the declared Socialist had even lost the vote in the very heart of the heart of Leftist US, San Francisco and Alameda County, California, home of UC Berkeley for god sake! Anyway, the Putz and his RF better hope their efforts work because the Dems will be taking sweet vengeance if they win.

  • Peter Jennings

    This coming election will be as all other US elections over the past 40 years….a complete shambles. The american people deserve better. It used to be, pay you’re money and take you’re choice. Now one just pays you’re money.

    Russia isn’t the problem. That lays closer to home.MSN offices should be surrounded with angry voters holding pitchforks. They are the medium which political conmen and swindlers use to attract the gullible and uninformed.

    • Jens Holm

      Yes, its a strange election system.

    • Concrete Mike

      You are correct.

      The press , as it has become a commodity now, faces the same pressure as any other market commodity.

      Problem is, with information, a newspaper magnate can modify the information sphere to serve his interest only and not to “inform” the people anymore.

      We have that very same issue in the province i live in.

      We have 1 oligarch family, that happens to own all of the english printed newspaper, i dont know who owns the french paper.

      So whenever the provincial government does something against corporate interests, he lets loose with his media empire to modify public opinion in favor of his corporate policies. Glyphosate spraying for example.

      Anyways, media is a for profit business, now we are all surprised that they are not honest with us to make more profit.

      So the real problem now.
      How to reign in the “FREE PRESS”.

      As it stands now, the “free press” is in symbiosis with all the warmongering interests out there, be it military/intelligence, cartels, high finance, academia, industry, government ect ect…

      Ok rants over :))

    • Jake321

      But the Kremlin has been doing its little part. And doing it well. Particularly in the media that is NOT the MSM. And I bet you damn well know that.

  • Jens Holm

    And if we copypaste those nice pictures, we are supporting who…

    SANDERS is no socialist. He is only a socialist compared to how most Americans learn and think capitalisme.

    The very short version for that is Sanders use Skandinavia as model. We are not socialists but a compromize for kapitalisme treating all better by investing in people by the state.

    The split up came from Communists more then 100 years ago, where we got the socalled Socialdemocratic models where respect between all came as documents . In western Europe Social democrats has been the winning model ever since.

    Our production mainly is based on private property, stock holders and has produced many companies wel known for the whole world. But we rax them and the employed better because they produce well. And by that WE GIVE TAX BACK.

    Thats the point. Less illness makes people work better and longer. Their children are less sick. Education is free. Danes are extreme in that. You ca be a lawyer or a Doctor and even partly being paid when You stup. You dont need scholarship and if needed get loan. You also by the high tax save for pension.

    More % in Denmark do work in DEnmark then USA, so we dont get lazy or has a life long freedom by being financed by others by the state. That part is often used by stupidists in USA as well as some here.

    It also keep the crime lowered some and we are better controlled, which makes us number one in low corruption.

    We are not paradise but also no science fiction.

    But thats where Sanders will take the good parts and ceratinly not the Moscow Communist models, Putin or for that matter China.

    Here the Obama care is close to a joke being reduced to almost nothing. To me its like one more lifeboat to Titanic – even Idont see USA is sinking right now. More good things from us should be implemented ut in their own version.

    • Jake321

      Bernie knows at least as well as you what Socialism is and means. He also knows the difference between Socialism and Social Democracy. Why do you supporters of Bernie think he is an ignorant liar?

  • Red Pilled ThoughtCrimes

    bloomberg pulling the strings of MSM is he?

  • ButtonPlay

    Bernie being popular and bloomberg bringing his own money to the game, is a nightmare for shillary clinton because bernie has too strong opinions of his own to stick to the script and bloomberg too much money to buy him as a servant.

    Just a few kids from 4chan is enough to cause upset in the divided democrate ranks.

    • Jake321

      If you missed it, Hillary is NOT running this time and is NOT involved in this campaign. Well, Bernie is trying to sell the old used ideology of Socialism and unfortunately selling it to a lot of Useful Idiots.

  • Ronald

    Tulsi Gabbard for President, actually getting the military out of Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen, Nigeria etc and with Bernie as VP, actually doing things for America, that would be what the people want, but that won’t happen because as Mark Twain said,
    “if voting changed anything they wouldn’t let us do it”.
    Instead we get Bernie mouthing “Russian interference” and he hasn’t even lost yet.
    Just more entertainment, the new Roman Colosseum Games.

    • Ronald

      Forgot to add that despite her military indoctrination Tulsi spent 8 years in Iraq and actually learned something.

    • John Wallace

      She won’t be allowed to win no matter what.

      • Ronald

        Sadly know that, she has not even been allowed to run.

        • John Wallace

          I thought things had gone pretty quiet with her so she has pulled out or forced out. Pity , I thought she may have been an interesting choice. But in the end it doesn’t seem to matter who wins , they all are war hungry or told to be.

    • Jens Holm

      Mark Twain was in another context. Its unfair to quote like that. If You go back to Italy in 1905 the Pope told, that none italiens yet was quilified for voting.

      The problems around Sanders are the ones, which will not change things even needed. Its typical most people in USA only know their own political Turf.

      Sanders being a socialist is americaan context and the contrast to capitalisme.

      So when he will try to take the good parts here from Skadinacia and make them in an USA version, he is a Social Democrat and not a Communist. Those split up more then 100 years ago.

      Therefore its very biased to bring old pictures with him from 20-30 years ago too. Actually it makes sense if those he met got inspired by his version for progress.

      • Jake321

        Why people refuse to believe Bernie that he is a Socialist is really funny. Do you ALL think he is a liar about that but us honest about all else? Bernie damn well knows the difference between Socialism, Democratic it not, and Social Democracy. And has for over 40 years. He is NOT a Sicial Democrat. He is what he says he is. A Socialist. He only uses Social Democratic programs as a stepping stone to Socialism. He wants to replace the market capitalist and private ownership economy with direct political control of the economy and collective ownership of property, NOT just reform and regulate them to be more equitable as do actual Social Democrats like those in Scandinavia. Again, do you think Bernie is lying or is just ignorant? The wishful thinking and intentional blindness among those who support him is simply pathetic and will prove tragic if he gets the nomination. He will easily be defeated by Trump. That is why the Kremlin helped Bernie before and continues to now. Trump has been great polarizing and destabilizing the US society.

        • Jens Holm

          Whatever. Sanders do have realitic solutions for very big unsolved problems in USA. And as Scandinavian and non socialist I see them work and see them work well.

          Tempting to remember Chairman Mao(!). I dont care about the color of the cats if it carch the mice.

          Thats how I see it. USA need some implant replacements in and merican context. Thats a basta from here and for many americans as well.

          Yaxing stony rich is very good. I see at least some of them being rich like that as if a lot of that actually is stolen. So more like thieves should return things to the owners. Some few % from them is hardly nothing for them but a good symbol for the rest of us.

          It almost makes me laugh some 77 old is stepping USA into Socialisme by Social Democrasy as firt step.

          USA wil never allow that. An USA President is not powerfull for that at all. Number one should be to change the constitution, but in dayly lige You have the Congres, the Senat, the Gopverness and the the local influence in 52 states.

          So You have no realisme.

          I se nothing wrong in fx Snders trying to help old communists in fx South America. I see no Kapitalistic succes there. Peple try to leave so Jump might get his wall cor bad reasons and what about drugs. Poor people grow drugs because they have no laternative – just like Afghanistan.

          So inspiring some communists into more realisme certainsly should be needed. Its not only Venezuela having only the choise between bad solutions or none.

          Do people in USA really prefare some Ortega in Nicaragua or not. I see no communist in him. He is a very bad dictator.

          So hold Your horses. Some Danders can or will try to make realistic reforms for progress in the american quagmire part. People will say no to what You accuse him for.

          • Jake321

            I like to say NO to the advocate of destructive things even if I’m hopeful they might not be able to try to make them happen. A lot of people made that mistake with Trump and see how well that went. Bernie is old and for that reason will try even harder to make his life long Socialist vision happen no matter how destructive the attempt is. But even more important, he is a “Leninist” like Steve Bannon, Trump with a brain. They deeply believe if you can’t get what you want with the current institutions destroy them and cause chaos fully believing that your ideology will still be around to clean up the mess and rule with an iron hand. But mostly I’m against Bernie getting the nomination because Trump will wipe the deck with him and we will also lose the House and not take the Senate. It would likely give Trump a landslide and enable him to become the tinpot dictator he so wants to be…and with a lot of nukes. As aside, China is doing so well because they had the good sense decades ago to get rid of most all Mao’s ideas and ideology.

          • Jens Holm

            Hard for me to see my country as well as the other Nordic/Scandivian countries. We all are above West Germany and Norway is above USA.


            So we must be doing something right.

            Danes are a good example. We have plus plus in our trade with You. And what do I see. Most things of our exports are advanced products. The other way You cant get rid of Your soyabeans and our pogs like it very much.

            Is selling pigfood to us aqnd the rest of the world the future for USA ? And what do You propose Yourself. As I reacall it doing nothing is doing something too. You can try to remain in an elevator. You go up and down and fo nowhere but use electricity. Thats how USA is today as I see it.

            So therefore You have to replace or upgrade. My parents first car was a Ford A from 1928. We repaired the roof with tar and the wheels were very good in snow, but they dont have it anymore. Visist Detroit and learn.

            Your main problem is You import low edacuated ones, but You dont educate enough for joining the middle clas or higher. Those poor (own or “mexicans) are not the fiture as they are.

            You treat them as expenses. That should be very UN-american. Those are investments. But they are not fit. Its like keeping cows cheep by hardly feeding them.

            Scandinavia is not like that. We see they (poor)can give a lot back for many many years if we educate as many as possible as wel as we can and keep thir health tip top.

            Its very simple. You might give them a lot of bananas and say 7 is very expensive, but actually its not as bad if You get back 10 or 11.

            It also include people. Your systyem excludes millions kept as that or raised to remain like that – as father, mother and grandfater and grandmorther.

            Its yotally unheard seeing so many of Yours living in bad houses as well as trailer parks. Thats totally unheard here. Our slum has facilities, which is paradise compared to that.

            Most of them are not laxy bums at all. Its also too often not their own fault. Its vety visible You can upgrade from being minus only to at læeast feed Yourself well. It obvious, You can do exact the same for the relative poor above them as well as the lower middle class and so on.

            You do it by investments.

            And old Socialdemocratic term is: You get the same possibilities/Chances – But by that is does not same You get the same income, a big house, 2 cars, swimming pool and like that.

            But We as state help You maximize what You are and can be. Your respensabiity is to follow a GOOD school, an EDUCATION You jelped by the goverment can finance and next its finding Your skills and work hard.

            Thats what You dont do.

            Medical care/hospitals are same thing. You have made them for profiy Yourself. And the result??? Well we see firty kapitalists plundreing You kapitalists. You pay double for less then we do.

            The main difference here is our Goverment own most of that sektor. AND THEN we outsource and minimize the profite cake.

            All at the hospitals are free. We cant see which brak their arm next weak as well as we only know 3 of 10 gwets canser. So therefor all pay that by tax.

            So if You have to go there, You are lucky bÿ other people are paying for You. In the opther hand You also are lucky if You dont break Your arm or get canser.

            Thats how we see medical care.

            I see no socilaisme is possible in USA. I see no reason for it. I see You need some very good and new sareparts or/and some vital repairs. You have to unite America.

            When You say You unite peopåle and allæ are equal its also very strange, that people has to registrate for voting even its a right. People in US do know if the are more or less then 18 years old, dont they:)

            After reading this, You might go eating and drinking a lot. But I have the solution. You can take some Danish insuline by Novo Nordisk. They need a pen having a a needle You hardly can feel. Thats fanish design in its best.


            You have to learn that the USA system is not the best in a lot of things and closed isolation like Your version fx by Trump now dont solve Your many internal problems.

            A personal comment to the richests one is, that if they have billions and billion – We have a few of them too – Parts of that must be theft fx by being owners of Your medical, hospital and insurrence companies. They can effort to be taxed many millions before they starve.

            Let me remind You that You also was forced to the world in WW1 and WW2. Those 2 ocenans of Your is not enogh,

    • Jens Holm

      USA is not runned having those muslim mistakes as centers of their world.

      People in USA probatly dont want as You write. If I should guess, they want a more defense attitude full of a little more sense. Here I think Sanders can do it and a bit better then Obama.

      Tulsi Gabbard is something but in those matters nothing.

      My best wish for USA is they got better election systems for President and the rest.

      WEe in Denmark are all voters after 18 years. Emmigrants and refugees can vote here after 3 years but only at the local level.

      Ehen elections comes, we get a letter telling what it all about, where we can vote and open.

      When we arrive with that card/letter we show good ID and tell our birthday and get the list.

      We also are announced how to vote from home by letter and most counties bring people which cannot come by themselves.

      WE have no “winner takes all systems”, and we do do have correction mandats to makeeven smal % mistakes.

      USA has so many local systems, where I can see they are trying to cheat each other having all stupid tryes for that. That should be strictly forbidden by Sanders.

    • Jake321

      Did you get an extra Vodka ration for that one, Igor?

      • Ronald

        Jake you have never been to Hawaii, you might try it one day if you ever make enough coin, haole.

        • Jens Holm

          He never left his garden. His last wish is to be burried there too:)

        • Jake321

          Wrong as usual…I’ve been to Hawaii many times. And not only have the coin to go there anytime I want but made some of that coin working there. And you, junior?

          • Ronald

            Many times you say, but never picked up any Aloha, doubt it.
            You don’t even know the meaning of haole.

      • Jens Holm


        Vodka is for medical care. This is fun and even the men are nice in shirts

        • Jake321

          With most all Russian men, like all the Putz Putin Trolls on this site, Vodka is indeed related to medical care. It takes a lot of medical care to keep them alive till they die at a young age, some 10 years younger than men in the US. Guess Putin didn’t have a nice shirt to ware when he rode that tiny pony trying to look like Attila the Hun or something.

          • Jens Holm

            WE see many Russian women asking our dating sites for amrrying almost anybody else outside Russia.

            They certainly have their problems those people of Russia.

            We might hope for he is some kind of Attila. As I recall it his Empire collapsed :)

  • Zarathustra

    They say that despite the very real Israeli interference in both American and European elections.


  • Tick Tock

    The question is what will the Imbecilic Community do now. They never were the Intelligence Community just the Criminal Psychopathic Group the where $hit out after WWII. They may in fact be Satan incarnate and most certainly are Evil that walks on the Planet. The absolute proof that they are Imbeciles is this Hysterical Absurdity that BOTH Sanders and Trump are backed by or strongly supported by Russia. What should be scary to everyone are that there are American Morons who eat this Garbage WILLINGLY.

    The other thing I want to point out is this Anti-Communist Anti-Socialist rhetoric that has gone on since I was a child (1950’s). It is clear to me that this is part of a Global Conflict between Humanity and Capitalism which seems to have been going on since the Industrial Revolution. The Capitalist Pigs are without a doubt anti-Human and gladly eat their own young for Fun and Profit. Psychopathic Deviants through and through. It is possible they would prefer a Nuclear Holocaust to losing to Humanity. This group now composed primarily of “So Called” Jews are a threat to life on Earth.

    Hopefully these people will somehow be detained either by Legal or Illegal means and an end to this insanity will begin.