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Russian Hypersonic Weapon Files Leaked To Foreign Intelligence, Investigation Launched – Russian Media


Russian Hypersonic Weapon Files Leaked To Foreign Intelligence, Investigation Launched - Russian Media

A screenshot from the Russsian Defense Ministry video

Russia’s Federal Security Service (FSB) has reportedly launched an all-out search for a mole who leaked top secret files on the cutting-edge hypersonic weapon systems to Western intelligence, the Russian newspaper Kommersant reported on July 20 citing intelligence sources.

Earlier on July 20, FSB operatives searched the quarters the Central Research Institute of Machine Building (TSNIIMASH) and the United Rocket and Space Corporation (URSC). TSNIIMASH and the URSC are a part of Russian Space Agency Roscosmos, which was involved in the development of hypersonic weapons.

According to the report, dozens of employees in the Russian missile industry came under intense scrutiny. The July 20 developments are reportedly ongoing in the framework of a recent investigation into the leaking of secret files to foreign intelligence services.

According to Kommersant’s source familiar with the FSB investigation, “it was established that the leak came from TSNIIMASH employees who were in touch with [the head of the URSC’s research facility Dmitry] Paison.” The source described the inquiry as “unprecedented.”

“Many heads will roll, it won’t be limited to people being dismissed,” the source said.

The FSB conducted a search in Paison’s office.

Separately, a Roscosmos spokesman confirmed that FSB searches took place. He added that the  head of the corporation directed the agency’s security division to offer “maximum support to the investigation.”

Some sources speculate that this incident could be a media provocation similar to those used by the USSR in 1980s.



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  • Stavros Hadjiyiannis

    major fuck-up if true.

  • leon mc pilibin

    Number one suspects have to be Russian jews working on behalf of Israhell.They are traitors ,par excellence.

    • Promitheas Apollonious

      more than likely.

    • Smaug

      Are you saying Jews should be sent to “internment camps?”

      • Tom Choads

        Has there ever been a justification for Jews not being sent to internment camps?

        • Smaug

          Yeah, because the holocaust was the biggest warcrime in all history. You should not make such statements so lightly, not everyone on the internet is a troll.

          • Tom Choads

            lol u mad bro?

          • Smaug

            No, I simply have an insatiable urge to neuter you.

          • Papi1960R

            Actually the Nazis were pretty much minor league compared to many others.
            Mao Ze Dong executed 27 Million Chinese civilians, 7 million of his Nationalist opposition, and 2 Million of his own troops.
            Joseph Stalin executed 8 million Russians, 5 Million in lands he conquered (including 3-4 million Jews) and 2 Million just in the Russian armed forces.
            Nobel Peace Prize winner Nelson Mandela was the son of the Xhosa tribe, he never forgot that was his first job. During his term as President of South Africa 6 Million non-Xhosa tribe members (over 4 million Zulus) and 560,000 White South Africans just disappeared.
            The Holocaust was a huge, horrific crime, but it is far from the largest or the most recent.

          • J. Walker

            The part about Nelson Mandela and the 6 mil. non-Xhosa nonsense is just that: nonsense made popular by extremist Afrikaaners. That violent crime is prevalent in South Africa is no myth. Everyone gets affected. What is so disgusting is for one racial group to portray themselves as the sole victims and go around the planet selling such lies.

        • Jack is back

          flagged for prejudice, moron.

      • v76

        I’m saying all zio filth needs to be eradicated forever…. dig one big fucking hole and burn them in it.

        • Smaug

          It is easy to praise nazi war crimes when you have internet anonymity. But would you say that with my Beretta in your face?

    • christianblood

      This leaker could also be some greedy Russian.

    • Papi1960R

      Except almost no Jews are employed by the Russian Scientific Institution or Arms Industries.
      Your sophomoric instant retort makes you a favorite to win the gold medal in the next Olympics in the “jumping to stupid conclusions” events.

      • leon mc pilibin

        OK EINSTEIN,let everone know ,how you know, that no zionist jews are working at this arms factory.Russian society is crawling with traitorous jews,,just waiting to cause trouble.

        • Jack is back

          I like all people. I dont discriminate

    • Jack is back

      Israel is awesome!

  • Wolfgang Wolf

    could be a fake-story to have a reason to weed-out all the fifth-column assholes…

    • Trauma2000

      Hope so.

    • Smaug

      You shouldn’t be that harsh towards South Front;)

      • Gary Sellars


  • Empire’s Frontiers

    Rebels might reconcile if their revolution fails.

    Traitors’ only redemption is to feed next season’s crops.

  • Rob

    Putin should know that Trump uses Israel like stealthy drones in Russia and in their surrounding states. LOL
    Putin should stop access of Jews and Israel to their highly sensitive technologies. These are US$ trillions technologies which are used for the defense, stability and peace in the region.

    • Val Shadowhawk

      Trump does the bidding of the jews.

  • Bob

    US always offered huge bribe-sums for Soviet, or Soviet armed client-states, defectors with hardware or data in Cold War era – especially for Soviet warplanes. If witnessing new US-Neo-Con driven Cold War, would assume Pentagon up to old tricks – actively seeking out and offering massive bribes for high end Russian hardware information.

    • goingbrokes

      Absolutely, and I reckon these bribe monies are huge too. Massive amounts of money go missing from Pentagon accounts every year – I guess they are experts at stealing, so why not steal others ideas too? Lol!

    • World_Eye

      The US announces that it will give $1 billion to Lockheed Martin to build a new supersonic missile from scratch and now the Russian Kinzal it’s been leaked to foreign intelligence.Please if someone needs those blueprints it is the Americans because they are incapable to do something on its own. Sold from Russian Jews probably to the American Neocons….

  • potcracker2588

    Two sides of the same coin.Russia and USA.
    Both controlled by satanic jews.

    • Smaug

      Paranoid, much?

  • 1691

    Since when Kommersant is a reliable source of news?

    • seawolf

      How true lol

    • jako

      RT took that source also
      it may be deliberate “leak” to the press
      because that kind of stuff (if real) can’t be published easely

      • 1691

        Citing its own intelligence sources, Kommersant newspaper broke the news that an employee with top secret clearance allegedly leaked the data. -RT

        Yes, but …. read between the lines; too many ” reportedly” and “allegedly”.

  • Ilya

    Meh, Russia has strong enough defense against these. US needs the S400 and S500 plans too!

  • SFC Steven M Barry USA RET


  • Trovak

    The fifth column (zionist oligarchs) are well placed inside the Duma/Kremlin. Probably too powerful for Putin to take on. Unless they just disappeared in the dark KGB style?

    • Trauma2000

      re: “Unless they just disappeared in the dark, KGB style?”

      A very easy and effective solution, and under the circumstances, not out of the question. If I were a Russian citizen then I’d support that sort of approach.

    • Smaug

      I thought people of your dispositions only sent Jews to “internment camps.”

      • Trovak

        So what is my disposition?

        • Smaug


          • Trovak

            National Socialist?

  • Django

    God’s ways are inscrutable, but whether you have any regard for the truth of this news, that might be the question. Kommersant seems to me not the best placed to report this news. On the other hand it seems to me to be a false track or provocation from either a foreign side or the interior ministry for various reasons.

    Not so much that something really happened, but on the one hand from the outside maybe one wants to get a better sight on the involved structures, organisations and persons. Or from the inside one wants to be able to nip a possible threat out of the bud.

    By the way, it is not the first time that Southfront has come up with such a sensational message, somewhere it must also prove its legitimacy abroad, not to be plainly a Putin followers organization.

  • Trauma2000


  • Mossad

    • Icarus Tanović

      Get out of there! Hahahahaha

    • Smaug

      CIA/MI6, isn’t that simpler? Or do you need an excuse to hate Jews?

      • it’s not like those three agency work together, oh wait

  • Smaug

    I think to say that if one NATO member has the info, they all do.
    I’m sure that Russia will plug any security gaps they find, if not they’ll purge a unit. But whoever did this, most likely a NATO member, got clean away.

    • Daniel Miller

      or its just another one of the “leaks” like that massive nuclear torpedo.

  • Icarus Tanović

    Hahaha, this was intentionally, hahaha, 😂… LOOOL
    And screwheads bite it!
    What a bait!
    They’re dumb as shit!
    Hahahahahahahaha hahahahahaha!

  • John

    I bet, even if you gave them the specs, the US MIC couldn’t use it properly. Could be a set up story for who knows what reason ( e.g. the documents have erroneous information ). I will wait and see what happens.

  • Davki

    Sure, yeah… that’s why they discuss it on the media.

    • You can call me Al

      Strangely enough, your are right. If Wikileaks came out with it, or the US suddenly showed off their new identical missile, I could understand all of this; but it does seem rather strange to waffle on about a leak now, on an open web site.

  • World_Eye

    The US announces that it will give $1 billion to Lockheed Martin to build a new supersonic missile from scratch and now the Russian Kinzal it’s been leaked to foreign intelligence.Please if someone needs those blueprints it is the Americans because they are incapable to do something on its own. Sold from Russian Jews probably to the American Neocons.