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JUNE 2021

Russian humanitarian helicopter attacked by ISIS en route to Hama

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Russian humanitarian helicopter attacked by ISIS en route to Hama

AlMasdarNews reports: According to a statement of the Hmeymim Reconciliation center, a Russian helicopter was attacked by ISIS terrorists.

The helicopter was attacked by manpads as it attempted to deliver aid in Hama. The crew successfully avoided the missiles.

“Due to the high altitude, early launch detection and the crew’s skill in maneuvering, the missile was dodged. Nobody on board of the helicopter was injured,” the statement read.

Sputnik reported that the ISIS terrorists reportedly received two MANPADS from Iraq on October 6 to ensure the air defense of the terrorists fighting government forces trying to take control of the M5 highway that connects Hama to Aleppo.

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SOMEBODY needs to get those manpads shoved up their a…….

Random guy

or up the a.. that gave it to them.

Gue Bjuen

russia, iran and china should seriously think about the option of supporting the houthi alliance with military equioments.

Peter Jennings

The suadis are already lowering wages of their workers because they are running out of money to pay for it all. Pretty soon the saudis will be sitting ducks and the USadmin will leave it bobbing in the water for anyone to have a shot at.

Brad Isherwood

comment image?zoom=2

Saudis did not ** do 911….that was inside side job with Israel.

Saudi however used 911 to create terror and oil profits.

Peter Jennings

This miss must be a big disappointment for the fake nato jihadis as they were so pinning their hopes on manpads. We can only hope that the missile landed on one of their own.

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