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Russian, German, French, Turkish Leaders Meet In Istanbul To Discuss Syrian Conflict

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Russian, German, French, Turkish Leaders Meet In Istanbul To Discuss Syrian Conflict

Source: kremlin.ru

The four-nation summit on Syria between Turkey, Russia, Germany, and France took place in the Turkish city of Istanbul on October 27.

Speaking at a joint news conference after the summit, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said the event aimed at reaching a full cease-fire to halt hostilities in the war-torn country. He added that Astana peace talks format had set an example to the international community in efforts to solve the crisis, adding that Turkey, Russia, Germany, and France had “fruitful and sincere” consultations during the October 27 summit.

“We have agreed to boost the cooperation between our four countries and at the international level,” Erdogan added noting that Iran will be informed on the outcomes of the summit.

Nonetheless, the statements by French President Emmanuel Macron and German Chancellor Angela Merkel showed that there are still contradictions within the attitudes of the sides on the conflicts. One of this issues is a possible military operation to put an end to the presence of the terrorist groups in northwestern Syria.

French President Macron stated that the military operation by the Syrian military in the militant-held province of Idlib is unacceptable. It’s interesting to note that President Erdogan stressed that Ankara would not allow terrorist presence in any region of Syria. However, the Turkish President most likely refered to Kurdish armed groups in northern Syria, not to the terrorists in Idlib.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel stated that Russia, Turkey, Germany and France have common goals in Syria. However, she did not reveal what kind of the goals these are.

Russian President Vladimir Putin revealed that the constitutional committee would be set up this year, adding that Russia, Turkey, Germany and France have coordinated their approaches to the situation in Syria. He also stressed that the work must be done with heed to Damascus.

The only practical step agreed by the sides is the establishment of the constitutional committee, which would be supported by Russia, Turkey, Germany and France. The US and its key regional ally, Israel, were openly excluded from the talks on the fate of post-war Syria.

Meanwhile, Russian and Turkish foreign ministers, Sergey Lavrov and Mevlut Cavusoglu, also held talks in Istanbul focusing on implementation of the agreements on Syria’s Idlib de-escalation zone.

According to the Russian Foreign Ministry, the sides “considered steps to join efforts over the situation in Syria in the part of battling terrorism, of accelerating the political process for resolution [of the conflict] – on the basis of Resolution 2254 of the United Nations Security Council and decisions of the Syrian National Dialogue Congress, – of creating conditions for the soonest return of refugees to their homes and of post-war restoration of the country.”

The foreign ministers paid “special attention” to the “implementation of September 17 agreements between the Russian and Turkish presidents on the de-escalation zone in Idlib”.

Apart from that, Lavrov and Cavusoglu touched upon a wide range of international issue including the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, the Ukraine crisis and the US withdrawal from the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty.

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Turkish Greywolves

Kurds will be wiped out.


Kurds will be forced to the Negotiation Table…. Kurds are very sloOW Thinkers… it will take some time before they realise it is their best option…


No but it is possible the Turks will get wiped out. Nobody in the region, or for that matter the rest of the world likes Turks. Turkey is useful to the USA, so they get American protection, but once America is out of the way, Turkey like Israel will find their crimes coming back to haunt them.


I just watched the press conference on RT. The NATO leaders droned on about the Syrian government killing it’s own people in a war that they’re up to their eyeballs in fabricating and perpetuating. While hypocritically ignoring that they’d respond in the same way to the same types of provocations if their own governments were attacked in the same manner as the Syrian government has been.

I don’t agree that there is no military solution to the conflict. The only political solutions will be concessions by the aggressor states fueling the conflict as military progress is made on the ground and in the air. Such as the halt in Israeli air strikes. Which is a political decision based on changing military realities. Further similar political decisions need to be made, primarily by the US and Turkey.

The Turks have put a stop to Kurdish Israelistan coming into existence in northern Syria, and that’s a good thing that prevents Yinon plan regional escalation. Once the US is gone and northern Syria reverts to Syrian government administration. The threat to Turkey posed by the expansion of Kurdish autonomy from Iraq to Syria will be sufficiently mitigated that there will be no need for further Turkish presence in Syria beyound clearing the IDF out of the occuppied territories and helping to police full Palestinian autonomy until they’re self sufficient.

The Idlib issue is on the way to resolving itself with joint Syrian, Russian and Turkish operations disarming and disbanding the terrorist forces operating there. That leaves the US and other regime change forces illegally operating in Syria to expell or to reach an acceptable withdrawal agreement with. President Putin floated the idea a couple of months ago, if media reports are correct. About the US reaching an agreement to stay in Syria with the Syrian government’s approval. Egypt has both a Russian and US presence with full sovereignty. That would be a minimum model for any Syrian government approval of such an arrangement. But I’m suspicious, as Jew ridden as the US government and military are. That part of Egypt’s ongoing terrorist problem is partially rooted in the US presence there.

There were reports a few years ago about a Syrian order for Mig-31 aircraft in addition to an order for Mig-29 aircraft. The Syrian government isn’t going to defeat the US airforce in an air war. But they don’t have to. The Vietnamese airforce didn’t defeat the US airforce either. But they did get the US to withdraw. That’s the scenerio that I would envisage for a US withdrawal from Syria. Possibly without any hostilities. Trump will simply decide that it’s not worth escalating and follow through on his stated desire to get out of Syria. If the Jews aren’t going to mess with the Syrian air defense system and airforce, the US is unlikely to either.

Promitheas Apollonious

if it comes to airforce fighting what the syrians need is more air deference not airplanes. As the syrians will not be facing only americans but also jews and nato countries that are already involved in the fight in syria and are the main predators who organized and supporting the war in ME.


Planes are an integral part of any integrated air defense system. Taking down stand off weapons outside of Syrian airspace and hitting the launch platforms beyond the air defense systems ground launchers range is something that you need an air force for. You also need an airforce for patrols over Northern Syria, Al-Tanf, and outside of Syrian airspace. 4++ generation Mig-29s and modern Mig-31s will make any adversary think twice about initiating hostilities.

Promitheas Apollonious

Why you assume if NATO attack Iran because US and israel, is not one in the million they do it alone, that Iran will not be alone in its war against them?

What Iran is missing in airforce has in missiles and the ability to demolish anything within their range. When you think a military problem must see it peripherally and not selectively. Iran ordered both to china and to russia fighter planes, but as far I know, they have not deliver them any.

On the other hand retaliatory power of Iran is enough if they attack it, to make israel a black hole as well any american asset on the ground of middle east and not only. As for the american dogma how to make wars is been established mainly against countries, that had very little defense against them if any.

So think again.


I don’t understand why you’re writing about Iran when I’m writing about Syria.


Well done. These four countries are far enough to join together and defend the world population against evils (Wasington and England). No more conspiracy and instability, no more slautering and no more division of nations.

S Melanson

Well said and impressively coherent.


Lone Wolf Robert Bowers….started shooting in the Tree of Life Congregation Synagogue in Pittsburgh… it seems Americans are getting pretty Angry…. https://heavy.com/news/2018/10/robert-bowers/amp/


People like you exposing Jew crime and evil are partially responsible for Americans realizing that they’ve been lied to and victimized by Jews their entire lives.


We are all working to Expose the Evil among us… I always have my doubts about Soft-Targets though it is the men at the Top that are the perpetrators…. but I’m afraid for the Jewish Community that these kind if Attacks will occur more often in the States… Once people know the Truth… there will be Anger… Anger caused by the immense Treason & Lies that were told us since the Day we were Born… not all People will take that very Light…


If laws were enforced against Jews in the same manner that they are against non Jews. A lot of them would have criminal records and it would provide the frame work for classifying Judaism as a criminal organization to outlaw it.


True but the same could be said for all the plutocrats. Just recently some currency manipulators were let off in the US, whilst in Iran it recently executed 2 currency manipulators. The US is like a monarchy, without the titles. People who are rich are above the law, Hillary Clinton being just one example, now compare that to treatment Bradley Manning received. It’s not just Jews, it’s American society that is corrupt.


It seems he was using an AR15, it probably jammed, and stopped him. Way back during the Vietnam war, there were many stories of US marines found dead over their disassembled and jammed AR15. It was common knowledge they were unreliable, but American business profits are more important than American lives.

Hide Behind

The lead in picture is a nice showing of whom will be determining Saudi Future. so where in Hell is Assad or his top Doplomat. What we see is a group of peaople well dressed in clothing that cost over $1500 US $ each; with professionaly well groomed hair and manicures looking well refreshed ater 1rst class airtrip and being put up in palatial suites all at their taxpayers money. None show any fears of bullets, bombs, or even sandals being thrown at them. They will have talks in airconditioned hall with selected media people filming smiling faces. In between meetings they will take a break all sitting and eating equisite foods c, and chatting like old friends. They will end upon photo shoots standing united and shaking hands as esch leaves to catch a restfull first Class plane ride home. Nothing written in stone, no firm agreements, just in “principle” as they say in their media. All but Turkey and Russia, will immediately upon return home get in contact with US intelligens to inform them word for word what they did. and each of them will get checks deposited into Bank accounts. Meanwhile Assad will sit twidling thumbs hoping Israelis do not know where he is hiding, will be last to be informed of what Russia wants him to do. The Russian rep will be chatting with three,3, US sponsored NATO members, which seems fair?


“$1500 US $ each” You could easy add a zero to that, a Savile Row suit starts at 6 grand, for something cheap and nasty.

Feudalism Victory

Wasnt that long ago no one wouldve thought to plan around america so openly.

Well its better for america to let the world manage itself anyways. Theyll come calling when they need a war winning ally in the next big eurasian war.

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