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Russian General Staff: Active Phase Of Syria Military Operation Nears End


Russian General Staff: Active Phase Of Syria Military Operation Nears End

Sputnik/ Grigoriy Sisoev

The active phase of Russia’s military operation in Syria is coming to an end, Russia’s Chief of General Staff and First Deputy Defense Minister Valery Gerasimov said on Monday.

Gerasimov participated in the trilateral meeting with the Chiefs of General Staff of Turkey and Iran, Hulusi Akar and Mohammad Bagheri.

“The active phase of the military operation in Syria is nearing end. Although some issues are yet to be solved, this stage is coming to its logic end,” he said adding the countries’ joint efforts helped to preserve sovereignty and territorial integrity of Syria, stop the civil war and create conditions to restore peace.

“Thanks to our joint efforts, terrorists are being wiped out from the Al-Bukamal area in eastern Syria and the Syrian-Iranian border will soon be taken under control,” Gerasimov said. “Completely eradicating militant groups, which is only a matter of time, will allow us to move to the post-conflict settlement. But before we do that, we need to secure the previously achieved military gains to prevent terrorists from returning to Syria.”



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  • Garga

    It’s not becoming for a Russian general who supervises the operations in Syria to talk about Syrian-Iranian border. If an American said it, I’d understand but Russian? Come on!
    Or perhaps it’s a typo, I checked the source (TASS) and it’s the same.

    • dutchnational

      Copy paste of the report I presume. Well spotted though, I did not spot it the first time.

      The comment seems to me to have political overtones. Active fighting coming to an end, this would imply him (and or his masters) seeming to think there will not be a large scale fight in Idlib and between SAA and SDF?

      • Tudor Miron

        Read in one more time – “Completely eradicating militant groups, which is only a matter of time,
        will allow us to move to the post-conflict settlement. But before we do
        that, we need to secure the previously achieved military gains to
        prevent terrorists from returning to Syria.” (c) I think this is very clear isn’t it?

    • Tudor Miron

      Don’t be too harsh on this guy :) we don’t know was it TASS typo or his misspelling because at this point he was meeting with Iranian Cheaf of General Stuff so Iran was on his mind. He’s well educated and “knows his hockey” very well. Russian generals are not as bright and polite as US counterparts and even their Russian spoken language is a bit funny to the rest of us (they tend to talk using “military book” phrases) but most of them are good soldiers.

  • Brother Ma

    My blood still boils that russians are treating with turk hulusi akar.that mug was responsible for turko help to isis and military intelligence etcwith qatar usa arabia etc.

    I know allies turned italians in ww2 but as far as i am concerned too many italians cheated the noose because of it.
    Somehow ,im offended he will get off scot-free just because turkey has turned russia’s bitch.

    Where are the punishment battalions that should be sent out to make him have an accident like all those russian diplomats dying of ” natural causes”?

    • Brad Isherwood

      Putin’s surrounded by Jewish Oligarchs. …
      Russia Central Bank is BIS/Rothschilds.
      Deconfliction agreements give the 3 invaders political room to remain in Syria and be about whatever Evil they have in mind.

      The game is complex. ……Putin gatekeeps to give Netanyahu/Israel some,…not all**
      Of their demands. ….such as interrupt Hezbollah /IRGC in Syria,
      While also giving Both political leverage to remain in Syria.

      Putin dances with the devil…..guess it’s the best way to manage everything.

      IMO….Putin and Xi are players in the Masonic/Globalism which has been running since the 1700s.
      They have different tact** vs the will/agenda of Anglo US Empire with its flunkies,
      Such as Israel and Saudis.
      Both have access to power ….yet do not controlled, the game.
      Rothschilds acted to create both dupe nations, …yet Rothschilds couldn’t give a RIP
      About Greater Israel or YHWY.

      It’s about control the social direction of the world. ……Slave planet.

      • Solomon Krupacek


        • Brad Isherwood

          Which part has your panties in a twist?

      • Tudor Miron

        I disagree in many parts. First of all, I agree with those that say that so called “globalisation” but I would better call it “Concentration of productive resources of human kind in the hands of few” started much earlier – as early as ancient Egypt. Too busy to write about other parts at this point but I will try to get back to it later.

        • Brad Isherwood

          Well of course it’s been control socio since Dynastic Egypt or Sumer.
          The Masonic influence since the 1700s is documented.
          That evolves into Corporations and political/finance track our time.
          Dynastic Egypt /Sumer had Secret Society ….the Masonic is simply this evolved.

          Secret society/intelligence is hallmark signature. ….Jesuits /Knights of Malta for example
          From Church Universal.
          It’s just my opinion from research that Rothschilds are not following the Greater Israel/YHWY thing fronted so often by alternative media.
          They are working the old model of best way to gain socio control…which is global in reach now….which involves control resources
          I do not think Putin or Xi are fighting against that, …
          They appear to be managing things in a different direction and agenda.

      • John Whitehot

        “Russia Central Bank is BIS/Rothschilds”

        you were right about zio trolls, the point “Russia is in cahoots with Rotschild” is normally employed by pravsek trolls, who also have priority in denying that porko is secretly a jew.

  • Elisabeth Jenders

    “Thanks to our joint efforts, terrorists are being wiped out from the
    Al-Bukamal area in eastern Syria and the Syrian-Iranian border will soon
    be taken under control,” Gerasimov said.
    Surely the Syrian-Iraqi border?

  • Ronald

    From a military view , underestimating the enemy , and demoralizing your own troops .
    For Russia to withdraw before north-western Syria , Idlib province is cleared of Al Nusra or HTS , is shortsighted . And what of the northern border . This war could be over in six months to a year with Russian air support at its present level . This must be a statement aimed at the two rounds of peace talks coming up before the end of the month .

    • Solomon Krupacek

      see you ronald, now is coming the bitter pill called the truth (which i foretold)

      as i wrote, bitter. i am also not happy, but the truth is truth.

      • John Whitehot

        you’ve been swallowing bitter pills since october 2015.

        First, it had to end up like Afghanistan.
        Then, all waiting for Israel or the US intervening.

        And now, the truth is coming. All your kind must be into deep depression.
        Perhaps next tie you should base your expectations and motivation of something positive, instead on “Russia must fail at all costs”

        • Brad Isherwood

          I think it’s fair debate to consider Russia’s Military enterprise in Syria in light of criticism .
          History books are full of look back and coment.
          SF is popular as it presents that platform for readership to coment on the present unfolding events.
          US and that @#$@ Tribe dominate the media narrative and political .
          Russia is entangled with this .

          I’m surprised at the choices Putin has made.
          It’s soft power….It often gets defeated requiring… another game board move.

          Guess this is the way the movie goes.

          I’m disappointed. ….expected more from Russia and not the limited response.
          I don’t think Putin is defeated or scared….
          Yet He is Compromised by circumstances. ..
          And ya……you gotta walk in his shoes to truly know.

          Syria being partitioned with Evil squatters was alarm bells for me years ago.
          Maybe soft power will pull the Arabs and Kurds away from US and Israel/Saudi.
          Maybe It will limit them…..the Game of Risk continues.

          • John Whitehot

            can’t disagree more.

            the msm (and large parts of non-msm too) dominated by @#$% cabals have perverted most people to read political subject with “western/zionist” googles.

            most assumptions made about Russia, China, Iran and their allies are wrong because of those googles.

            people need to start developing a more general approach of understanding – it is very possible and not that difficult – since as human beings we all share something at our roots.

          • Brad Isherwood

            Russia, China both have Military Industrial Complex like USA.
            Both are still BIS/Rothschilds Central Banking system.
            Iran is different. …..that Sunni/Shia divide does influence their national mandate.

            I’m sure the people of all 3 are nothing like what Cabal paints them.
            All 3 are entangled with the evolving geostrategics
            Russia/China get to sell military weapons globally,
            Iran maybe gets to sneak some of their stuff out ….somehow : )

            It’s competition,…..a game of Risk.
            Take Venezuela for instance. ..rumored to have 5× or more oil reserves than Saudi
            US intent on tumbling Venezuela and getting access to that oil.
            Putin may give loans to restructure Venezuela debt
            Game of Risk : )

          • John Whitehot

            “Russia, China both have Military Industrial Complex like USA.
            Both are still BIS/Rothschilds Central Banking system”.

            That’s what zionist trolls try to force upon us today, that since everybody does it, Russia and China are no better than the zionist US.

            “Iran is different”

            that’s the second point of the zionist trolls, try to separate the countries that oppose zionism.

            the result:

            F to the A to the I to the L.

          • Brad Isherwood

            I’m not a Zionist troll.
            I’ve stated that Russia and China are still BIS/Rothschilds Central Banking to identify their
            Present Condition.
            If that changes in the Future….Great!…good for them.

            Candidly. ..John,and others on this forum who have issues with me.

            It’s not anti anything to criticize a nations military and political decisions.
            I enjoy History. ….people’s opinions are welcomed.
            You learn from considering the all of information.
            People who try to derail debate or cast labels are Gatekeeping against Freedom of Speech.
            It’s understandable some % of posters on a Russia centric forum will be pro Putin,pro
            Russia. ….My Russia. …..Right or wrong type thing,……just like Merrikka. ..Hoo Ahh!

            So far…. ( time will tell)…..Israhell has stolen Golan, …..Turks stolen Syria, US ,
            Whoreing with Kurds,…possibly give up Al Tanf soon.

            If that’s Putin/Russia/Syria win,………who am I to argue : )

          • John Whitehot

            “I’m not a Zionist troll”

            I never meant the contrary. I’m saying that those points are employed by them.

            look, “zionists” aren’t after anything new.
            Global dominace passes through the control of strategic resources.

            Among strategic resources, the most important are energy related ones.

            Russia and China cannot be Rotschild, because they put up their own line-up AGAINST Rotschild controlled line-up – Saudia, gulf countries and so on.

            As of today, the most efficient ways to understand who oppose the cabal are two:

            – Those countries whose actions undermine the strength of the petrodollar.
            – Those countries whose national debt is not enough to undermine their political independence from banks and “financers”.

            If Russia and China were Rotschild, the world today would be very different than it is.

        • Solomon Krupacek

          why do you enter in the dialogue of others? your fucking parents did not learn you the civilized manners???

          • John Whitehot

            if you wanted to talk in private you should use PMs or emails.

            this is a public forum.

    • SG

      Think about how many times Russia has “withdrawn” from the Syrian theatre of operations, only to leave behind small amounts of troops here and there, right before sending them back in slightly larger numbers than before? The number of Russian troops in and around Syria is meager, yet look what they’ve managed to accomplish in Syria with much fewer troops than the entire Israeli-US led coalition in Syria combined.

      • John Whitehot

        unless you’re able to provide numbers it does not really mean anything, besides the withdrawing of some combat planes months ago.

        I don’t think that there are public information on the composition and numbers of the Ru forces in Syria, especially in a time-wise perspective.

        What stands out for any military analyst that does not work for cabals is that Russia has employed minimum military power and included the military effort in a broader, more general effort for restoring peace, independence and security for the Syrian people.

      • Solomon Krupacek

        before sending them back in slightly larger numbers than before

        bullshit. in the beginning there were 100+ planes. count, how many are there now!

  • gustavo

    Yes, a phase is about to end, but there are many phases since the war is not over. Please, do not pretend to easy the air protection and support to ground troops (Syria-Hezbolah-Iran-Russia). Non political solution exists here, just total war victory.

    • Solomon Krupacek

      russia dont want fight in th future.

      russia needs the end of sanctions. jesus, the aflase can write here his bullshits, florian and tudor applauze him, but russia is week and is depending upon west.

      after meeting in sochi putin immediately called trump to inform him. so, you can see, who is the Lord. ;)

      (oh gosh, how will bark on me the losers for my words …)

      • Tudor Miron

        Guys, please tell me – am I the only one who’s finding this clown to be really entertaining and funny? Even if his jokes are getting old (Russia is weak! Russia is weak!) but his hatred is so sincere that it makes me lough when ever I read his “revelations”.

        • John Whitehot

          don’t let him get at you.

          in the end, when the side of “we support the jihadists because they fight against russian allies” loses it’s a good thing for the entire world.

          • Solomon Krupacek

            your friend, the jihadi tudor several times wrote, it would be good , if isis memebers went in the EU. so, i wish him and russians 10x more what he wishies us.

            you guys are the sleaze of the world, nothing else.

          • John Whitehot

            do you have proof for your accusations? I don’t believe that tudor said that and anyway I don’t agree with anything anybody says unless I state it specifically or upvote it.

            For the rest, the sleaze of the world are those supporting ISIS and nusra, which aren’t neither you, me or tudor

        • RichardD

          He’s not quite right upstairs, which is why I usually skip his comments.

        • Solomon Krupacek

          russian tumor, your country is weak. of course, you never comment facts, that putin is licking ass of trump, russians are alcoholics, russia did not produced anything significant in the last 25 years, there is no development in non military industry, no science, no research. already india is before russia. please, comment the facts and dont oanize here like little child.

          • Tudor Miron

            Yeah, and the Sun is green and there are too Moons in the sky :) Which planet you are describing here? Solominchik, you can say that stone is a bread and repeat it hundreds of times but still you can’t eat it.

      • John Whitehot

        “russia needs the end of sanctions”

        actually it ‘s EU that needs it.

        • Solomon Krupacek

          no way. the eu is planning new ones against russia. also the future of nordsream2 is questioned. russia should begin sell industrial products like the civilized world, and not only parazite on raw materials.

  • Travis Kelso
  • RichardD

    It looks like the remaining non Isis regime change elements, including the SDF, will be dealt with in phase 2 of the Syria operation. Most of whom aren’t currently attacking the SAA. If they refuse to reach a mutually acceptable political settlement with the government. And start attacking the government by either trying to expand areas under their control, or to keep the government out of areas under their control, including the Israeli occupied Golan. Then obviously the war starts back up again and the regime change/secessionists will need to be dealt with militarily.

    The Syrian government coalition partner forces probably aren’t going to withdraw. In case they’re needed to help out in the event of a resumption of hostilities. Because that would weaken the government’s negotiating position.