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Russian FSB Cracked Down On ISIS Fundrasing Network In Crimea, Tatarstan (Video)

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Russian FSB Cracked Down On ISIS Fundrasing Network In Crimea, Tatarstan (Video)

A screenshot from the video

The Federal Security Service (FSB) has cracked down on a network of ISIS fundraisers in the Russian regions of Tatarstan and Crimea, the FSB said in a statement on February 16.

“The FSB and the Federal Financial Monitoring Service have identified Russian nationals in Crimea and Tatarstan, involved in the funding of the ISIS international terrorist organization outlawed in Russia,” Russian state-run news agency TASS cited the FSB statement.

“In 2015-2019, they raised funds under the guise of a charitable organization and transferred money to militants overseas,” the FSB said.

Members of the ISIS-linked network were detained.

Russian security forces regularly conduct raids against ISIS cells and ISIS-affiliated persons that try to infiltrate the country.


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Jens Holm

Very good.
Now they only need to leave and give it back to the Tatars. That would stop the disputes between them and the Ukrainiens.

viktor ziv

Just like Inuits gave Greenland back to Danish (cca 8% population of Greenland), therefor 12% of Tatars should get it, right?

Jens Holm

Thats highly incorrect. Danmark with Norway had Hreenland, Svalbard and several other places in the artic as colonies

Norway and Denmark became 2 states. Many years after Denmark got Grenland as own colony with its inhabitants. Norway got Svalbard with no population but coalmines partly with Russia.

All that was negosiated by a world commision.

After that Grenland was normal danoish and after that today has decided they are autonomes and independent as much as they are able to.

They and we have VOTED FOR IT, if You know what that is. They cant live without us themselves, so we give them 300 mio dollar a year.

I will remind You Krim Tatars for many deciades was 100% tatars and also mainly aother kind of Turks. There was not a single russian there.

Russia twise has expelled all Tatars to anywhere else and the Krimea Khanat also was taken by many hard wars. They are not even allowed to go home if they want to – well they are grand grands of the Tatars living there and the Turk dispora of them are 5 mio – even well integrated.

You try to compare with old day inuits once about max 30.000 spread over a vey big island, where mosy of it has no population at all.

Its much as someone has censured away the past for a lot of people, which was forced into USSR and Russia by Tzars and Communists.

Some fathers or mothers dont that much horror to their children unless they see people as objects and they should be at menthal hospitals themself

WHY THE FROG DONT YOU READ ABOUT IT. Dont You have internet:(


I also again will remind You my proposal is we sometimes to with not nice children. If they cant share and dont know who is who and like that, none gets it. So I also write as a parent for children, which never has grown up as adults. They instead has become barking mad too old children.comment image

viktor ziv

But Jens, I don’t understand the difference now. Denmark is giving 300 mils to Greenland where 50k people are living. Don’t you think this is way too much money for “two small cities”? on the other hand Krim is strategic peninsula for Russia controlling south direction. Greenlan is USA airforce carrier, so basically Inuits have no vote in it! Because Denmark sold them out getting much more of printed paper dollars then 300mils. Shame on You, Jens!!! I believe 90% Inuits would give up 300mils to have Denmark Queen of their back along with USA Air Force. Inuits dont’s want to be on russian cross hair because of US airbase there. History is history… If all people would go along what is good or wrong in history, many nations should wanish, like USA. Give north america to american inuits, aleuts and indians – right?

Jens Holm

No I dont.

The Krimera Khanat was its own well organized independent muslim state or/and affiliated with other Turkisk tribes and etnicities well mainly with muslims and also before them.

The Danish/Norweigian small Empire took them over as as a colony but didnt care half a camel about the Inuits living there. I was fishing and whalehunting around Greenland, Iceland and Svalbard which was important. So there was no no contrast – Much as they and we never met.

But after that – much later some priest named Egede would make them into Chrirtians and they are in a strange version with some Shamanisme in them. Here You are upside down. They wanted the same living standards as Ours and we accepted that with conditions, which we today see was wrong.

By that we were not evil taking their land. The inuits not even had a single village. They were nomads.

So we structured them and us a a colony.

They now has as much autonomy as they want, but they cant have livingstandards semilar to Ours, if they diónt get money from us. So thats their choise.

Tatars had no choise. They were demanded to give up and denied that hard.

You are right about the Danish and American influence, but thay have chosen themself.

Ypur version for sold out is far out. Greenland as the rest of the world should not be and deny to be some museum.

None here i Denmark want to go back to the old days, which mainly wasnt as good as many think, where most of us was farmers or farmers hands working for the Feudals and the King. NO WAY.

You romantisme is a no go. Only some very few Inuits in Greenland are fanatics and want to live in the old days.

The Greenland autronomes has tryed to reagain the very small villages or setttlements. NOne will live there. No schhool, no doctor, no internet, not food everyday – no way.

Some people from the small towns go there in the summetime and stay there the 4 month a year, when its easy. Often its only 7 weeks, because the children dont go to to school from last parts of june into the first days of august.


Lol, Tartars in Crimea are not a native population, they’re just a leftover legacy of the Khanate and Ottoman eras. It always belonged to the people of the Rus.

As for Tartarstan, what good would independence do them? They probably wouldn’t even want it since it would cut them off from Moscow’s funding and protection.

Jens Holm

The point is if its there choise or not. The Khanat lived long and in 100s of years very well by themself.

And its tempting to add that if tatarstans dont live well it was because devatstating coimmunisme was trying to make a horse into a zebra.

Russaians hardly was there. Tatars and others were. comment image

Here You fx see the Russians, but there were mahy others in a mix as in the rest of the coastal zones all the way to Gibraltar.

The only ones missing was the Russians spreading out after Peter the Great or Katherine the Great took Rostov and expanded from there.

Ottomans was made by Turks from there.

No history books apart from maybee the russians creations tell at You write at all. They were a state and states there long time before any kind of Russia insisted.


They probably were not wearing underwear. Grave crime:)))


They will be charged for supporting terrorism and that can’t be short sentence by definition.
They were probably convinced that they cant be traced down because they were doing that on some Arabic language site or similar..


Or move to the US ,France or UK. :)
They would get a house and other benefits plus transport.


“Or move to the US..”

Especially now since all comers are welcome without question; no border enforcement.


The US is becoming far too dangerous for refuges :)
Its a lunatic asylum that is administered by the lunatics.


Too dangerous for the sane minority as well. :)


so it’s not possible to make cash contributions to ISIS but it’s possible for jews around the world to make cash contributions to the jews in illegally occupied palestine and thus further the war crimes the jews are specializing in, that and crimes against humanity, lebensraum extensions or land thievery and ordinary thievery.

cash transfers to the jews in palestine must be stopped since such contributions extend the criminal operation the jews are running in palestine.

Tommy Jensen

Its because the nasis gassed 6 million in WWII why the joos obtained the right to receive compensation.


wonder if you can prove the 6 million dead jews or is it a number made up, by jews, to paint the picture blacker than it was in real life – think about it the jews have managed to convince various countries to forbid denial of the so called holocaust and in the dumbed down disunited states of A the BDS-movement is forbidden and ditto for germany, the old nazis trying to appear innocent (although they like jews just as much as a a bunch of piles)

Jens Holm

Here we actually try to avaid contributins as well as we try not to trade with that part of them.

So You are right. There are problems, but to try to relate it to its the same for ISIS as for Westbank Jews hardly make the correlations, You try to.

AM Hants

ISIS fundraisers in Crimea???? Have they got short memories? Even if some were Tatars, what did the Soviet Union or Ukraine ever do for the Tatars? Stalin threw them out,. Kushchev, took Crimea from Russia, but, ignored the Tatars. They never even had running water or electricity, when Ukraine were in control, so why on earth would they wish to fund raise for ISIS? Or more importantly who is pushing the agenda and why?

Pave Way IV

Because the Tartar mosques were either Wahabbi-ized by Saudis/western intelligence or Muslim Brotherhood-ized by Turkey. In either case, the purpose was/is to create a ready source of jihadis for use in Syria or else a destabilizing force inside Russia, itself. The ‘donations’ are (for Sunni Tartars) a mandatory religious tax that’s suppose to be used for charity. In the case of Wahhabi-ized or Turkish Muslim Brotherhood-ized Sunnis, that usually means being funneled through shady, quasi-religious Sunni organizations that promote either flavor’s extremist or politicized ideology. Think madras and mosques for impoverished Sunni = tomorrow’s jihadis. It’s not direct and overt fundraising for ISIS, but close enough that Russia isn’t fooled and won’t stand for that BS. Contrast that with the west’s head-chopper funding tolerance.

AM Hants

Thanks for the informative reply.

Jens Holm

Thats only informatíve reply if You acdcept a higly biased and lying Russian creation of the worst kind.,

Its a system, which has the same methods for fx Belarus and Ukraine.

Most sources anytime is more sober then his and says he dont know because he is lied for – or worse fx of many


AM Hants

Russian creation of the worst kind??????

Same methods for Belarus and Ukraine – now what is that?

Maidan – 2014 for Ukraine. Tried it with Belarus, but, it failed, tried it in Washington DC as well, and still working out how that is going. Nothing to do with Russia, but, $oro$ and friends have done so well out forcing through those colour revolutions, have they not? Who is trying to take out Ukraine and Belarus, in their quest to dominate Eastern Europe? What are the ambitions of Poland, Latvia and Lithuania, with regards dominating Ukraine and Belarus, in pursuit of their Sea Project? Poland, the largest debtor nation in the EU, which will start having to pay for it’s loans from this year and trying to do a land grab, with regards the Eastern European nations that were once part of the Warsaw Pact and the Soviet Union.

Funny, how the supporters of the National Socialist (German) Worker’s Party, are still clinging to their ambitions of the 40s.

Jens Holm

Much of that is one big construction. Tatars are not one big mob divided in two as You write.

It do make sense with some of the connections. They are their own as Knanat muslim State and for many years was Ottomans as well as affiliated to them.

So Your contrast is highlyu biased. THEY ARE NOT A FFILIATED TO RUSSIANS. Thats a fact. Who should blame them????

Their independesy died in blood by gard figtings against a whole Russian empire. They even has been deported atr least twice.

About 5 mio(numbers of today) actually are DIASPORA in Turkey. They didnt go to Turkey because the grass was green.

You are biasing.

Pave Way IV

Much of that is one big construction.

Yup. PaveWay’s opinion. I might be wrong. Convinced me otherwise, Jens. I got all day.

Tatars are not one big mob divided in two as You write.

Relax, Jens. The article clearly states “The Federal Security Service (FSB) has cracked down on a network of ISIS fundraisers in the Russian regions of Tatarstan and Crimea“, “…Russian nationals…”. Why do you bring Turkish citizens or all of the Tartar everywhere on earth into it?

So Your contrast is highlyu biased. THEY ARE NOT A FFILIATED TO RUSSIANS. Thats a fact.

Do Russian Tartars self-identify as Russians? Do they have grievances against Russia? I don’t know and don’t care in the context of this article. Apparently, as long as they’re Russian citizens living in Russia, they can expect the FSB to kick in their door and arrest their dumb asses if they send money to support head-chopper affiliates overseas. That sounds based, not biased to me. Russians can do whatever they think is best because it’s their f’king country.

Jens Holm

I bring in 5 million highly assimialted Tatars in Turkey. 1) Their ancisters immigrated or escaped from the area, when the Tzars took and 2) Those are potential helpers as diapora for jihadisme.

Its the same for Urigurs as Jihadists. They mainly dont come from China at all, but are from nearby minorities in Kasakhstan, Kirgisistan, Usbekistan, Mongolia og Tyrkiet.

Jens Holm

Russians never has learned something lie that. They not even dare to look for their own past.

AM Hants

Remind me, but, how large was Russia, back in 1654 and what happened next?

How much Russian land did the Tsars give away?
How much Russian land did Lenin take and give to Ukraine?
How much Galician land did Stalin take and give to Ukraine?
How much territory did the Ukrainian leader of the Soviet Communist Party take from Russia and give to Ukraine, no questions asked? Just to thank the people of Ukraine for their help getting him elected.

Remind me but who created the Bolsheviks, and weren’t Soviet Communist Party Leaders loyal to their Bolshevik masters?

Remind me, but, who created the National Socialist Party, particularly the German one?

Remind me, but, why do you find so many Fascists are also members of the Fabian Elite Socialist Society? When were the Fabians established and what was there aim?

Territories Annexed to Ukraine – 1654 – 1917
comment image

Muriel Kuri

Sorry for the out of subject post, but did you comment on RT regarding a congressman suing Trump?

AM Hants

I know I was bantering on RT, with regards Trump, and think the answer is yes, if what I remember is correct. I know somebody wanted to sue somebody, and the reason I said it would be good, is owing to due process and the information that would have to be declared. Which would be info, the courts have so far ignored, if that makes sense. How are you and lovely to see you name pop up? Take care and look after yourself.

Muriel Kuri

Thank you – we are doing fine. I’m looking forward to getting out in the yard but right now we still have about 5 – 6′ of snow on the ground! I do most of my posting on Gab and MeWe now – great sites to meet people and have discussions. My husband still likes to post here and I usually give him likes! (TiredOfBS2) He’s primarily absorbed in all the fraud and shit going on. Me too, and I’m usually posting links that other people like to read and get informed about. Sometimes I just have to walk away from it all though! You take care as well!

AM Hants

Miss the days of Russia Insider and all the banter we all used to have and laughs, back in 2014. I signed up to Gab, a long time ago, but, cannot remember my details, but, have not come across MeWe. So will go and see what I am missing.

Muriel Kuri

Great! Be sure to look me up and join some clubs – Gab and MeWe are both great. Hubby says I spend lots of time there – he calls me the mad typist! Gab.com and MeWe.com

AM Hants

Thanks for the recommendations, but, doubt I will pop over. Only because I am cutting down on the sites, owing to time commitments. Take care and great chatting again.

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