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Russian Frigate With ‘Hallucinating’ Device Aboard Seals To Mediterranean


Russian Frigate With 'Hallucinating' Device Aboard Seals To Mediterranean

Admiral Gorshkov. IMAGE: RIA Novosti / Alexander Galperin

Russian frigate Admiral Gorshkov, first of the class, and three auxiliary ships are moving to the Mediterranean.

Earlier this week, Admiral Gorshkov sailed through the English Channel after a stop off the Scottish coast, where it was shadowed by HMS ‘Defender’, a 4,500-ton guided missile frigate of the Royal Navy.

Local media released multiple reports about this development. Most of them were focused on a “hallucination-inducing device” on board of the Russian frigate. The frigate is reported to have been fitted with the Filin 5P-42 weapon, a “visual optical interference” device.

The Filin 5P-42 is believed to cause “dizziness, nausea and feelings of disorientation” among enemy personnel. The system causes a strobe-like effect that disrupts eyesight, seriously hampering the soldier’s ability to aim at night. According to reports, the weapon system is reportedly capable of “effectively suppressing” night vision tech, laser distance sensors and pointing systems for anti-tank missiles from a range of up to 5km.

The device is believed to have been installed on Gorshkov-class frigates, but there are no verifiable reports that it was used in situations other than sea trials.




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  • occupybacon
  • Brother Thomas

    I’m not sure the UK needs any hallucination weapon targeting it. It is doing an excellent job on its own with hallucinations ranging from delusions of grandeur in the South China Sea with its aircraft carrier that has no aircraft, to Russian assasins with novichok in perfume bottles spraying doorknobs.

  • Brian Michael Bo Pedersen

    Hallucination is when you see things that is not there, how the weapon is described is just more like eye irritant, that it.
    Look into quick flashing strobelight at a party, police light etc and you get the same effect.

    Once again a simple “innocent” thing is blown up and described as the new “weapon of evil”

  • Barba_Papa

    If the Russians have a weapon like that they must have turned it onto the West as a whole and forgot to turn it off. It’s the only way to explain the hysteria about Russia and the social justice Cultural Revolution.