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Russian Foreign Ministry: US Crosses Line With Supplies Of Lethal Arms To Ukraine

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Russian Foreign Ministry: US Crosses Line With Supplies Of Lethal Arms To Ukraine

Members of the Ukrainian armed forces ride on armored personnel carriers (APCs) near Debaltseve, in eastern Ukraine, on Feb. 12, 2015. Photo: Reuters/Gleb Garanich

The US decision to provide lethal arms to Ukraine “crosses a line” and pushes the Kiev regime towards bloodshed, the Russian Foreign Ministry said in a statement on its website on December 23.

Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Ryabkov said in the statement that the US move is a clear escalation. “In a sense, the US has crossed a line,” he said.

Ryabkov emphasized that that the US can no longer claim the role of mediator in the conflict because Washington is “accomplice in igniting a war.”

According to the official, there is no use in appealing to the common sense of US politicians – many of them are “blinded by Russophobia and eagerly applaud the Ukrainian nationalist punitive battalions.”

On December 22, the US State Department announced that the US is going to provide the Ukrainain regime with “enhanced defensive capabilities.” The statement followed an official approval by Wahington of arms supplies to Ukraine.

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Tudor Miron

Slavs killing slavs – that’s what they want. Slavs (Russians in particular) are considered by zios as especially dangerous type of goyim since 1st Khazarian kaganat was destroyed.


USA is just “wagging the dog”. USA is just trying to make as many troubles as possible to exploit them for her interests.

Solomon Krupacek

russians and poles always killed other slavs. but semites kill semites, indans indians, indogermans indogermans, latins latins, etc. normal thing.


Russia should invade russian part of Ukraine and deal with ukrainian nationalists to expell USA influence.


That is what US wants Serious. You must know that surely ?


Nope. USA wants to take over Ukraine.


As in Syria, the US hopes to use proxy forces to do this and that being the case, do you really think the US will succeed on Russia’s doorstep ?


You are to much focus on what USA wants and not of what others want. If I was the president of Russia, I will have taken the opportunity that USA gave me to incorporate russian ukrainians in Russia like for Crimea. Then, I don’t give a f… what others do. After that, you make an alliance with nationalist ukrainians in Ukraine to expell USA influence and that’s it : USA has lost.


That would have been used by the US and NATO as an excuse to ‘attack and protect(destroy) ‘ the Ukraine.

That is why you are not president of Russia :)


It’s false. Putin take Crimea, NATO and USA did nothing. Why being afraid of nothing ?


Timing in all things is everything and its always prudent to achieve that when populations desire and clamour for change , rather than have change imposed upon them. A hostile population is always expensive to control in money and human life. That is why the USA can never ‘win the peace’.


Time to supply the Donbass with Russian lethal arms and intelligence on the movement of Ukrainian Nazi troops. The OSCE should be warned to depart the area (they’re useless anyway) now that the US is looking for all out war.


The play to counter this is to give better and enough weapons to LPR and DPR, so they can arm other regions for their own independence operations as well (like they already said they will do). Ukraine in current form is finished. Some parts will enjoy life with Russia, others will end up sucking the EU dry.


The republican neocons and their zionist masters are a plague on the world.


Ukraine get present from Russia-Krimea.But Ukraine want sale self to USA,with present KrImea,where is russian naval base 130 years.From this reason was Krimea take away.There was referendum and 96 % people of Krimea agrre go under Russia.USA spend 5.5 mld $,for Majdan.Fucking congres Juesej and Mc Cain,Graham and neocons.


Russian air forces should take out any Ukrainian army unit that is endangering civilians in Donbas. If Americans gave right to themselves to “protect civilians” anywhere in the world, as a pretext to start the wars, Russia should have the same right, especially because in this particular case is indeed saving Russian speaking population from genocide. “What is good for the goose, is good for the gander”.

Langaniso Mhlobo

The same USA which Russia supported to starve and killed North Koreans has again turn to Russia. Just to be clear that their don’t like Russia as well but only uses them to have licence to kill in Imperialist 5 Vito member UN criminal Security council resolutions.

Russia voted USA to have oil for food resolution against Iraq Saddam is dead.Russia voted for USA against Libya no fly zone Gaddafi was killed.Syria give right to Putin to come in USA came in forcefully and create terrorist SDF.Still Putin make deals with Trump andErdogan who created terrorism.

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