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JUNE 2021

Russian Foreign Ministry: Tens Of Russian And CIS Citizens Wounded In Recent Clashes In Syria

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On February 20, the Russian Foreign Ministry announced that tens of Russian and CIS nationals had been wounded in recent clashes in Syria, emphasizing that they were not Russian military service members.


Earlier this month, the foreign ministry said that, according to preliminary data, 5 Russian citizens had been killed “as a result of the armed conflict” in Syria.

The ministry’s comments come as multiple rumors are circulating about “hundreds” of Russian private military contractors killed in the US strikes on positions of Syrian government forces in the province of Deir Ezzor.

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When will Russia finally take gloves off?

leon mc pilibin

RUSSIA will do the right thing,,at the right Time,,as always.

Manuel Flores Escobar

The right thing is to deploy S-400 in Damascus and Deir Ezzor protected by a ring of Pantsir S2/Tor M2….the right time is now!…otherwise SAA and Russian PMC are unprotected as always..

Tommy Jensen

Give Assad the S-300 he bought. Stop controlling everything Syria does.

Real Anti-Racist Action

That is true, I remember that. He bought the S-300 system, then Russia did not deliver it and instead delivered other military equipment.
Then the S-300 system sat around, then they sold it to Iran and they did some upgrade to it. Iran now has the system that was meant for Syria.

Icarus Tanović

They have s-300.

Amanda Adams

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John Whitehot

the right thing is not to talk when not having a clue.

besides, your propaganda attempt is to demoralize Russian PMCs and make them feel they are unprotected.

Huzbin Farteen

Russia and Assad take off gloves in Afrin. But then Powerful President Erdogan SLAP Putin and Assad. Now Russia and Assad run away from Afrin.


Why are you upvoting yourself and by the way, you’ve got it all wrong.


Because he’s a lame troll desperately seeking attention.


5 min after 12 and with fatal, unnecessary losses.


Russia can hardly do anything here as the Russian MOD has empathically denied to both US /Russian operations room and to the world in general there were any Russians involved in the attack and they can in no way defend private contractors of any nation attacking state forces of another country.

So they just have to swallow their undoubted chagrin.


Yep, the US establishment and all MSM are insanely obsessed with Russia, that’s a war propaganda basically, and yet they are the real aggressors again and again: they are killing russian citizens, they are indicting russian citizens, they are even bullying Russian athletes, not to mention sanctions, Syria, Ukraine, etc. (btw I expect another ukro-puppet offensive soon and even worse hysteria to follow).

Russian reaction (and rhetoric) is very moderate, even timid, they are trying not to antagonize Trump or something (and he is obviously completely irrelevant anyway). Russia, Iran, China they all look afraid, instead to unite against this global tyranny. Look at NK, that’s the language those bloodthirsty psychos and thugs from WashingtonDC understand; being a civilized and rational with them is a sign of weakness. And no, I don’t think Russia should start a war, I believe they simply have no option but to (seriously) resist or to surrender. Because american main strategic objective/priority is to destroy Russia, this way or another. As Paul C.Roberts recently said: wake up Russia, war is upon you, whether you would risk it nor not.


That’s the problem with Russians. Their S400 only for Russian and not their allies . Their private citizens , not their responsibilities but fight on their side.

Assad’s soldiers dying for both Russians and Syrian benefits …. too.

This kind of cowardice statements emboldens the enemies.

John Whitehot

your kind is cowardice is to bend before zionists for a dollar or two

leon mc pilibin

JewSA is playing with fire.Do they really want a war with RUSSIA?

Promitheas Apollonious

Obviously yes and been trying to accomplish this, since the time they went into georgia and then ukraine and all the countries surrounding russia in between.

Real Anti-Racist Action

Yes they do. They went to war against the Russian people before in the Red Revolution otherwise known as the Jewish-Revolution. The kidnapped the Royal Russian Family, painted on the walls ‘You have been weighed and judged’ and murdered tens of millions of indigenous Russian tribal peoples.
So far Russians have yet to respond to all this genocide. And Jews have gotten off scot free.
The facts are in the website I am posting below.
https://holodomorinfo.com/comment image

Eskandar Black

That is some bonkers crazy level idiocy you are posting. Jews are the most persecuted minority in history. I am sure you have some homicidal conspiracy theory but the low numbers of jews, worldwide is related to trash like you spreading lies and demonizing them as a people.

Real Anti-Racist Action

Not even close. The most persecuted minorities in history are not even with us any longer, cause they were genocided. Think Philistines, which were ethnically cleansed every last child by Jewish-supremacist bigots.
Jews have two countries on the earth for their race, but ethnic-Irish have no nation on earth to preserve their ethnic-race.
Jews sit on top of the world, while persecuted minorities sit on the bottom.comment image


5 is dead

Eskandar Black

all i can see is an antisemite with a list of supposed jews. People like you are disgusting, i hope you die a slow and painful death, soon.

Real Anti-Racist Action

I do not wish death on anyone, But I can see that you do.
You must be an anti-Shemite for being racist against the Shemitic Palestinians.
You must be an anti-Japethites for being racist against ethnic-Irish.
You must be an anti-Hamite for being racist against the African community that are dreamers in Israel waiting for citizenship though racist are deporting them.
You are like a super racist.comment image?w=1472

Eskandar Black

you are a simple propaganda bot, a disgusting creation.

Real Anti-Racist Action

You have not successfully disputed a single fact. I can post facts all day from Jewish newspapers written by Jews themselves exposing Jewish-supremacist teachings.comment image

Eskandar Black

thats some crazy looking stuff you found on the internet. Certainly sounds like something a muslim would say.

Real Anti-Racist Action

I posted from the Jewish-Talmud, the religious book of Judaism.
And I posted screen shots from the Jpost.com.
Everything posted is written by Jew’s themselves.

Eskandar Black

You are a product of a very sad life.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

Real Jews have never followed these laws as they were not the laws that God gave to Moses. These are just some of the laws the Pharasees corrupted and repurposed for there own sinister reasons.
In early history most Jews didn’t even follow this perversion, and many actively tried to discredit this bunch of weirdos but failed. When Jesus tried and NEARLY failed [after all he died in the attempt], his followers just ignored the Pharasees and went back to the original teachings of Moses, and then renamed themselves Christians. Christians think they’re a forward step in the evolution of Judaism but it’s actually the reverse, they actually just returned to using the original laws totally ignoring the weirdo Pharasees, that is until the gay priests took over and banned marriage in the priesthood.
People who only follow the original laws that Moses handed down, should be the only ones you call Jews. Meaning the people you criticize should be called something else, not Jews. Even some Christians and Muslims, so long as they only adhere to the original laws, could rightly be considered Jews. Did you realize, if you follow or agree with the 10 commandments, you’re on your way to being a good Jew too.
The followers of the doctrines of the pharasees are the one’s you should condemn, not the real Jews who’ve always followed the original laws of God.
The pharasees were supposed to be the most spiritually devout of all the Jewish faith, and that’s what the scholars and history tell you, but Jesus recognized them for what they were, the first phase of then hidden LGBTQ movement, and he did everything he could to destroy their sinister movement.
Yes I know he preached tolerance and never condemned anyone for their sexual identity, but he also NEVER EVER condoned it, and the pharasees [the LGBTQ movement} were his biggest enemies and he fought them tooth and nail, so he definitely wasn’t pro gay rights.
If you read all the Talmud to see where and how all the original laws were corrupted by the pharasees, you may understand why I call them the original LGBTQ movement. You showed some of the milder stuff so I wonder if you’ve actually missed some of the truly perverted stuff that’s actually in there.
So after all that my point is this, don’t call them Jews if you want to be factually correct, call them something else, fake Jews is a suggestion or maybe Zionists or even neo cons.
You’re right to be angry at the people you are, and also what they’re doing, you’re just calling them the wrong name.
Btw I’m not Jewish and was born a Christian, but now I only follow my own conscience. I believe it’s the only real way anybody can communicate with God, and all of us should do it more often, especially when we get angry.

Tony B.

Idiot, read some of the statements by these Jews themselves, just like what you just tried to disclaim.
You’re another asshole troll. Crawl back into your hole.

Eskandar Black

Calling me names because of your psychotic issues will not resolve your psychosis, medicine, admission, maybe some ECT, and you will be back to 80% of stable 70 IQ before you know it.

Gabriel Hollows

You sound butthurt, Chaim. Can’t handle being exposed? Your kind are not even real semites, how can he be anti-semitic against khazar filth?

Eskandar Black

boring jew hating troll, sees jews everywhere, but there is no spoon, just a loser dummy who will buy into any old village idiot myth.


Pathetic, the Khazar “theory” again, grow up man!

Tony B.

Face the truth, moron. Obvious is hard to hide. Of course it is mostly talmudists who wish slow and painful deaths on other human beings – so long is its not them.

Eskandar Black

Tony, i think you misunderstood, I know what you are. Believe it or not, i treated mentally damaged people, and your symptoms can also be managed with basic meds. It seems like a conspiracy theory, right?

Augsta “Augsta”

Eskandar Black go suck some more Zionist Jew Dick then come back and post some more bullshit…

Jonathan Murray

Admins refuse to kick this Nazi off. Nazi’s are just a CIA proxy like al Qaeda etc so I can’t see why they let them comment on here.


That is REALLY weird, calling an anti racist a NAZI, while some NAZI idiot calling himself “anti racist action” spilling bullshit here as usual….

Jonathan Murray

Yeh that guy is either a real idiot or CIA… or I guess both. Why Admins don’t kick him off I don’t get.


Because you aren’t smart enough to understand how this site works

Jonathan Murray

Lol I don’t think its to do with smart – I do not have enough information to make a judgement on who runs this site and why they don’t get rid of Nazis. Maybe you do? In which case can you share it?


Russia has always been patient, in 1812 Le Grande Armee may have reached Moscow but when it did it was already a spent force and was duly put to the sword as it retreated like snow from a Siberian Scirocco. While Barbarossa, the Nazi Blitz Kreig of 1941, suffered a similar fate. Time the magician changes everything.


Did you know before Napoleon was in Moscow the citys name was also “The White city”. Now you can only see the white stones when workers dig big holes in the ground.

Real Anti-Racist Action

Well the Jews conquered Moscow in 1917. And ruled it until the 1950’s till the Soviets purged a lot of the Jews out of their control over Moscow.comment imagecomment image


Let me give you some ammunition.
“The gas van was invented in the Soviet Union in 1936, by Isay Berg, the head of the administrative and economic department of the NKVD of Moscow Oblast which suffocated batches of prisoners with engine fumes in a camouflaged bread van while on the drive out to the mass graves at Butovo, where the prisoners were subsequently buried.”


The above drivel sounds very similar to the krapp being peddled by revisionists like Gellately or his buddy Sheila Fitzpatrick. Both of whom use questionable “primary source material”, but what the heck it propelled them into the upper echelons of second tier Yankee Universities. Neither Gellately nor Fitzpatrick are Jews, however, both are neocon Zionists, unlike the foto of the above cccpsu where many were of Jewish extraction but none practised Judaism and none were Zionists.


Not many Germans worshipped their old gods either. It was an nationalistic/ethnic thing in WW2.


…but they are not lying to you about the NKVD soldiers eating Estonian babies alive!


They were worse than Nazis. The Nazis were a reaction to them.


It was the February revolution that was the takeover. The US entered WW1 within 2 months of it after staying out for 3 and a half year.

The October revolution happened after the “democratic” government continued the war that most Russians were overwhelmingly against by that time, making famines inevitable by the time it started.


And the official figures RISE week by week as Team Putin palys the usual game of “pretend it never happened” for as long as possible. Putin did the same thing with the terror downing of the jet full of Russians out of Egypt – the terrorists published DAY ONE video of an altitude bomb taking out the plane- Putin claimed it wasn’t terrorism, but an “accident” for weeks afterwards.

It gets worse. We know Putin gave the greenlight to Trump to butcher as many elite Russian irregulars (working for the legal Syrian government) as possible- America didn’t start to attack until AFTER Russia had been informed.

Constrast with the US government treatment of AMERICAN irregulars used in the invasion of Iraq. Tony Blair and the USA, with Russia’s approval at the UN, gained the ‘mercs’ complete legal immunity for all and any action in Iraq. The Americans treated them exactly the same as official members of the military forces.

The “blackwater massacre” in Iraq was the only example of America forced to ‘prosecute’ mass murdering US mercs, and then after a show trial when the public ceased watching, every convicted merc was PARDONED and not one spent a day in prison.

We all know Russia is the WORST ally in the world- which ruins russia’s reputation on the international stage. Putin’s disowning of Russian irregulars in Syria takes this to a whole new zionist pleasing level.

The Deep State understands loyalty- and plays this card so very well. A ‘demonic’ loyalty, to be sure, where a knife may be found in the back on occasions (see Saddam).

Russia, under Putin, in contrast, delights in being the epitome of the UNRELIABLE ‘friend’- and why? Cos Putin’s no.1 loyalty is to the jews (which he has stated in public so many times) and when their leaders say “jump”, Putin always asks “how high”.

Anyway all across the web, raving pro-USA psychos are glorying in this latest proof of Russia’s weakness- delighting in the fact America’s military was able to mass murder Russian citizens operating in Syria LEGALLY with total impunity.

In teaching his own people a ‘lesson’, Putin has bloodied (fox hunting term) the world’s greatest murder machine and given it a taste for many more Russian victims in the immediate future.

John Whitehot

wake up.

nobody even wastes time reading your ravings.

next time, just write “Fuck Russia fuck Iran fuck Syria”, instead on hiding behind text walls.


Aren’t you getting tired of yourself?

Brad Isherwood
Hide Behind

Here you go take this hanky and wipe your eys, and you bad bad American bullies stop picking on these merenaries.
THEY take pay to kill or aid in killing, there is no flag waving patriot song singing. That is until they get their butts and nuts handed to them in pieces.
If killing was easy there would not be those big paychecks and they would stay at home and join drug rings, prostitution by White slavers of Russian Mafia.
Nothing wrong by choosing to be a merc, it has good pay. See the world where women and children bodies are cheap, and back home your friends buy beers and women See as their legs
ALL NATO US and increasingly so France ilitary are just to hide behind flags the fact o their being no more than Mercs for energy and financial interest.
You play the game do not bitch when one of your pawns get kicked out of game


We all new that all along. It seems that Putin and Lavrov were the only ones that didn’t.

Thank you Russia for doing nothing, you saved the world again.

Brad Isherwood

Edgar Cayce reading that Russia would save the world.
Unless Jewtin(Putin)… has a spiritual 180…..it’s not him… if Cayce reading was right.

Planet Rothschild. ….crime shit world. ….3rd from the Sun.

Maybe Edgar Cayce should have said that….
As it would be true.


By ” tens of Russian and CIS nationals” means Russians and Ukrainians volunteers from Donbass region. There is internal conflict in Russian power system and Wagner was just made fall guys for that. They were working ISIS hunters and was common knowledge to MOD.
The incident happened on permanent positions of government forces and should have been contained but there was help provided to the ground forces despite of multiple engagements from US airforce and DZ military council(ex-ISIS).

John Whitehot

“As already noted, in Syria are Russian citizens who went there on their own and with different goals. It is not for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to assess the legality of such decisions.”

The article at the link starts with the above phrase, which underlines that it refers to people that were on the terrain regardless of their affiliation and that have rights to medical assistance in Russia due to their citizenship.

It’s not the first time that sf tries to sell such statements, which include those that were killed or wounded fighting with islamists and that would be prosecuted at home, as admissions of “Russian casualties”, especially after the US claims “devastating strikes” against the SAA.

I may be too wary, but these days sf and bellingcat look very much as two arms of the same body.

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