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JUNE 2021

Russian Foreign Ministry Slams US Saber-Rattling Against Syria

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The Russian Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Maria Zakharova has stressed that the use of force is extremely violating the UN Charter. The spokeswoman pointed that Russia would enchain “to protect its [Syria] sovereignty”.

“The threat to use force against a UN member state is, in itself, a blatant violation of the organization’s charter,” Zakharova stated.

The spokeswoman marked the extreme measures taken by militants and their “sponsors” derailed the peace at the international scene.

“Their sponsors, who, as experience shows, are ready for extreme steps to carry out their interests in Syria and who have nothing to do with the genuine interests of the Syrian people, have become more active as well”.

The US and its allies threaten a military action against Syria in the wake of the alleged chemical weapons attack in Douma.

Greek media reported about the expanding military activity in the Mediterranean region. Greek Skai TV noticed the  surveillance planes of the US Air Force had been arrived at the Iraklion Air Station at Crete.

According to the Skai TV, the two aircraft in question – the MC-12S EMARSS and MC-12W Liberty – were previously employed by the US during its invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq.

To recall the USA has already deployed a few destroyers in the eastern Mediterranean.

The USS Harry S. Truman aircraft carrier is also heading towards the Middle East. According to the US Navy, “the aircraft carrier will be accompanied by the guided-missile cruiser USS Normandy and the guided-missile destroyers USS Arleigh Burke, USS Bulkeley, USS Forrest Sherman and USS Farragut. The destroyers USS Jason Dunham and USS The Sullivans will join the strike group later”.

According to the Russian state-run media Sputnik, two Tritons will be soon deployed in the area. Developed off the US Air Force’s Global Hawk, the Triton can fly 60,000 feet in the air and link maritime target data. Another Multimission Maritime Aircraft (MMA) P-8A Poseidon sub hunters have been recently floating the Syrian coast.

Following these military developemts near the Syrian coast, it could be described as a forcing of the escalating conflict around the Syria.


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Wolfgang Wolf

didnt the USidiots lose such drone of the Triton type over the med last year? rumors said it was shot down by S-300….


Sponsor of this escalation is Israhell. Target is Iran in Syria. So obvious now

Russie Unie

This woman is smart !


Let Gerasimov speak the brute language NATO cowers at, instead of the political niceties and international laws.

Tudor Miron

Many people here love (as a sister) Maria. She’s not beutiful (to Russian standarts) but she has a soul and she’s smart. Very professional and highly educated. Honestly

I often get confused why many westerners are describing Russians as drunk animals and barbarians with no culture. I think to myself, OK we’re barbarians but if so than why Lavrov and Maria when they negotiate with their UK/US counterparts often look like the only adults in the room?

What is interesting is that ordinary UK/US sitizen will much easier relate himself to likes of Lavrov and Zakharova than Johnson or Trump.

Sanity…whesterners why don’t you demand it from your governing if you’re talking democrasy? Free world my a$$.

Acko Manah

Hey Maria looks great to me what’s wrong with you!


I second that.

Tudor Miron

Please see my reply above.

Acko Manah

Beauty includes the mind. You are entitled to your opinion. I will however take you up on your offer: is Iran passport welcome?

Tudor Miron

It is. In fact any human being that comes with open heart is warmly welcomed to visit us. We do love a good company and enjoy when friends come to join our table
And yes Beauty includes the mind and soul.

Acko Manah

My grandfather went to Baku; then Georgia to learn painting. After that they said to learn the top quality he must go to Moscow. He did and became a great painter.

Tudor Miron

Thank you.

Tudor Miron

Everything is known in comparision. You guys have to visit Russia more often to understand what I’m talking about. Yes, when Masha starts to speak she’s truely adorable but you should see what we call beautiful – Russian standards are very high in this regards. And yes, we love Maria she’s our pride but not vacause of how she looks but because what and how she does.

Acko Manah

We never thought of you as barbarians. Mostly as people who pioneered space and we also remember Mendeleev,

jerry hamilton

The Bolsheviks were the barbarians and they were not Russian.


The west is projecting its own barbaric mentality on to Russia. Every time they accuse Russia they are actually making a statement of their own doings.

jerry hamilton

Exactly. Who is that a trait of?
I never know if I should call them Sociopaths or Psychopaths.


I don’t have professional knowledge in psychology but it is definitely a mental disease. Some mental patients commit suicide, others get treatment for a life time. Calling them names doesn’t help. They need an urgent treatment. Sometimes, in some cases a shock therapy works. I have reached the point of “treat them before it is too late.” The relatives of mental patients suffer, too.

jerry hamilton

I know it is an accident of birth but the whole world is suffering the consequences.

jerry hamilton

I don’t know what it is like now.
Russia was possibly the most cultural country on the planet.
Germany was too, the Middle East. So much culture has been destroyed in the name of war.
Wars that only ever profited “certain people”.
The democrasy you mention in the west is a much used word. An imaginary work.
Youtube and the media often depict Russians as drunks and barbarians.
Are you getting the picture yet?
The Bolsheviks did not really go away.
Instead of killing you they are mocking you.
The media along with hollywood are possibly the sickest things on earth.
They try and tell us what to think, what to eat, what to like and where to spend our money.
They are the people that censor things and put old ladies in prison for telling the truth about “certain events”.
We are not natural enemies, the Russians helped save Lincoln’s ass.
It took the media to make us enemies.
Without the media there would never have been a problem.
Ask yourself. Who owns Reuters which control media everywhere?

Tudor Miron
jerry hamilton

Excellent video.

John Mason

“The threat to use force against a UN member state is, in itself, a
blatant violation of the organization’s charter,” Zakharova stated.
Does that include North Korea, they are also a UN member state.


This revolutionary technology enabled the Americans to raise their lead in nuclear warheads and bombs from 2144 in 1970 to 5254 in 1974. But even in this advanced field, the Soviets had started to make inroads. The first Soviet MIRV system was tested in August 1973 on the SS-18. Having cracked its secrets, the Soviets inevitably tried to close the gap. In the year to March 1974, they tested 285 ICBMs, SLBMs and military missiles, and launched 86 space missions, compared with 86 ICBM tests by the Americans. The race to develop the deadliest missiles affected Cyprus because the only way the Americans could keep ahead in nuclear capability was by monitoring changes in Soviet techno- logy. To do this, they had to keep a close eye on all nuclear testing, particularly of ICBMs and MIRVs, by using facilities in Cyprus, Turkey and Iran in this region. Information picked up by British spy stations was shared with the Americans under the UKUSA agreement. The Cyprus facilities were part of a panoply of electronic intelligence and radar installations developed by the West over decades to monitor every level of Soviet nuclear missile activity.

by Brendam o, Malley and Craig Ian,page 141.

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