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Russian Foreign Ministry Slams Media Rumors Over Salisbury And Amesbury Incidents

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During a weekly press briefing on August 9, Russian Foreign Ministry spokesperson Maria Zakharova on the recent “developments around Salisbury and Amesbury” (source):

The British media have started a new round in the London-initiated information and propaganda game. When official London claimed that Russia had come up with several versions of this situation in order to confuse everyone, we decided to count the number of versions published by the British media. We were unable to do that as there are not dozens but hundreds of versions and suppositions. The situation has been completely tangled up.

Clearly, the journalists won’t leave this urgent subject alone, but we consider mainly the official position of the investigative bodies to be the most important. We believe they are working under political pressure. We think this pressure is aimed at directing the investigation towards the line of absurd accusations that the UK political leaders made shortly after the incident. No pressure should be exerted on the investigation or investigative bodies. This was a Western dogma. Can you imagine what investigators working on this case in the UK and trying, as we see it, to understand what happened in reality feel when they suddenly learn that Washington is adopting a package of what our Embassy in the US called “draconian” sanctions against Russia, saying that these sanctions are imposed on Russia for taking part in this crime? What position of distance between politics and law-enforcement investigations can one speak of when a country considered by Britain as one of the largest in the world and which protects it in many areas is taking such steps? This amounts to direct pressure on the investigation. This is also psychological pressure on the people that are meticulously restoring the picture of the incident. Seeing how a guilty verdict is summarily handed down against an entire state, British police and investigators understand full well what awaits them if they unexpectedly reach a conclusion that does not follow the mainstream. This is direct psychological pressure on those that are investigating the incident.

UK Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt said recently, “chemical weapons have been used on the streets in England – something that we believe was authorised by the Russian government.” This is again confirmation of the political, psychological, and emotional pressure that politicians – people with power – are exerting on the investigative bodies.

The London police recently published a statement on the incident in Amesbury, the first in three weeks. It indicated that they are continuing to discover poisoned locations and items with the participation of the chemical lab at Porton Down. This is a kind of a vicious circle or a merry-go-round that carries, one after another, the British Government, the investigative bodies and the fog-enveloped lab at Porton Down. There is simply no way off this merry-go-round.

Given that Russian citizens sustained damage in Salisbury, Russia insists on a truly independent, objective and transparent investigation of the two incidents by the British authorities. As before, Russian law-enforcement agencies are willing to render them any necessary assistance.

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Shy Talk

I don’t believe that the Russian Federation is that naive as to believe that there will ever be ” a truly independent, objective and transparent investigation of the two incidents by the British authorities.”they must be able to see this for what it is and are just playing the game, imho.


Every British person should watch V for Vendetta, and understand that it is their Government that are the criminals.
Remember remember the fifth of November.

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