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JUNE 2021

Russian Foreign Ministry Slams Insinuations Around Skripal Case

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Russian Foreign Ministry Slams Insinuations Around Skripal Case

SOURCE: mid.ru

Russia’s Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Maria Zakharova slammed media insinuations of the so-called Skripal case during a press briefing on Marh 29 (source):

As I said, the media published the same materials that were presented at the closed (closed to Russian representatives) briefing at the UK Embassy in Moscow. I would like to emphasise again that this is yet further evidence that Britain is deliberately excluding Russia from the list of states that were given at least some information.

Russian representatives were not invited or admitted to the briefing at the UK Embassy.

Indicatively, “the charges” that made up the backbone of this presentation were the same accusations that are not based on any real facts or evidence. But the most interesting point is that the number of grievances expressed by our British colleagues against the Russian Federation is growing at a rapid rate. I would like to show you some slides.

On March 14, propaganda slides from the Foreign Office quoted just eight facts of so-called “Russian state aggression.” Let me repeat that this was published by the UK Foreign Office on March 14. There were eight items on which Britain had grievances against the Russian Federation. The materials disseminated at the closed briefing in Moscow contained 12 facts. Only 10 days passed between the two publications. It’s obvious inconsistence. What should we talk about? What should we believe and how do we proceed? We do not even analyse the absurdity of these accusations. We are pointing out the quality of the presented information. Apparently, additional accusations against Russia in a historical perspective appeared after consultations with an “elder brother.”

The wording in the accusations has also changed. Take Russia’s so-called “aggression” against Georgia in August of 2008. On March 14, Russia was accused of not respecting Georgia’s territorial integrity whereas the presentation slides published recently are now accusing Russia of “invading Georgia.”

Especially perplexing is the accusation against Russia of hacking into the German Bundestag in 2015 that Britain added to its growing list of grievances. Colleagues, we would like to remind you that we broke into the Bundestag only once, in 1945 while liberating Berlin from the Nazi scourge, and at that time it was called the Reichstag.

As for the so-called “Lisa’s case” and some disinformation campaign against Germany, we would like to emphasise that this issue was resolved by Moscow and Berlin in a bilateral format. Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov and his German counterpart Frank-Walter Steinmeier discussed the matter during their talks. This was mentioned on the record and officially. As distinct from Britain, Germany conducted a serious investigation of this case when the information appeared. I would like to remind those who were involved in compiling all this nonsense that official representatives from the Russian and German foreign ministries made relevant statements after “Lisa’s case” went through an investigation and the court handed down a verdict on a man who was found guilty. This was the end of this case.

So why are you involved now in classic disinformation? Let me recall once again that there was a guilty verdict in the German court against a defendant – he actually committed crimes that were thoroughly investigated by German law enforcement.

In general, it is of course surprising that these materials were presented as highly convincing evidence of Russia’s responsibility for the incident in Salisbury. The painted pictures are certainly creative in building an argument and an evidence-based case.

After we paid attention to the publication of these materials in the media, the British Foreign Office thanked us in its twitter. Can you imagine? Nobody replied to four diplomatic notes. Nobody informed us about the condition of the Russian citizens. We have not been granted any information on the grounds that they do not deem it necessary to communicate with Russian representatives. But we were thanked in the twitter! This is the height of cynicism.

So you thanked us – fine. And we will thank you, the British Foreign Office, for admitting that these were the materials you distributed at the closed briefing at the UK Embassy for the ambassadors accredited in Moscow. I personally doubted that you would do this, but you did. You admitted that this was the evidence-based case about which US Ambassador Jon Huntsman spoke in Moscow. I doubt that you did this consciously, like everything you do, all the mistakes you make. I think that you thanked us and admitted that you considered these pictures “convincing evidence” simply by mistake. But you did this and it will remain in your history forever.

Now that the world has seen this “convincing evidence,” the propaganda machine, anonymous sources, experts and fake accounts in social media began distributing information that the British Ambassador to Russia presented the main and, this time, indisputable evidence at his briefing.

I am even afraid to assume what this indisputable evidence of Russia’s guilt is if our British colleagues were afraid to quote it in the presence of a Russian representative, who, of course, was not admitted or invited to the briefing. Naturally, what we are witnessing now is absolute and total fake on a global level.

I would like to say that the propaganda machine is already working at full steam. Yesterday radio stations sponsored by US tax payers gave the floor to experts from analytical centres that are also funded by US taxpayers. They were vying with each other to prove that there is no need to assess this evidence seriously because it is clear as it is.

One of these experts (let me repeat that he spoke in the US media that is also funded by American money) pondered the following question: Why do we need evidence if so many countries have already supported Britain? He then asked: Do you really think that the whole world consists of idiots whereas only Russia is smart? Note that these words were not uttered by the Russian Foreign Ministry but by an expert from an American analytical centre. You know, such things do happen, and this was the case with Iraq when our Western partners – Washington and London – showed a test-tube to the world public. And the whole world believed them because they showed it in the UN Security Council.

Ten years have passed since then and everyone understands (forgive me for quoting the expert from the Carnegie Foundation) that they were “the idiots.” Later, they apologized for this for a long time but it is impossible to bring the dead back to life.




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For Russia it is a waste of time trying to even make sense from these zionist warmongering lunatics. JUST keep destroying their terrorists and let them cry all they like.


Exposing them is not a waste of time. Or do you prefer to have them exposed after WW III?
Zakharova is doing an excellent job in using sarcasm to ridicule these idiots.
Keep in mind that in 2008 Western Media ran wild on Georgia, but now there is a serious counter narrative. Given the increasing pressure on the UK to finally submit some evidence and their continually changing inconsistent stories one can well imagine this becoming the beginning of the end of May and the Tories. Corbyn thus vindicated may have an excellent chance to take over.
UK exposed overplaying its hand may well limit future NATO meddling.


You’re both right, yes Russia should keep pushing the case, but to most of the brain dead that inhabit the US/UK, only the headline matters. They don’t have the intellect or interest to question this preposterous story.

You can call me Al

NO you are wrong, the UK MSM will not even report it. The people in general are certainly not “brain dead”, but due to the propaganda war, apart from reading the so called alt-media, they never know the truth. More and more people are undergoing the awakening though.

As a Brit, don’t insult my people again, the scum politicians go for it.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

The British people are like all the other mindless zombies they need brains from the MSM because theirs is the only one that don’t taste bad ,only rainbows, gumdrops , and pink fuzzy kittens.


Boris and Teresa – 2 of the most incompetent politicians in recent UK history (and then some) – seem to be blundering from one idiotic statement to the next, trying to outrun each other in the process. And BoJo is gunning for the PM position. Latest version of events is so bloody stupid that Russians would be crazy not to push the case until the whole rotten structure collapses. So according to official version no.6 (but who’s counting?!), Scripal was poisoned on his door step with “military grade super secret nerve agent” after which he proceeded to: visit his wives grave, had a beer in a pub, had lunch in the Italian restaurant, went shopping and only then, after 4 hours collapsed on a park bench. Not from “military grade super secret nerve agent” – more likely from a busy morning schedule – what’ the point of military grade CW works only after 4 hours of heavy exercise – your enemies can be “in Moscow” before they work up a sweat…

You can call me Al

Dodgy prawn cocktail in the restaurant ?.

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