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Russian Foreign Ministry Reacts To Canada’s Plans To Accept White Helmets Members

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During a press briefing on August 3, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova commented on Canada’s plans to accepts members of the White Helemets evacuated by Israel from southern Syria (source):

We regularly comment on anything related to the pseudo-humanitarian organisation the White Helmets. Actually, frankly speaking, they should have changed their name from White Helmets to White Masks a long time ago. Because these people who had for many years pretended to be humanitarians, in reality turned out to be, and this fact has been proved by now, mere foreign agents who worked on the territory of Syria for vast sums of money, advancing anti-Syrian interests and the interests of other nations. Currently they are being rushed out and stashed away in different countries.

And so we took note of Canada’s recent decision to harbour the White Helmets. Let me remind you that they just pretended to be humanitarian workers, it was all pantomime. No, it goes beyond that – they had close ties to extremists. The fact that they will be hidden away in Canada now, to be honest, did not surprise us for a number of reasons.

Firstly, it is well known that Ottawa alongside with some other western capitals has long been providing this group, let us be specific, both moral and  direct financial support. Major sums, millions of dollars. Meanwhile I will remind you that those supposed humanitarian workers, who are in fact pseudo-humanitarian workers, became notorious for their staged scenes on orders from anti-government groups, they tried to keep the war in Syria going as long as possible, to fuel more and more conflicts, to pit Syrians against each other, and to bring Syria and the Syrian people down rather than render real assistance to the victims.

Apparently, there are other factors which prompted Canada to accept these new so-called “refugees.” The White Helmets and the Canadian authorities are one in the same with respect to groundless accusations against the Syrian authorities as well as blaming Russia. By the way, it is a big question what ordinary Canadians are going to feel about such “refugees” after the terrorist groups are destroyed and after realising what is going on now on the ground, and we hope such a realisation will come.

I would like to point out that Canada’s history already has stains, in particular, when it became a shelter for Nazis who hadn’t been finished off, we remember that perfectly well, including the punitive Ukrainian battalions of the SS. We can remind those in Canada who might have forgotten. I would also like to point out that many of them never faced justice for their atrocities. Meanwhile, now Ottawa is embracing a new wave – this time terrorist accomplices. The Canadian public do have things to ponder.

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Tudor Miron

“Who cares about Canadian public”(c) Canadian authorities.

S Melanson

That has been the attitude. But Trudeau took a lot of heat for arms deals with Riyadh and with good effect. Southfront just posted article – Riyadh expelled our ambassador and recalled theirs. Take a read and I posted a couple of comments.

Feudalism Victory

Like in every country

Concrete Mike

In my circle of rednecks and hillbillies, we dont like the saudis, so as far as i can tell, the canadian public supports this move.

I refuse to suck up to saudis, there barbarous brutes for one, and they tried as best they could to kill our oil sands, sure its dirty, but id rather use tar sands than saudi blood oil.

We dont need their filthy money, and if there too much babies for not taking valid critcism well fuck em.

Also this is the first good move our waffen SS foreign minister has done, i still dislike her quite a bit.

Any antagonism towards saudi is good.

Fuck em

Tudor Miron

Mike…above article is about bringing in Whight Scums (helmets) to Canada. Do you really think that Canadian people need such guests? And yes, those (whight scums) are Saudi’s operatives.

Concrete Mike

Oh shit…wrong article lol. No i want to kill those white helmets…they are nothing but trouble an do not represent our people or our interests. Iva already called my local MP andntold him quite openly that we should not accept these white helmets and if any come to our community, they will not be welcomed here.

I despise the saudis and what they stand for, they act like spoiled brats like some other country nearby. Most canadians dont like the saudis either.

Saudi has nothing to offer canada, and we should keep bitch slapping them down diplomatically. Sorry for misunderstanding, i messed up lol.


Why hero White Helms leave Syria as rats ? Because their task was plot opposite Syrian goverment and Russian . Stupide EU believes this liars .Who are EU ? Former and today colonial coutries ,who supporting wars from 1938 year ,uptoday .


“on orders from anti-government groups, they tried to keep the war in Syria going as long as possible,”… This isn’t quite accurate, their orders were directly from the US/UK, Israel/Jordan, the same bosses as ISIS has. They have been called home.


I surprised by the recent action of Canada that they were behind the conspiracy plot of Syrian uprising. Never trust Canada, US, EU and Israel. They are the child butchers, warmongers, land and petrol thugs.


No it’s rather never trust the anglozionists for Canada is just one of it’s multiple head and face.


Can’t wait when they start bombing shit in Canada.

You can call me Al

They wont. Once in Canada, they will be shipped over the border to their homes.

Brother Ma

Haha. Well done. Witty?


Oh, shit.


As long as they keep the bombings in Ottawa?…then no problem. They will be doing the rest of Canada a favor.

VeeNarian (Yerevan)

We have the scandal of the Manchester bomber that was rescued from Libya by the Royal Navy. I bet they also dropped him off to fight against Gadaffi.
Our proud Royal Navy has tuned into an uber service for head-choppers and their ilk.
My God, how did they sink so low???



Brother Ma

Canada has always been Yanquistan’s errand boy. Weak,polite ,good Canada ,always spoiled like a virgin by Yankees and their unwashed smelly cowboy deputies.


Is it required to spoil virgins? For how long?


Why am I not surprised? I am ashamed and embarrassed of the actions of my government again taking in these sub-human pieces of shit! Guess whos paying for it? You and me!!


As Russian Foreign Ministry Spokesman said…” it is a big question what ordinary Canadians are going to feel about
such “refugees” after the terrorist groups are destroyed and after realizing what is going on now on the ground, and we hope such a realization will come.”
So Canadians will typically “realize” and then do nothing but blame others as they blindly follow their Prime Minister known as Mr. Stupid.

VeeNarian (Yerevan)

These White Helmets must be give a loving home right next door to every federal minister that authorised aid to the IS head-choppers and their ilk in Syria. Sorry about their other neighbours, though. I am sure the UK ministers would also love such an arrangement for the White Helmets they have accepted on behalf of the willfully IGNORANT UK Plebs.


This was due to Israeli pressure. Nice to see the head choppers in Canada. Soon, they will be coming home, the US.


These terrorists were created by the UK, Israel has its own terrorists, but usually kills them when they are no longer useful.


They will be living with the CIA money they got as mercenaries.

Feudalism Victory

Perhaps many here dont get a chance to listen to canadian tv and radio. Every broadcast has shown White helmets as some sort of syrian first responders to assad government murders who plot endlessly to murder women and children.

Virtually everyone is happy to have them and saddened by their departure from the battlefield should they be vaguely aware of them.

So to respond to the article no they will never ponder it.

Concrete Mike

Dont worry some of us know and are waiting for the white helmets…i got one too, theres this crusher thing i supervise id like to show them…


Sooner or later these creeps will commit a real terrorist attack on the USA. Fort Detrick would be a real prime target, not some symbolic building in a city(New York) that has lots of media to film the attack.
Crashing a plane into Fort Detrick would probably wipe out all human life in North America.
Anthrax Bubonic plague, Smallpox, etc etc etc, don’t respect borders.
I pity Canadians, living next to Mordor.


Firstly, most of the people evacuated from S-W Syria had nothing todo with the White Hell Mutts. Secondly, following directly from the first point, western countries are harbouring terrorists from various jihadist factions, lying to their own people that they were First Responders. They are bringing in the fifth column for various false flags that will be run all over the place, by fake muslims and paid muslims, by the CIA. What a glorious future we are looking at.


So Canada is admitting that it sponsors terrorism, surely that is worth some UN imposed sanctions?

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