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Russian Foreign Ministry Finally Reacted To Censorship On YouTube And Facebook

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Russian Foreign Ministry Finally Reacted To Censorship On YouTube And Facebook

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On May 20, the Russian Foreign Ministry released an official statement on the censorship of four Russian-language media organizations – “Krim 24” (Crimea 24), “Anna News”, “News Front” and “Riafan” – on YouTube.

The YouTube channels of “Krim 24” (Crimea 24), “Anna News”, “News Front” were blocked on May 19, while the channel of “Riafan” was blocked on April 17.

““Krim 24” TV channel is one of the most popular sources of information on the peninsula. It is a part of Crimea’s largest media holding “Television and Radio Company “Krim” that unites  five television channels, three radio stations, an information portal and two Internet sites. The team of “Krim 24” TV channel traditionally covers the most relevant major news topics in this Russian region.

As a result of the deletion of the Krim 24 account on the Youtube platform, about 30 thousand subscribers lost access to videos that had tens of millions of views. The US platform has taken restrictive measures under the clearly far-fetched pretext of “violating hosting rules.”

The fact that Youtube did not provide any convincing facts explaining its actions, as well as the fact that the appeal of the channel’s team still remains unanswered, is unacceptable,” the foreign ministry said in its statement.

The foreign ministry emphasized that it considers “the actions of video hosting as another act of discrimination against Russian-language media resources by US-controlled Internet platforms that systematically resort to arbitrary censorship of content in Russian.”

The Russian side also recalled that in January 2019, Facebook deleted more than 500 pages related to Russia, including materials from the Sputnik news agency.

“These are just some examples of US Internet censorship of Russian information portals,” it said.

SouthFront cannot but express solidarity with the indignation of the Russian Foreign Ministry. Over the past years, SouthFront has repeatedly become a target of informational attacks, censorship and theft of content.

At the same time, SouthFront recalls that our YouTube channel with over 152,000 subscribers, 1,900 uploaded videos and approximately 60 million views was terminated on May 1.

SouthFront immediately made an appeal of this decision on YouTube and sent requests of informational support to various organizations. We also sent emails to the Russian Foreign Ministry and a number of Russian mainstream media organizations. SouthFront emails and requests were expectedly ignored.

Russian Foreign Ministry Finally Reacted To Censorship On YouTube And Facebook

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The reason is simple. SouthFront has no relations with the Russian government system. Russian official bodies and mainstream media do have no influence on the editorial policy of SouthFront: Analysis & Intelligence. Therefore, they have no motive to provide SouthFront with any kind of support or informational assistance. On top of this, SouthFront critically covers the situation and political tendencies in Russia and has never pushed propaganda in the interests of Russia or any state.

In any case, we are glad to see that Russian media organizations that were censored on YouTube and Facebook got support from Russian official bodies.


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Either YT and Facebook are professional provocateurs, or they are easily blackmailed by their own deep state. In any case, once they lose their customers because they go to platforms where freedom of speech is actually guaranteed, no government bailout will rebuild what they are destroying by censorship.


They and the investment banker economists are managing the world, and politicians do whatever they are told, thus umpteen trillions now being shoveled into the coffers of banks, which will make the USD practically worthless. But they see it coming and want to use that counterfiat to buy up as much real assets as they can before USD collapses.


FaceBerg has competition in the form of Vk, but there is no real alternative to Yehudtube, since Goolag keeps feeding it millionz of zogbux per annum to keep it operating.

Yehudtube isn’t a viable business, it’s being operated to maintain Goolag’s dominance on web media.

Andrei Moutchkine

Why not? They are making more dough off the ads than all of conventional TV ever did. Note how all the music vids moved there, for example.


By whose Imprimatur shall we see and hear? Nero is said to have lit the streets of Rome with those obnoxious migrants of Asiatic religious beliefs dressed in sackcloth who saw reality as supernatural. When that latter view ascended, it sought to control a succeeding group who saw the world differently. To stamp out contrary belief, they burned Galileo — who wasn’t the first nor last to be censored — at the stake. Science, Techne and Modernity then displaced the theocractic rule of Medieval-ism in Europe. Pure reason of Modernity became suspect at least as early as WWI. When corpses pile up, man [in the generic sense, including women, youth, and some dogs I think] despairs of how he has been told to believe the way of the world is. So we find ourselves now at the ripe decadence of the Modernity world view, if not Western Civ itself, where the controllers of Techne [the internet] have assumed power over politics, culture, and so on, and with it they would control any thought, ideas, concepts, beliefs, and of course facts they did not authorize. They will determine what is Roman juridico, theological, politically acceptable in the age of Techne and google algorythms uber alles [you only are shown what the algorythms determine you shall see, or so has been my experience]. To curb facts lest someone believe them, voices are still imprisoned or assassinated, or the equivalent of book burning — removed from contemporary ways of dissemination if algorythms fail to sufficiently ward off viewers. But the Modernity world view is in crisis, people no longer believe what they are told by the controlling structure, as the Techne elites and casino capitalist bankers. A new generation of historical change is sought, which can resolve the questions and problems which Science and Techne, liberal politics and economy, have not. The book to read is ‘Man in Crisis’ by Spanish philosopher Ortega y Gasset. Also watch ‘Pandora’s Box,’ a six part documentary by Adam Curtis. His film ‘HyperNormalisation’ is also crystallizing at this critical juncture in history. I support South Front with my little monthly amount, and encourage other individuals to do the same. Who are these Techne elites to tell us what we can see, hear, and believe for ourselves?

Black Waters

The only way that the fascist U.S gestapo maintain it’s power is to isolate from the planet itself, there’s no other way, USSA it’s falling apart.

Zionism = EVIL

The stupid brainwashed bastards are dying like rabid dogs in the streets but the Jew controlled morons think that they can still “dominate the world”. What a bunch of retarded fuckwits.

Zionism = EVIL

Russia and China need to take a firmer stance on the Jew cunts who want to shut down any objective and independent media message. These Zionist arseholes and Jew cunts like Zuckerberg, Murdoch etc have been targeting Iran for four decades and failed, and now they are totally focused on demonizing Russia and China. If you saw the orange fat old geezer Trump today, the stupid Jew controlled baboon was blaming China for killing millions of people, obscuring the FACT that the Americunt arseholes are the ones who unleashed the virus that boomeranged. The Americunt dumbass bastards are dying like dogs because the Jew cunts have bankrupted them and the dumb bastards have no health care system. The scum deserve to die.


Google Drive takes down user’s personal copy of Plandemic after it was flagged by The Washington Post

Ashok Varma

Russia and China are now the main bogeyman for MSN propaganda and the attempts to stifle independent media like SF are part of the desperate campaign as alternate free media readership increases in the west. US and the Zionists will fail and this is free publicity for SouthFront and global recognition of its growing influence. Stand tall and proud Southfront.


Russia should just block certain pages like radio freedom etc on social media platforms within Russia as well. Just make an official statement that YouTube and Facebook etc are considered an extension of the US state and thus Russia can start shutting down these assholes elsewhere. It will either end with all propaganda on both sides getting reinstated or completely prohibited. Either way it’s a win/win


That can backfire. A major reason people understand that Ex-Soviet Russian leadership makes more sense than Bankster Empire “Western” leadership is the ability to listen to both side-by-side. Plus, Russia using similar censorship to the banksters also risks painting it as similar in general.

Think: NSDAP Germany book burning. Sure, the Atheist Communist propaganda and bankster smut was not helping, but physically destroying it when it can be intellectually defeated was still a bad look.

Zionism = EVIL

The USSR was broken up by a relentless campaign of lies and Jew manipulation. Just look at all the Jew cunts like Sakharov etc who went into “exile” in the west for their CIA masters and destroyed USSR from within, the Americunt and British bastards want to do the same again using the Jew oligarchs who have stolen billions of Russian wealth and sent it to Occupied Palestine. China is proving more difficult and Iran is totally a pain their arse.


Really? The USSR’s problem was not false flag attacks like the Shelling of Mainila (the Soviets killed their own people and used that to justify war with Finland), the forever war in Afghanistan (the Soviets’ mission creep, reliance on reservists, and soldiers with no anti-guerrilla training mirrored the US’s forever wars in Afghanistan and Vietnam), or allowing over 1 million people to go on May Day celebrations and get showered with Chernobyl’s radiation just so the government could save face…?

Check out Sutton’s “Wall Street & the Bolshevik Revolution.” Atheist Communism was spun-off from Bankster Capitalism, so it would share similar policy results, similar corruption, and similar unsustainability.

You mentioned “‘Jew’ manipulation:” Who do you think sold the Holocaust narrative of MacGyver-esque pesticide “gas chambers” and “Nazi death camps” only found on the USSR’s side of Berlin? The Soviets were helping Zionists convince others of chemical weapon use long before the White Helmets did it.

Zionism = EVIL

Keep in mind that Bolsheviks were mostly Jew cunts who destroyed a stable Orthodox Russia. The USSR was the first country to recognize the Zionist cancer in Palestine, so you have a very valid point.


And that foundational contradiction between Atheist Communism or Atheist “Judaism” versus Orthodox Christianity is a major part of why the USSR was destined to fall. Yes, Z=E, the Soviets had some anti-Zionist actions, but also pro-Zionist ones. Furthermore, the anti-Zionism goes back to before the Soviets. Christian Tsarist Russia ended serfdom and may have been why Khazaria ended.

The Atheists knew about this contradiction, hence why they tried to clamp down on Christians. However, Atheism is “likened unto a foolish man, which built his house upon the sand… it fell,” and so did the Atheist USSR.

Zionism = EVIL

True, the average Russian dating back to the advent of Orthodoxy a millennium ago has suffered like most people at the hands of the so-called opportunist Jew greedy cunts and hence several pograms in Russia and eastern Europe to get rid of these blood soaking parasites and indeed Khazaria was destroyed by Orthodoxy. And hopefully, Russians will wake up again and see how the so-called Jews are plundering Russia’s immense wealth and get rid on this toxic cancer and an existential threat to the Orthodoxy.


Yes, but that has to be done with planning and tact. Hillary is already calling Putin the “new Hitler,” and unless he wants to end up like the “old Hitler,” Russia cannot make the same mistakes in regards to the “chosen people.”

Andrei Moutchkine

I am pretty sure somebody whacked the Khazars before the Christianity already.

Who are the “so-called” Jews for real, according to you? IMHO, was the Jewry a religious / professional community more than a conventional ethnicity. The Askenazim for one, who very well may be the descendants of the Khazars, are about as likely to test for predominantly R1a Y-DNA haplogroup, same as Russians or Polish. This means, they are not even Semites and their ancestors have never been to no Zionist “Promised Land”, but Aryans (means originally came from North India) Hitla would be thrilled to hear that one, methinks :)

Andrei Moutchkine

The Germans are squeamish people, who wouldn’t want to dirty their own hands with the stuff. Hitler hasn’t once personally visited any of his camps. There is also logistics. So, they outsourced the death camps to Poland, where most of their Jewish victums already lived and where willing local help could be found easily. The Reichsbahn charged the Reichskanzlei 3rd class fare for those one-way rides in a cattle car. It’s all documented pretty well, you know?

Most of the “gas vans” (mobile gas chambers) are fake, but not all are. It is not possible to suffocate the passengers with dioxide as official theory goes. This would choke the van’s engine first. Actually doesn’t work even with a stationary engine and farm chickens. See


The ones that were really deadly are the ones that used


coming out of an attached wood gas generator. That stuff is rich in highly toxic monoxide. Wiki says, the Nazis, who were very short on fuel, converted almost a million vehicles to run on wood gas. The Magirus van on the picture from the first article actually is the real variety, only the description of its supposed modus operandi is wrong. The wood gas generator is the large can attached to its back. It is bulky and very easy to recognize, once you know what it is.


So, the big, bad “final solution” was a logistical nightmare, yet the Germans outsourced it to disgruntled Poles who supplemented their shower room “gas chambers” with even more MacGyver-worthy wood gas murder vans…?

This story is brought to us by the authors of “Syria gassed people for no reason.”

Andrei Moutchkine

But not before inventing the Poseidon doomsday torpedo (The Soviet brass originally rejected the thing on humanitarian grounds) 100 megatons blown underground (here, under the sea bed) generates about a scale 9.0 quake. A few are enough to wash most of NATO down the sewer drain, because North Atlantic coastal areas tend to have a negligible elevation over the sea level. The same would not work with US West coast at all, because it is all high cliffs.

Wasapol Thumruksa

Russia should promote their own platform. They already have Rutube owned by Gazprom. The problem is Rutube doesn’t share ads revenue to content creators like Youtube so even Russians are moving to Youtube. Russia need to stop complaining and up their game. The way that they can’t do anything except complaining is pathetic.

Zionism = EVIL

Russia, China, Iran and all Zionist free nations should develop alternate internet protocols as now as the

Lone Ranger

Americants cant handle the Truth.


Youtube and Facebook need serious alternatives

cechas vodobenikov

JFK stated “a government that withholds the truth is afraid of its people” “censorship reflects a society that has no confidence in itself”. Potter Stewart “Americans are are troubled by an overwhelming sense of insecurity….” Geoffrey Gorer It was Tocqueville that 1st observed that individualism produces a “self doubting, conformist, antagonist, anxious people” “any amerikan that has not read Tocqueville is a twerp”. Kurt Vonnegut


“… man may be governed by reason and truth… leave open to him all the avenues to truth.” – President Jefferson


This is an option that SF and the Russian foreign ministry might consider:

– Spotify launches video shows on iPhone and Android –


dan kopfz

Why hasn’t Russia and/or China created a viable alternative to YouTube. If they’re going to censor, block them and replace them.

Andrei Moutchkine

There is RuTube, but it failed to make a dent so far, same as various alternatives in the West, like BitChute.


It is high time the sane world step up and stand up to US bullying. Russia is in their gun-sights and needs to act more firmly.

Trap Is Not Gay

People can’t rely on any technology that comes out from the Israel-farmed USA.

Fortunately, technology has hit its peak as for now and there’s nothing considerably new nor worthy so Jews and their pawns would be able to abuse it again.

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