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Russian Foreign Ministry Denounces Reports That Russian Representatives Took From Syria Remains Of Israeli Spy Executed In Damascus

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Russian Foreign Ministry Denounces Reports That Russian Representatives Took From Syria Remains Of Israeli Spy Executed In Damascus

Eli Cohen in the Syrian capital of Damascus in the 60s. Source: jpost.com

On April 17, the Russian Foreign Ministry released an official statement denouncing Israeli media reports that Russian representatives had departed Syria with a coffin containing the remains of Israel’s most famous spy, Eli Cohen. The Russian ministry described these reports as an example of disinformation.

Cohen operated in Syria under the alias Kamel Amin Thaabet in the period from 1962 to 1965. He established relations with top Syrian political and military officials, and provided information about the Syrian Arab Air Force and military positions on the Golan Heights. the Syrian intelligence managed to uncover Cohen and arrested him on January 24 of 1965 while he was transmitting coded information to Israel. On 18 May 1965, Cohen was publicly hanged in the Marjeh Square in Damascus.

Earlier in April, Israel recovered the remains of Zachary Baumel, a U.S.-born Israeli soldier missing since a 1982 tank battle against the Syrian Arab Army (SAA). Russian and Syrian forces played an important role in the recovery of the remains, according to President Vladimir Putin.

This development most likely became a basis for further rumors about the Israeli-Russian cooperation overe the remains of Cohen.


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Zionism = EVIL

The problem now for the Jew arsekisser Putin is that Russian people have been insulted by the dumb fuck stunt of pandering to long dead Jews and organizing parades for them in the Kremlin, while Russian war dead are buried secretly at night. Putin has had to shut down three websites critical of his Jew pandering and bankrupt Syria policy and the Zionist scum are taking full advantage of Russian bi-polar polices by spreading more lies and undermining Russia in the Arab and Muslim world. The Russian military is not happy and there is a lot of back-peddling going on about the confused Syria stance.The fucking Jews always shoot themselves in the arse and will piss of Russian Slavs and others who are fed up with Jew plunder of Russia and endangering its security. I have a feeling that the faggy bromance of Putin and Nutter Yahoo is coming to an end, thanks to Jew overreach.


Now what does that mean? Even Putin confirmed that this was realized by Russian initiative.
How exactly they delived the body is totally irrelevant. Seems the public reaction and negative PR did reach the Kremlin.. ;)

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