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JUNE 2021

Russian Foreign Ministry Confronts U.K. With 14 Questions On Skripal Case ‘Fabricated Against Russia’

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The Russian Foreign Ministy has confrinted the UK with a list of 14 questions on the so-called Skripal case and demanded to reveal details of the investigation into the nerve-agent poisoning.

Russia’s questions to France regarding the Skripal case fabricated against Russia by the United Kingdom (source):

On March 31, the Embassy of the Russian Federation in Paris delivered to the French Foreign Ministry a note with a list of questions to the French side regarding the Skripal case fabricated against Russia:

1. On what grounds did France become involved in the technical side of the United Kingdom’s investigation of the incident in Salisbury?

2. Has France officially notified the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) of its involvement in the technical side of the investigation of the incident in Salisbury?

3. What evidence did the United Kingdom hand over to France as part of the technical side of the investigation?

4. Were French specialists present when biological samples were collected from Sergey and Yulia Skripal?

5. Did French specialists conduct their own tests of the biological samples collected from Sergey and Yulia Skripal and, if so, at which specific laboratory?

6. Based on which attributes did the French specialists conclude that the chemical warfare agent of the Novichok type (in accordance to British terminology) or its analogues were used in this case?

7. What expert knowledge does France have in studying chemical warfare agents of this type or its analogues?

8. Based on which attributes (markers) was the alleged “Russian origin” of the substance used in Salisbury established by French specialists?

9. Does France have control samples of the Novichok chemical warfare agent (in accordance to British terminology) or its analogues?

10. Have samples of the chemical warfare agent of this type or its analogues been developed in France and, if so, for what purpose?

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Billy Bostickson

Breaking News from MK.RU, they have just published a photograph of Julia Skripal’s future mother-in-law and her husband who have now been formally accused by the Russian FSB of attempted murder of Julia.

She confessed! Seems I was right all along!


She claimed her husband, a retired commander of the chemical warfare battalion, sprayed slow acting “novichok” compound A12018 onto a wreath of plastic flowers which were then sealed and swapped with an original wreath in Julia’s suitcase in Moscow,
comment image

In her defense, she claimed: “I did it for my dear son, so he would not bring shame on the family by marrying the traitor’s daughter”


Link, please?

You can call me Al

It is satire -> a joke. The top picture is the Prime Minister Theresa May and the bottom is Boris Johnson….i.e. the most outspoken vermin we have, accusing Russia.

PS Well I hope it is.


Thank you.

Billy Bostickson


Billy Bostickson

My little April Fool, got ya!


You did! Well done!

You can call me Al

hehehehe – very good.

Billy Bostickson



Ah, they are confronting *France* with those questions, which are technical in nature.

Daniel Martin

Russia should reminde Britain of the following;

”Everyone is entitled to his own opinion, but not to his own facts”

-Daniel Patrick Moynihan

John Mason

Interesting analysis from the Saker which puts the spotlight onto the UK seeking an explanation to their false accusations and statements.


Clinton ordered diplomats to suppress discussions about the ‘Novichok’ book and the ‘Novichok’ agents and to play down the matter should it arise at the OPCW.


Shy Talk

only 10 questions

You can call me Al

The 11th one was deleted, as it started with “Why are the UK now, such a lying bunch of incompetent F-wits” !!



Alexander Hardy

There has been no manhunt for the suspected “killers”; no CCTV
evidence (in one of the most heavily surveilled countries in the
world); and no deaths from an allegedly deadly poison. No one seems
to know how toxic it is, how it was administered, or whether it is a
liquid or a gas at room temperature. Suspicious?
Now, an investigative journalist, Moon of Alabama, has cast more light on
this piece of Western skulduggery. He has unearthed fascinating
information on the “Novichok” nerve agents and how
knowledge of them has been hushed up by the West for many years.
See http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/49116.htm

You can call me Al

“no CCTV evidence” …..in the UK !!….. that alone gives the game away.

Thanks for the link.

Miguel Redondo

To the Mods of Southfront:
The 10 questions you put are those for the FRENCH Foreign Ministry


Meanwhile the 14 questions for the UK Foreign Ministry are this:


1. Why has Russia been denied the right of consular access to the two Russian citizens, who came to harm on British territory?

2. What specific antidotes and in what form were the victims injected with? How did such antidotes come into the possession of British doctors at the scene of the incident?

3. On what grounds was France involved in technical cooperation in the investigation of the incident, in which Russian citizens were injured?

4. Did the UK notify the OPCW (Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons) of France’s involvement in the investigation of the Salisbury incident?

5. What does France have to do with the incident, involving two Russian citizens in the UK?

6. What rules of UK procedural legislation allow for the involvement of a foreign state in an internal investigation?

7. What evidence was handed over to France to be studied and for the investigation to be conducted?

8. Were the French experts present during the sampling of biomaterial from Sergei and Yulia Skripal?

9. Was the study of biomaterials from Sergei and Yulia Skripal conducted by the French experts and, if so, in which specific laboratories?

10. Does the UK have the materials involved in the investigation carried out by France?

11. Have the results of the French investigation been presented to the OPCW Technical Secretariat?

12. Based on what attributes was the alleged “Russian origin” of the substance used in Salisbury established?

13. Does the UK have control samples of the chemical warfare agent, which British representatives refer to as “Novichok”?

14. Have the samples of a chemical warfare agent of the same type as “Novichok” (in accordance to British terminology) or its analogues been developed in the UK?



Theresa May: ‘Argh, actual reality based questions..what to do…what to do… we do not deal in this… we deal in accusatory bluster and rhetoric.’
Boris Johnson: ‘Stick with broken record technique – just repeat our bullshit ad-naseum.’


So it seems UK shared invisible Scripal evidence with unknown French agency that had it analysed in an unspecified lab that may or may not have a clue how CW in general and “Novichok” in particular work and these guys apparently confirmed that a specific mix of organo-phosphates (i.e. common pesticide chems) you can find anywhere and approx. 150 countries can produce, has a “Made in Russia” written all over the molecules, proving without a doubt that the agent is of “Russian origin”… Neah, it doesn’t walk or quack like a false flag at all…


*To better understand British policy toward Russia, watch this:


Take a good look at the picture of Boris the Bollicks (below) and Tereasa the Liar– don’t they really look like son and mum? –scary!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Acko Manah

May and Macron are idiots. They are mad about Syria. But have no idea what is going on and are going by “We are West therefore we are right”. But after the “White Helmet” fiasco nobody is buying it. Not even Trump. Meanwhile Trump has wisely handed over the Obama mess in Syria to Russia. Trump and Putin are smarter than May and Macron and are laughing their heads off.

Real Anti-Racist Action

The French government are and have always been liars. Just like their Saar offensive into indigenous Germanic lands which started the 2nd World War.
They sent in 1,100 pieces of artillery and 40 divisions and over 400 tanks to conquer the indigenous tribal peoples. After months of fighting they were pushed out. But it was to late, the 2nd World War was started.

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