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JUNE 2023

Russian Foreign Ministry: Aleppo to Be Liberated with Assistance of Russian Aerospace Forces

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The Russian Foreign Ministr says Damascus will continue to receive Russian support in the fight against terrorism, and the operation to liberate Aleppo is not an exception.

Russian Foreign Ministry: Aleppo to Be Liberated with Assistance of Russian Aerospace Forces

Photo: Russian Defense Ministry

Russia will continue to support Damascus in the fight against terrorism, and the operation to liberate Aleppo is not an exception, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister and the President’s Special Representative for the Middle East and Africa, Mikhail Bogdanov, said. The Deputy Minister stressed that the main goal of Russian actions in Syria is the fight against international terrorism.

“We are talking not about the area, but about goals,” Bogdanov said, answering a question about the support of the Syrian forces in the eastern districts of Aleppo. “The goal is to fight against terrorism. We certainly will support [them] in the fight against terrorists.”

The Russian President’s Special Representative for the Middle East also noted the need for increased humanitarian aid to Aleppo. “The delivery of aid is ongoing all the time, it is just necessary to strengthen this support.”

After failure of the attempt to establish a ceasefire in Syrian city of Aleppo, various parts of which are occupied by the government forces, as well as by the ‘moderate’ opposition and terrorist groups, fights broke out with renewed intensity. Under these conditions, representatives of the UN insist on ensuring unimpeded access to the city for humanitarian cargos.

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Tom Johnson

Iskander 100% effective against water pumps.


Radical islamists are not humans. So they do not deserve humanitarian aid.

Suyanto Ng

Russian is too dumb to believe that Syria will be peace side by side with US of A, all negotiation and ceasefire nothing more than space for more escalation.

Sergio Gonzalez

Russia is and has been playing dumb for a while now. But it allows for a benefit: exposing the USA in the middle of a dirty game. That’s why they even agreed to a reach a deal with the US in geneva. Because they knew the US would break said deal and everyone would find out about it.

George King

Russia learned about fighting western sponsored terrorism by duped Jihadist proxies in Chechnya’s baptism of fire. Russia’s resolve is summed up by Putin’s “better to kill them there than here”.

Although a very blunt statement it needs no explanation to those who follow world events not MSM.

Peter Jennings

President Putin and the Russian armed forces have a great opportunity to learn from the long suffering Syrian people of the new fake jihadi tactics being used in Syria before this scum are unleashed on Russia. Iran and China are also doing the same because they all know that they are on the same PNAC shopping list.

Brad Isherwood


SVP 24 Targeting System

Russia TAC air has been impressive in Syria since 2015. As newer Gen aircraft increase in Russian Arsenal….it’s possible the Su 24m’s serving in Syria May be passed on to the Syrian Airforce in the future. Syria has 12- 20 Upgraded Mig 29s….with a batch of 12 Mig 29M/M2 under contract. The YAK 130 contract provides a quality COIN aircraft and trainer for Gen 4+ Russian Aircraft. Russia may have a chip in the game as to what other combat aircraft Syria will recieve in The future. ….along with Air defence.

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