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JULY 2020

Russian Forces Uncover Weapons Cache In Syria’s Homs Province


Russian Forces Uncover Weapons Cache In Syria’s Homs Province

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Russian forces have uncovered a weapons cache in the village of Umm-Sharshuh in the Syrian  province of Homs, Major General Alexei Tsygankov, the chief of the Russian center for reconciliation of conflicting sides in Syria, said in a statement on June 12.

“Thanks to intelligence obtained by the Syrian security agencies, an ammo cache was recovered in eastern part of the populated locality of Umm-Sharshuh. An anti-tank guided missile, three reactive shaped charge mines, 52 hand anti-tank grenade launchers and over 8,500 pieces of ammunition were handed to the government forces,” the state-run news agency TASS quoted Major General Tsygankov as saying.

The Russian representative added that at least 35 mines and 21 improvised explosive devices were found in the east of Kafer-Laha, Homs province..

In the town of Douma in the Damascus region of Eastern Ghouta, Syrian field engineers trained by Russian specialists had searched 20 buildings and had destroyed three mines, four shells and 17 improvised explosive devices.

On June 13, the Russian military said in a statement that the center for reconciliation had carried out 1,835 humanitarian actions, with a total weight of aid cargo delivered – 2,641.56 tons. In total, 83,286 people have received medical aid, according to the statement.



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  • Stephen

    Well done.

  • Ronald

    Looks like the US tax payers are arming the Syrian army as well as Al Qaeda.

    • gustavo

      Yes, SAA-Russia forces have gotten a lot of weapons left by terrorists. Terrorists did not care about that since these weapons were free.

  • …. America doesn’t care who it sells its weapons to – as long as they get their bucks.