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Russian Forces Trained 600 Syrian Troops In Latakia Training Center Over Last Month


Russian Forces Trained 600 Syrian Troops In Latakia Training Center Over Last Month

REUTERS/Khalil Ashawi

Russian forces have trained 600 Syrian troops in a training center in the province of Latakia over the last month, the Russian state media reports citing an anonymous Russian military adviser.

The troops passed a course of intense training and already deployed on frontlines with terrorists, according to the report.

One of the key goals of the Russian assist and advise mission in Syria is to traing and manage various government military units operating across the Syria. Considering the current situation in the country, the Russians do their job well.

More about (the video was originally released on February 27, 2016):



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  • Rob

    Syria needs 600,000 well trained strong active military force along with 600,000 well trained strong reserve military forces for their national defense.

    • Jens Holm

      And who should attack them ? What a waste. If anything in that seize is needed, its building constructors or sekular teachers.

      • Dawn of Svarog

        you would make an excellent military adviser.. i suggest you look for carrier in US military :)

        • dutchnational

          His advice is an excellent one for a destroyed country such as Syria.

          On top of that, the IDF can muster, once fully mobilised, over a milion soldiers, has first rate weapon systems, unlike Syria, while SAA cannot even regrow the SAA to top 100k, even during a civil war.

          So this is all nonsense ranting and serves no purpose at all.

          • Alex

            Israeli army is good for fighting women, children and elderly, well armed and trained arab army would make them look like schoolgirls. He’s right, Syria should have a strong military so that their neighbours won’t be too tempted to mess with them, when netherland got the tendency to bend over and serve their invaders, other countries would like to protect themselves. Because of your geo-location and servant attitude, you’ve got the privilege to suck dick for protection, other countries prefer something else.

          • dutchnational

            What is it with so many ass-addophyles?

            Sexually frustrated?

          • Alex

            Probably if i would be living in the netherlands, i would be, you seam to have all kind of ass action and not that much pussy over there.

          • Jens Holm

            Israel protect themselves well.

            Your arab my here and there is not possible for Syria as long the people there are not reformed in their heads. You have a dictator group learning the rest to behave like sheep.

            As long as You have that, You cant make any modern army and only effort few specialforces in stead.

        • Alex

          A big metal coffin :) Good for fighting taliban and not so much for a real war :)

          • FlorianGeyer

            I think Dawn of Song meant to use the word ‘career ‘ Alex. It would make more contextual sense I think :)

        • Rob

          For the last 30 years America along with their allies NATO cannot win from Afghani Taliban instead of spending trillion of US dollars.

        • Jens Holm

          US dont listen much. They have made a high tech miliary complex saving many american(and Nato/coalition) lives.

          Since at least WW2, there has bee a gab between the miliataries and the politicians. By that military independency they create a mainly very effective fighting.

          The problems are, that those often dont make political solutions, which make what they (and others wish/want). Something isnt. well enough.

          Unfortunatly not even Arnold could be President over there, but I see the problems are a more realistic knowledge level in the political hemisphere.

          I see US are making too many mistakes as it is now.

      • Barba_Papa

        Who would attack them? That neighbor that has been occupying part of its territory since 1967?

        But you’re right that in the immediate aftermath of this war Syria needs building constructors and teachers more. If only because you cannot create a strong army if you country lies in ruins.

        • Jens Holm

          I can only that Syria needs and army bigger then the one Israel have.

          Here its a matter of quality. I have allowed me to compare SAA with others so many times. Too many elementary things are bad and stay bad, because of raise, culture vand religion.

          Thats the same for so many things in Syria, Irag. There are so many things, You dont learn about handling things effective.

          The SAA will loose to Israel anytime because it is the same as in the cold war and 1967. More clever soldiers well armed are the solution.

          Its exact the same for the structure of much of the rest.

      • FlorianGeyer

        Israel would like to further attack Syria along with all other US coalition ‘partners’ and their Terrorist foreign legions Jens.

        • Jens Holm

          Most of those reasons could be removed, if Syria and others would like to. You dont. We see it here every goven hatespeach after hatespeach and proclaiming total unrealism.

          I cant see Israel from its oppinion should accept missile attack after missile atatack by people, which openly claimes they should be there or being in a low quality state at least 100 years ago and being treated as a minority as in the arbic countries before.

          I see exact the same for 1/2 Golan from where You can see half of the Northern Isarael of today as visible artillery targets.

          If Syria was really Great and insist in any Greatness being Syrians old maps say, that the arabs pf Phalestine was and are Phalestines as well. So a good solution could be most of the refugees replaced the 450.000 dead ones in Syria today and Syria itself gave SDF the local indpendecy, they ask and fight for.

          If Syrians by Damaskus cant even do that to SDF how can anybody else like Israel trust anything for Syria allowing Hesbollah and iran to do anything they wish – even Russia dont like it.

          I see no change in politics there. Its the usual heat sometimes warm and sometimes boiling.

          If any has escalted there its Hesbollah and someone putting up an advanced missile air defence.

          We see the same here in Denmark. Russians are deplying big missiles at Kaliningrad inside Nato so to speak. Our reaction is to defend ourselves more in the short range. By that we have so far has ordered 4 x 20 Scud missile batteries and some smaller missiles will be soon be added to them. Swedes are in the same proces but have not decided how many Scuds.

          Russians has blamed US they escalate in Eastern Europe according to the Baltic states. Thats true, but the truth is from 30.000 to 50.000. Not so many years ago there was 300.000 american soldiers here.

          Danes and others has very small defences after Sovjet collapsed, but now we add them in 0,5%. Thats not much compared to USA has drawn back and we are low. You can see it at the Russian commerciels: Those are the ones, which show new weapons all the time.

          Dont blame people being agressive because they are defending themselves.

          I see the kurdish problematics in the same way. You seemes to prefare them unarmed, so You for free can do anything You want with them. Have being unarmed as Kurds been any succes. I dont see that at all.

          4 countries has done everything to keep them down and talk them down in living standard eyebrowes, communism, being barbarian lower then beduins and like that.

          The nationalism cant run anything in peace as long as You deny to change attitudes in vital things.

      • gustavo

        How can anybody could ask such thing after seen how Israel-USA-NATO ,with the help of Qatar, Saudis, Jordan and Turkey, have destroyed Syria using their terrorists ? Please, just use your brain.

        • Jens Holm

          I often divide things up. You seemes not to be able to. You might be mixted into whats here named as political Islam and by that forget that kind of strong side also make Your oppinions thin and mixted up.

          Here its my military oppinion. Many soldiers dont solve much as long as they are of low quality. unless they are spendables. Even that isnt enough defeating Your enemy.

          So Your military units should solve, what they are supposed to, and my oppinions are so to speak to compare any conflicts and not to fx USA & Israel.

          And I allow me to add once again, that USA is not alone at all but in a big alliance and not only in Syria. You forget or deny that facts all the time.

          You also forget, that the helpers of Syria disagree a lot and have wishes for themselves.

          My own personel oppinion is that Assads systematicly has made the destruction of Syria killing all opposition in stead of a normal procedure handling things by needed reforms. In stead of more Unity they have made contrast and a perfect forum for good reasons for people outside to mingle.

    • Samuel Boas

      They simply don’t have the amount of people they need.

    • Man Dagang

      Sunni muslim will bring 1 million army to erase assadites, iranians & russians for good then will do them in iraq

      • Rob

        Israeli disinformation..

      • Rüdiger Preiss

        You can bring 10 million it won’t help :). Without brain you don’t win. Simples ;)

  • Barba_Papa

    That picture is so indicative of some of the armies in that region. Soldiers in uniform, wearing sports sneakers instead of army boots. Or actually good army boots.

    When I was in Egypt in the 90’s I had Egyptian soldiers look envious at my Dutch army surplus boots. Some even offered to buy them. Considering that theirs looked like they were made out of cardboard I could understand the sentiment.

    • dutchnational

      One can still buy those surplus boots in specialised shops. Maybe some of the syrian refugees can buy them up and export/sell them to the SAA.

      • Alex

        The syrian refugees should strip europe for what it has done to their country

        • dutchnational

          They already do.

          • Alex

            oh that’s just flowers and honey compared to what is happening in ME

          • Jens Holm

            We know parts are only spedable flowers with no roots. Why even give the water. Many says so.

            Im more we should arm all of them and send them back to the ones, they support or make their own country for the peaceful parts of the Syrians,whoich seemes to be the biggest majority.

        • Jens Holm

          They already to. We dont just give them a tent and some bread. Danish extra are 6,5 billion dollars, but we also feed the main part of Syrian by United Nations and EU has many helpprograms as well as fighting ISIS at several expensive fronts

          Obvios You are not able to or allowed to see those facts.

          You also forget that Syrians are only the last ones of many during may years and muslim refugees mainly dont fit in and 50% are with no jobs. Even those were better, we have no jobs but own unimplyment.

          And Yes Alex more and more people here see the many incommers as robbers and not as refugees. They look more and more like that.

          When I write Your country systems in so many matters are low and behind us, You blame us for being more advanced in several things. And You are a voice of that.

          Why should we feed most of the incommers at all. Those are Yours prefaring not to be in Your eternal fightings prefaring to live among sucular cristians being poor with no jobs.

          Above that we see too many trying to put Your worst parts and the reason for they come here into ours.

          Those people and those like You should have no help. Why spend anything produced by school, hard work, skills and paid pr hours to anyone like you.

          Its right here.I just read some here would have 500.000 soldiers to defeat Israel. Some would use SAA troops and as soon as possible to defeat SDF.

          So who do we support by taking and feeding 8-10 mio. refugees and the 450.000 dead in Syria.

          • Alex

            hahaha, blame you for being more advanced, lol, no, i blame you for messing up the world, you save a couple of thousands but kill many more and destroy a lot, obviously if your govmnts. wouldn’t interefere in other country affairs, the common people of your country wouldn’t have to deal with refugees, funny though that all of them go to europe when your “allies”, SA, Israel and usa are doing the most damage there, now they oo take a couple refugges in but after a screening, like people with higher degree of education and stuff.

            For europe it was something like , you will get cheap oil in exchange for refugees, israel gets a bigger buffer from iran, saa same, etc etc

      • Barba_Papa

        Maybe we should go into business and do it ourselves? ;)