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Russian Forces To Reopen M4 Highway In Northeast Syria Within Few Days – Report

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The M4 highway in northeast Syria will be reopened on May 25, the RT TV reported on May 23 citing a Russian military source in the region.

“There will be daily Russian patrols, except on Friday, to track the movement on the road and prevent any military provocations on it,” the source told the Russian network.

The highway, which links al-Hasakah with Raqqa and Aleppo, was blocked last year when the Turkish military and its proxies invaded the northeastern region. Turkish-backed militants are currently in control of 80 km of the highway.

According to RT’s source, Russian forces will coordinate their efforts with the local administration in the town of Tell Tamr in northern al-Hasakah to keep the highway open. All forces will be prevented from reaching the highway.

The Ministry of Defense of Russia has not commented on the RT report yet. However, some Kurdish sources confirmed that the highway will be reopened on May 25.

In October of 2019, Russia and Turkey reached an agreement on the ceasefire in northeast Syria. Kurdish forces were pushed at least 30 km away from Turkish border, while the Russian Military Police and the Syrian military were deployed south of the M4.

Russian Forces To Reopen M4 Highway In Northeast Syria Within Few Days – Report

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The reopening of the M4 in northeast Syria will be major achievement. Nevertheless, a long section of the highway in the northwestern Greater Idlib region is still closed. Russia and Turkey reached an agreement to open that section earlier this year. However, it is yet to be implemented.


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Yes, it will be open for terrorists since any SAA member would shot immediately.


Great, the Syrian government coalition his expanding it’s control in NE Syria. Congratulations!

Willing Conscience (The Truths

And who’s going to use this reopened highway, not anyone with any brains. The terrorists control all the northern side of the highway right up to within 1 or 2 km of the highway itself, so that’s within sniper distance, and not to mention the roadside bombs they’ll be planting by the roads when no ones patrolling them. So this will become the highway to hell when it’s reopened and no one will want to use it. The terrorists haven’t stopped attacking the Kurds here yet despite a ceasefire being in place, so asking them to stop attacking the Kurds after the highway is reopened will be a task all in itself, good luck Russia, you’re going to need it.

Lone Ranger

CIA trolls and hasbarats will cry and rage ;)


The map is not correct. Only a small part of the highway in the NE is in control of the rats.


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