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Russian Forces To Establish Four New Positions In Syria’s Al-Hasakah (Video)

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Russian forces are planning to establish four new positions in the northeastern Syrian governorate of al-Haskah, the North Press Agency (NPA) reported on April 10.

A source in the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) told the agency that Russian forces visited their positions on the frontline with Turkish forces near the town of Tell Tamr. These forces raised Russian flags in the areas, where several units will be deployed later.

“The mission of these [Russian] positions is to limit the shelling of the Turkish military and armed opposition factions on our positions and populated villages,” the source said.

The new positions will be reportedly located near the towns of al-Abush and Umm Kayf in the countryside of Tell Tamr and in the towns of Abu Rasin and Zrkan in northeast al-Hasakah.

In the last few weeks, the Turkish military and is proxies intensified their artillery strikes on northeast Syria, killing several fighters of the Kurdish Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) and even a few SAA service members.

The establishment of new Russian positions in al-Hasakah will likely put an end to Turkey’s hostile actions, which endangered the ceasefire regime in northeast Syria.


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Lone Ranger

Russia is gaining, Turkisis is draining ;)

Jacob Wohl

Russkies should just give up already, they are surrounded by NATO Turkey and the USA on all sides in Northeastern Syria. The US calls the shots there, blocks their patrols, tells them where and where they cannot go. Not to mention, US Airforce is just a short moments away in Jordan and Iraq, capable of scrambling AH-64 attack helicopters or F-15’s within a moments notice. Meanwhile Russkies have 1 malfunctioning, tiny airbase with less than 10 planes. NO MATCH, period.

Jacob Wohl

Russkie soldiers beaten up by US Delta Force/US Marine special forces, sent to local hospital in Kurdish areas of northeast syria https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vfAhVe6WAMo

Lone Ranger

More fake news from hasbarat HQ.

Jacob Wohl's Nose

LOL this never happened, the SOHR made this up and locals who witnessed the confrontation (argument) said no fist fight ever happened. It’s another fake news story, just like israel destroying 50% of the Syrian AirDefense. But do dream on.

P.S, this defense updates fatass is notorious for spewing non-stop anti-russian, pro-israel propaganda on youtube.

Lone Ranger

If you missed it SAA and Russia won.
Better luck next time Shlomo…

Jacob Wohl

Won? Where and in what universe? Turkey ANNIHILATED the regime with drones in Idlib, up to 200 tanks destroyed and 5000 soldiers eliminated. Russkies were scared to shoot down a single drone, instead watched in horror as their ally was decimated before them.

Lone Ranger

Fake news.
SAA losses were minimal.
Turkisis lost hundreds of soldiers and 23 heavy drones.
SAA took back a big chunk of Idlib.
Erdogollum went to Moscow again..
And presented his unconditional surrender.
Clean up operations ongoing.

Jacob Wohl

Yeah the regime achieved more MINIMAL ground advancements at the expense of over 5,000 troops and hundreds of pieces of armor/tanks, air defenses, etc.

Lone Ranger

According to isis news…

Lone Ranger

That minimal ground achievement was basically half of Idlib.

Jacob Wohl's Nose

Next half of Idlib is loading ????
SAA is preparing. My guess is M4 offensive resumes June or July, maybe even August like last year.

Jacob Wohl's Nose

Hey Rocket Nose, I examined the 20 minute video Turks released showing ALL their drone strikes against SAA and confirmed that 60-70 Syrian soldiers lost their lives upon missile impact with an unconfirmed estimated maximum of 115 total, NOT anywhere near 5000 like you and dumbass islamists + turks claim.

I also confirmed these SAA equipment losses investigating the Turkish videos (no where near hundreds like your dumbass claims)
-8 2s1 gvozdika destroyed/ 3 damaged
-5 T-55 destroyed/ 1 damaged
-1 T-72 destryoed/ 5 damaged
-2 T-62 destroyed
-3 technicals destroyed
-4 trucks destroyed
-2 shilka destroyed
-7 BM-21 grad launchers destroyed
-2 Pantsir desroyed (1 possibly CGI made)

Again, NOT hundreds of tanks or 5000 troops as you and turks like to exaggerate. Turkey’s OWN Videos show about 30 vehicles destroyed and less than 115 Syrian troops that died. So again, nothing but shit coming from your mouth and ErDOG fans as usual.


Hi little soap bar.

Lone Ranger

What kind of retarded jew is rooting for wahabinazi terrorists?

Jacob Wohl

It’s the truth, Turkey released an entire 20 minute video documenting each and every one of their drone strikes. At least 300 Syrian tanks and 10 air defense pieces on video pulverized, and another 5,000 regime troops. In just barely 72 hours!

Lone Ranger

Most of those were proven to be bad quality CGI.
They went even sofar to post videos from Fallout 76 and COD lol.

Jacob Wohl's Nose

The “5000 claim” turks made is grossly exaggerated. I evaluated a 20 minute clip of ALL reported turkish drone strikes against SAA in Idlib from late Feb to March 6th against infantry, tanks and confirmed that sadly 70 Syrian soldiers most likely died, while an estimated max of 115 died (could not confirm). SOHR reported 150-190 but this is also exaggerated and does not reflect the videos released which I examined thoroughly, considering the Turks said those videos showed all their strikes.

Jacob Wohl's Nose

jacob trohll, that’s who lol

Séamus Ó Néill

Every Jew, they just love death and destruction…especially the head-chopping type !

Lone Ranger

How are your stocks are doing?
Did you have to take a second job now as a hasbarat?
Oy vey…

Jacob Wohl

Shut the hell up, antisemite. Hasbara jokes are old and typical tropes of internet nazis like yourself. My stocks are doing just fine, thank you. My hedge fund does not require a super positive market environment to be successful. It’s just fine the way it is, but it will be getting better since the DOW is going way up now :-D

Lone Ranger

Yeah Im sure its doing good with $12trillion lost in a month :_)
Worst stockmarket crash in history.
Im not an antisemite I only hate ziorats.
Zionist are for jews what nazis are to Europeans.
Hasbarats are real by the way.
And you are probably one of them, a little extra bonus in hard times…

Séamus Ó Néill

The old anti-semite card again, this and the old holohoax has had its day…nobody listens to this infantile rubbish anymore !

Jacob Wohl's Nose

Nice paragraph of retardation, Rocket Nose. Russian Airforce has attack helicopter bases in at least 4 different locations spread throughout Syria, not just their airbase. And each Russian patrols in east euphrates are usually always escorted by at least 2-3 attack helicopters such as Mi-8Mtsh, Mi-24 or Mi-28. Not to mention SU-35’s are usually in the area flying CAP.

And if needed, they’ve got extra SU-27SKM and SU-34 multirole fighters at Hmeimim Airbase if needed. So don’t talk about shit you know nothing about.

Wayne Nicholson

Wow! The USA is AWESOME in their AWESOMNESS. Big, muscular corn fed motherfuckers with a row of pearly white teeth. US weapons are just awesomely awesome …. yet when I look at a map of Syria today compared to 2015 the ground that Russia / SAA control has grown and the ground the USA controls is shrinking. Why’s that?

In 2015 the US coalition ruled the skies in Syria ….. today they have to ask Russian permission to overfly western Syria.

And if the USA is so AWESOME how come the only way they can supply their forces in western Syria is by air drop ….. that doesn’t sound like a force in a dominant position to me.

“What about that time when 10 Russkie soldiers got their rears kicked in a fist fight with US Special Forces, and got sent to the hospital?”

Perhaps if you would show some evidence that this event actually happened someone might respond to your question.

Jacob Wohl's Nose

His evidence is a unfounded claim from SOHR fatass syrian dissident living in the UK, and his favorite “defense updates” youtube channel ran by a fatass zionist


Oh, you again.


I blame the folk who ever pay attention to you, total waste of existence

Willing Conscience (The Truths

You Turkish trolls pretending to be Zionist Jews are doing a really good job, I’ve wrongfully been criticizing you and all your Turkish friends for being too obvious and claiming you were all too stupid and inept to fool anyone, but I was wrong, you and all the other Turkish trolls have fooled nearly everyone on SF, isn’t that a surprise for me, and a shocking revelation.

Jacob Wohl and Azriel Herskowitz [and a couple of others] aren’t really Jewish at all, so don’t be fooled by them, they’re really Turkish trolls, and they work for Erdogan and receive Turkish paychecks.

Full Jewish sounding names,
Jewish looking avatars,
LOL, Jews hey, I’m more Jewish than they are and I haven’t got a drop of Jewish blood in me, Jacob and Azriel Jews, LOL LOL LOL.

They say the same thing over and over again,

the Russians are crap and the US could beat them easily,
Assad’s a butcher and the opposition forces just want freedom,
And the nasty Jews can do whatever they want whenever they want to whoever they want to and no one can stop them,

They say the same thing over and over again in every comment so they can earn their Turkish paychecks, SO STOP RESPONDING TO THEM, don’t give Erdogan a reason to keep paying them, or better still do what I do and call them out for being Turkish trolls, BECAUSE THAT’S EXACTLY WHAT THEY REALLY ARE.


10planes is all that Russia needs to kick your arse, period!

Séamus Ó Néill

I really detest drugs and what they do to the mind, especially to people of limited intelligence….as obvious in your post !

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