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Russian Forces Shot Down Two UAVs Near Hmeimim Airbase

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On July 27, Russian air defense systems in Hmeimim airbase, in the western governorate of Lattakia, shot down at least two armed unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) which attempted to bomb the airbase, according to local sources.

Russian forces usually use the Pantsir-S1 medium-range surface-to-air missile systems to intercept such UAVs. The Russian-made system has shot down dozens of armed UAVs since the beginning of this year.

Russian Forces Shot Down Two UAVs Near Hmeimim Airbase

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Last week, the head of the Russian reconciliation center, Major General Alexei Tsygankov, revealed that these UAVs are usually launched from the militants-held areas in Idlib and Lattakia. Maj. Gen. Tsygankov even warned that these UAV attacks will force the Syrain Arab Army (SAA) to “take appropriate measures.”

The group responsible for these UAV attacks on Hmeimim airbase remains unknown. Local observers believe that radical members of Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham (HTS) or the Free Syrian Army (FSA) are behind it.

Dozens of armed UAVs have attempted to bomb Hmeimim airbase since the beginning of July, in what appears to be an attempt to deter the Russian Aerospace Forces and to propel a MSM propaganda campaign against the Russian military operation in the country.

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New Israel is Muslim

Are they going to blame the Ukraine again because one screw was made in the Ukraine or something that miniscule. Or will they really find out if it was ordered by the Pentagon and force Putin to be on the side of Assad in selling him some S-400s in protest.


In your case you deserve de announce: blocked.


Sooner or later Russia will have to retaliate. I’m sure somebody knows where the Americans who are launching these things are located, just carpet bomb the area.

New Israel is Muslim

pssst. can you keep a secret. don’t tell everyone here, but Putin is zionist and meets with Netanyahu. Putin is also buddies with the chief rabbi of Russia, a Chabad rabbi. And the jews run Washington. So Russia and jewamerica won’t be getting into any conflicts. Both are happy killing Muslims in their own way.

John Whitehot

says the number one zionist of the entire board.

New Israel is Muslim


Netanyahu, Putin, attend victory parade together.



Trump supporters: “But the Putin that exists in my mind, hates zionists and jews, and would meet and honor Netanyahu like a mother would meet and honor the murder of her child, she obviously scheming and plotting against him. Like when Trump was bombing Assad, Putin too is playing 1D Chess. It is amazing to watch Putin not give Assad S-300s. And sanctioning Iran, and keeping Iran from getting nukes. He really is fooling those jews by doing everything the jew wants him to do. Someday, Putin will do everything the jew wants him to do and fool the world. Putin would up it to 2D Chess then.”


Shut up Jew !

John Whitehot


yeah, leaders of countries meet and talk, especially during times of crisis.

how does that mean anything different than what it has meant for the last couple thousands of years must be something so obtuse and asinine that only intellectually damaged – or corrupt – people may manage to understand.

lene johansen

shut up dirty jew


Many Jews live in Russia, many Russians(Jews) live in Israel. In most countries Jews are just normal people.

Your hatred comes from the situation in the USA/UK/France, where Jews rule, and Christians serve. You sold your freedom for a burger fries and a coke, you didn’t have to sell your soul, it was your choice.


Last night on an ET/ED contact op my Bronco ll stalled as I was trying to get turned around about 8 miles from the pavement on my way to the mountaintop LZ 15 miles from the pavement as I was exploring some side roads. The starter wouldn’t turn the engine over to get it started again. And I had to use a winch and chain to finish getting it turned around and pointed down hill so that I could get a rolling start with the standard transmission.

Whether it was ET related I don’t know. But I changed the starter solenoid on the fender well and am changing the starter today once the engine cools down from making the parts run. So that I can go back up there tonight. I just changed it last year, but it appears to be damaged.

On the way out last night an owl landed on the road in front of me once I reached the pavement and then took off again. There is a nexus between ETs/EDs and owls for some reason. Last summer during the close encounter with the Big Foots there was an owl involved.

I’m going to bring the Remington 7400 semi auto .30-06 tonight loaded with black tip armor piercing ammunition in case I need it. My goal is contact with positive ETs, but not all ETs are positive. I don’t want to get in a conflict with ones that aren’t. But I want to be prepared in case I need to defend myself. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/0773e3fe42f8f5c98a503616d7ca675475bcceb658df9045ede629b48bb3b971.jpg .


If I couldn’t have gotten the truck started. I’ve started bringing my mountain cargo bike with me for additional transportation in case I need it. Which I’ll be upgrading to a 250 enduro that’s in storage awaiting assembly. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/672e33e54afd717bc1277d37a809722a11dc411376b13f377d11d420c3f062a5.jpg


This is the detachable magazine .30-06 that I’ll be bringing as a truck gun on tonight’s op loaded with armor piercing ammunition to provide some large dangerous game and antiaircraft capability. It’s up graded with a quick release sling and 200 meter beam light. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/6222babdfd77387c1eb00192501b7d18a6dcceb3fb25fda3cba73a59a1d9f7f3.jpg

Brother Ma

I know nothing about weapons. Sutely your rifle can not bring down aircraft who fly at or across you at high speed? At most maybe a hovering helicopter ? How close would you have to be to bring such a helo down? Wouldn’t they see you quickly so you would have to bring it down on the first shot or you would be toast?


Don’t worry, I’m sure the Authorities are watching what you and your mate post very carefully, and if they don’t then their NOT doing their job.

Brother Ma

Couldn’t care less. What , you and the authorities run out of isis /White Helmets and fake syrian armies to save and hide?


When you threaten to shoot at civilian aircraft, you should be very worried.


If you have to shoot at anything, it’s a cause for concern. Which is why gun cameras are a good thing to have for after action analysis.

Brother Ma

Who said anything about civilian aircraft? Also if you want to talk about bringing down civilian aircraft maybe you should talk to the Captain of USN Vincennes,right? He was an expert at that.


Yes, they read what I write. They’re interested in truth and progress.


Armor piercing .30-06 ammunition will penetrate up to 1 inch of steel at close range. Helicopters are probably not going to be a problem. I’m more concerned about ships, probes and lifeforms from outerspace or another dimension that may be hostile. They hover at close range or land during abductions and are reportedly vulnerable to ground fire if their shields are down, if they even have them. A power plant hit could be a problem for them if they start taking incoming fire. An on target mag dump damaging the exterior hull probably isn’t a good thing for a ship designed to operate outside the atmosphere.

I may die or get injured again in the process. The left side of my face is permanently scarred from a previous beam weapon shooting. Those are the risks that you take doing this type of work. I’m not interested in provoking hostilities. But if the circumstances warrant them. I want to be equipped with effective kinetic energy weapons to defend myself or others on an as needed basis.

Brother Ma

Thanks for the info Richard. It will be of help when the invaders come .


They’re here now in small numbers and always have been here. The esoteric axiom of as above so below has a lot of truth to it. The primary challenge is the paradigm altering technology and the individual and societal maturity required to use it responsibly. There are positive ETs/EDs watching the planet that make sure that the negative ones don’t get carried away until we can handle them ourselves.


“We have core penetration through 1/2″ HR mild steel plate, through a good solid 2×6, and stuck into another HR mild steel plate. Bullets pulled from WW2 corrosive 30 M2 ammo and reloaded over 48 gr of IMR 4064. Range 50 yards.”

– 30 M2 armor piercing ammo test –




The .30-06 was originally designed for anti aircraft applications. Shoulder fired it can be effective anti aircraft weapon depending on the target:

“With assistance from firearms engineers at Fabrique Nationale de Herstal,[7] Belgium, the Model 1919 was completely re-engineered into the .30 caliber M2 AN (Army-Navy) aircraft machine gun.”

– M1919 Browning machine gun –



This is a Remington 7400 .30-06 set up for tactical work with aftermarket accessories, including 10 round magazines. Something like this loaded with armor piercing ammunition is capable of damaging or even taking down aircraft:


John Whitehot

“There is a nexus between ETs/EDs and owls for some reason”

It’s a theme that comes from certain secret zionist societies in the US.

I love owls and respect them like all the other creatures.

Pls don’t hurt them if you come in contact with any of them, they are wonderful animals.


Could be your throw out bearing is sticking You should carry a hammer to smack your starter motor at base section. And for God’s sake , do not use your Remington !


I put a new starter in it, and it worked for a little while but is doing the same thing again. When I returned the core they bench tested it and was ok. So it may be a voltage drop issue not providing enough juice to operate the solenoid in the starter that extends the pinon gear to engage the ring gear on the fly wheel. There are two solenoids. One on the fender well that closes the circuit to send high amp electricity to the starter. And one on the starter that once it receives the electricity from the first solenoid extends the pinion gear as the starter begins to spin. I may just take it in to a shop and have them finish it now that the main parts have been replaced. It may be a bad ground or relay further up the system. It is a 30 year old truck.

I only spent 4.5 hours on site at the LZ. It was the first contact op where I set up a base camp with a chair, table, tent and two CampGuard lanterns. The defective one was returned from the original 3 that I bought and an additional one ordered. So I’ll 4 total when they arrive.

I got to the mountaintop at 1:30 am, spent an hour setting up camp. And read the Talmud Jmmanuel by Billy Meier till 4:00 am. The lanterns didn’t go off while I was up reading. When I went to bed I was woken up at 4:30 am from a deep sleep when the one nearest the trail head that goes deeper into the wilderness down the other side of the mountain from the road leading up to the top went off. It was slow getting out of the single person 30 inch high pup tent. I won’t use that for base camp work again. I didn’t see or hear anything and went back to bed.

I was woken up again at 5:00 am when the same lantern went off again. I decided t break camp and go back to the motel. On the way out about 1.5 miles from the LZ, a black bear ran out in front of the Bronco ll about 50 feet in front of me, ran down the road about 50 feet and ran back into the woods. So there may have been a large animal that approached the base camp once I went to bed and was scarred off by the security lantern.

I looked at a 11’8″ x 11’8″ footprint x 7’8″ interior height teepee tent and Coleman folding cot bed with spring suspension and mattress that I set up on the floor at Walmart and tested and it’s excellent, almost the same as a regular bed. I’m going to buy those for the next op so that I can roll out of bed and get on my feet quickly if I need to. With the smaller tents you’re basically trapped in them while you’re trying to get out of them.

They have wireless trail and security cameras that are motion activated that connect to your smart phone or tablet directly without an internet connection. So that you can see what the cameras are picking up on your phone from inside the tent.

I never got the .30-06 out of the case and left it in the back of the truck. I did deploy the 9mm and .40 S&W folding carbine that both have lights and lasers and are well suited for immediate base camp security, particularly and night. As well as the .32 which is usually in my pants or jacket pocket. The 06 was for ships or something particularly dangerous on the ground.


>>Dozens of armed UAVs have attempted to bomb Hmeimim airbase since the beginning of July, in what appears to be an attempt to deter the Russian Aerospace Forces and to propel a MSM propaganda campaign against the Russian military operation in the country.<<

Russians have been targeted in Syria with far worse. Even generals have been murdered and that didn't stop the Russian campaign. And why would a few homemade UAV's cause a bigger MSM propaganda campaign then Russia's regular air strikes? Anyone remember the stink the Russians got over East Aleppo?


I know about one russian general killed. Do you know any more?

Jim Prendergast

It is possible that some comments may be posted to bring discredit to the publication. People do strange things to exert their power.


Don’t worry, the unities that were fighting in south Syria are already moving to Latakia and Idlib. The last takfiris traveling to the Idlib ‘paradise’, from south Syria, have the nice company of the SAA military columns, what must be a great and wonderful life’s experience for them.


Practice for Russian troops is necessary even good. They gain the experience for true war situations that might come in the future….


It is my hope that Russia teaches these sub-human that are doing this the ultimate lesson because it seems like they are the people that are willing to do it and are capable?


that’s good training for both Russia and Syria and Western proxies to test their technology. Russia is the spoiled one here.

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