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Russian Forces Restored BTR-80 Damaged In Recent Attack On M4 Highway (Video)

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The Russian military had restored a BTR-80 wheeled armored personnel carrier (APC) that was damaged in the July 14 suicide attack in the northwestern Syrian region of Greater Idlib, RusVesna revealed on September 5.

The attack, which was carried out with a suicide vehicle-borne improvised explosive device (SVBIED), targeted a joint Russian-Turkish patrol on the M4 highway.

The SVBIED blew up a few meters away from the BTR-80. Nevertheless, the Russian APC sustained minimum damage. Three of the crew were slightly injured.

After repairing the BTR-80, Russian personnel left a message on the armor, reading “Несокрушимый,” which translates to “indestructible” in English.

A second BTR-80 survived an attack on August 25. The APC was also taking part in a joint Russian-Turkish patrol on the M4 highway in Greater Idlib when it was targeted with a rocket-propelled grenade.

A mysterious jihadi group calling itself the “Khattab al-Shishani Brigades” claimed responsibility for both attacks on joint Russian-Turkish patrols.

The BTR-80, which was developed in the Soviet Union in the 80s, has proven its capability to operate in urban warfare. The version deployed by Russian forces in Syria is upgraded with a remotely-controlled tower with a 30 mm and a 7,62 mm machine guns.


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rightiswrong rightiswrong

Great work by the mechanics getting this machine back on the frontline.

Great work by the designers of the BTR-80, better than anything the West has ever come up with, despite the billions they give to the MIC.


That’s impressive. Mechanics that know their shit!

Had that been an American APC it would still be sitting where it was damaged. Fixing equipment does little for American war profiteers. It would have been replaced with a new one.


Indestructive Russian manufacturing at work. BUY RUSSIAN!

Walter White

Awesome work! Attention to detail is top class! Love the message at the end of the video :)

Lone Ranger

Good job Comrades. A Cost effective, easy to repair yet robust design.

rightiswrong rightiswrong

It even protects the troops inside!

How many vehicles have the Brits or Yanks ever built that can serve so long, and well? The Land Rover is no more better protected than a Toyota Corolla ffs, lol.


Can you get Belta News from Hungary? Site seems down. Suspicious at this time! This is the Belarus news site .BY.

Lone Ranger

I tried, its down here too.

Arthur Deodat Jr.

Respect to the mechanics. And to engeneers that designed this great APC

Tommy Jensen

We will just make suicide again! Nobody wins over an American.

cechas vodobenikov

sure tammy—now ask your drug addict vets who lost in Vietnam, Korea—now Afghanistan, etc…u need more meth

Fog of War

Didnt Russia lose in Afghanistan also ? What about losing the ” cold war ” ? How many drug addicts did that produce in Russia ?


Oh sure…while the US was supplied Afghans weapons, satellite support and knowledge to beat Russia. At lest they were smart enough to leave after 10 years. But what about the US? They needed a coalition to go into Afghanistan as they were cowards to get in on their own. After 19 years of terrorism, killing innocent people and forcing Afghans to grow opium so that the US could profit from it, they have not gained an inch more than the Soviets did. Talk about embarrassing!

The cold war? How can anyone win against a country that prints cash as they please and without any repercussion? Luckily, those days are coming to an end and the only true King of terrorism will die of a slow and painful death just like all other empires before them.

Drug addicts in Russia? How do they compare vs in the US?

Fog of War

” Oh sure…while the US was supplying Afghans weapons, satellite support and knowledge to beat Russia ”

Why hasnt Russia done the same then to the US then ? In fact, Russia goes out of its way to deny supplying anything to the Taliban.

” The cold war? How can anyone win against a country that prints cash as they please and without any repercussion? ”

Whats stopping Russia from printing its own currency also ? Every sovereign state used to do that. In fact, its one of the fundemntal functions of nations: To print their own debt free money. What stopping Russia ?

” Drug addicts in Russia? How do they compare vs in the US? ”

Not sure, but which country’s population is dropping the fastest ?


“Why hasnt Russia done the same then to the US then ?” Because they are not terrorists like the US. It was quite amusing to watch Mike (“we, lie, we cheat, we steal”) Pompeo accusing Russia of supplying arms to the Taliban a few months back but as usual, never could bring in a shred of evidence. At least, for once, an American politician said the truth when again, he stated: ” we lie, we cheat, we steal”. The worst part was to hear people applauding. You always complain about Zio’s when American politicians are so far worse.

About printing money, I won’t get into economics with you as clearly, you will not get it. I do though, find your answer quite amusing.

“Not sure, but which country’s population is dropping the fastest ?” Ask me that question once the US crashes which will be quite soon. In fact, the US came extremely close of dying back in 2009 hence having Clinton begging, literally begging China to purchase $3.5 trillion of US debt. In the next crash, no one will and then, we will all see the fall of an evil, terrorist Empire. I can’t wait and the same goes for a majority on this earth.

Fog of War

” About printing money, I won’t get into economics with you as clearly, you will not get it. I do though, find your answer quite amusing. ”

Insult my intelligence and the coversation is over. Although, I strongly doubt you had any logical answers to my questions any how. The rest of your answers are BS hypothetical designed to evade my questions. Have a good evening.


LMAO…what’s wrong, little man? You don’t like my answers? My answers were perfectly fine and spot on. You must be an American, right? Most Americans cannot accept to read the truth about there country. BS? Only in that brainwashed mind of yours. You could easily look up my answers and will soon see that they are never BS.

By the way, I know for a fact that you would not understand economics simply by reading your answer about dollars. It was though, quite amusing. I do enjoy a good laugh from time to time. I cannot insult something that is clearly missing to begin with.

Are you going to continue to evade my question about Covid? What are you scared of?

I was polite with you at the beginning but when you poorly attempt to attack me, you get the hammer…every time! I will still remain polite as it’s who I am.


The US is losing everywhere (even from within) and are clearly frustrated. The empire is losing its influence over others world-wide but somehow, those idiotic politicians still believes that they are immortal…that they are the boss of all.

They don’t seem to realize that they are facing a decline in power over others. That their ability to shape world events through their propaganda is losing ground rapidly thanks to the internet. People are fighting their lies online and sharing the truth when it is found. That’s the reason why so many US news sites are now removing comments to protect their propaganda. Today, most would agree that the number one terrorist nation is, by far, the US of A and has been for a long time. All US wars since WW2 were based on lies. Well over 20 million people killed based on lies, all the coup d’Etat’s so they can have someone inside to support them… That’s terrorism at it’s very best.

They are digging their own grave while the world is watching. Their declining moral values and political civility at home, an overconfident and overextended military in foreign lands, obvious fiscal irresponsibility, completely ignoring

international laws and agreements when it suits them, threatening allies and using sanctions as a weapon to make people suffer solely to push their own agenda and greed, are all reasons for their decline.

When evil becomes obvious for all to see, others will rise up and push back.

Last year, as RAND stated, a war between the US, China and Russia would

result in the US having “it’s ass handled to it”. I can just imagine how the pentagon must of been in panic mode once they received the report. Not only would the mighty be defeated but others would bring the war to their shore and that scares the hell out of Americans.

If the US continues to threaten others, they will end up alone, completely defeated and all, without a war. Remember the former CCCP? That’s exactly how the US will end up…broken up and a third world nation. When that will happen and it will, a lot of States will leaves the US. Some will join together and many others will join Canada. The fun part is that I will be alive to witness all of this. But here’s the kicker…Once the US falls, China and Russia will never allow it to get back on its feet…ever again!


Lone Ranger

Russia doesnt arm terrorists. They arent arseholes like Americants.

Lone Ranger

That of Ukropisstan and the Baltic states. Also thd U.S. if you look at white people. In 20 years the whole U.S. will look like Somalia. U.S. could print endless miney due to the fact that it was the sole reserve currency and the petro dollar for a very long time. Both has come to an end. $ is losing value, according to most experts hyperinflation will kick in soon and than bye bye…

Lone Ranger

U.S. is using 80% of the Worlds drug production… Did Russia lose the Cold War? Or maybe they gave enough rooe to the U.S. to hang themselves. U.S. Empire is falling apart while Russia is stronger than ever. Russia lost in Afghanistan because they had no allies, and the U.S. and Iran and Saudis were dumping tens of billions against them. Since tban they won every won, while the U.S. lost every war…

Damien C

This BTR-80 reminds me of my wife

Just giver her a power-hose every now and then slap a bit of lipstick on her and let her have a tattoo on her arse ……

They probably weigh the same as well


Unbreakable, just like Russian army.


The reckless political course that the UK is taking with the latest virus that is only really fatal to the decrepid over 80’s and those with serious health issues, and this will cause poverty and unrest not seen in Britain since the great Depression, in my opinion.

Because of this threat to peace on the streets, I want a BTR-80 for my birthday. :)


To use it as camping car in English countryside in restless post Brexit, post COVID, post everything Brittan. That seams to be quite reasonable idea !


I found you a BTR 60 Command APC for sale in the UK. But what will your neighbors think? :0 https://tanks-alot.co.uk/product/btr-60-communications-vehicle/


With a BTR 60, who cares what the neighbor’s think :)


Had that been a Stryker, it would have been shipped back for depot level maintenance or scrapped at the base. US Army doesn’t rebuild things like that anymore.

Jens Holm

May bee our homerules should be used in Syria as well.

If companies destroy things, the same companies has to build up again. If thats not possible, their actvity is forbidden.


You wouldn’t see a repair done like that in an American garage without using air impact wrenches. They’re a staple of US heavy equipment maintenance.

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