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Russian Forces Repelled Massive Rocket Attack On Hmeimim Airbase

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Russian Forces Repelled Massive Rocket Attack On Hmeimim Airbase

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Militants fired a total of 36 rockets at Russia’s Hmeimim airbase in Syria on May 6, the Russian military reported.

According to the report, the rockets were fired in two attacks. The militants used a drone to direct the fire. Both attacks were repelled by the airbase’s defenses. No damage or casualties were caused.

The shelling came from the Idlib de-escalation zone, which included the militant-held parts of Lattakia, Idlib, Hama and Aleppo provinces.

The Russian Aerospace Forces carried out strikes on militant positions in response to the attack.


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The inefficiency of Russian counter-attacks is becoming quite obvious sadly.. We have seen this scenario over and over again.

Guibus Guib

look at the situation of Syria before and after Russia entered the war to see how efficient it is.

Saddam Hussein

Cmon, without Russia, President Assad would have been long gone.


But the US will keep up their terror attacks, the only solution is the complete destruction of the USA.
I know many people don’t like nukes, so maybe just a conventional terror attack on Fort Detrick, and let the American germ weapons depopulate America. They also have huge chemical weapon stockpiles. A crazy jihadist flying a plane into either would rid this world of their evil.


The jihadists are CIA mercenaries.

Promitheas Apollonious

no this one belong to turkey I dont think they have good relations with the americans.


The turks are also half yankee mercenaries.


They were, but Erdogan has been thinning their ranks.



Jens Holm

Tes of course, and we all are Jews too :)


Not all of us, just you.

Jens Holm

I wil curly may hair right away – Even below.


I know, but 2 can play Americas game.


Never see the battle front by the eyes of the enemy, even Stalin knew that.


America and the CIA are enemies of each other! Dumb cunts like you havent figured that out yet!

China is the new Zionist head quarters!
Here is more proof!



You hate Chinese, but live in China town?


Try to figure out this puzzle!

1. A Zionist, Globalist, Nazi supporting Jew!
comment image

2. An elitist Iranian
comment image

3. A Saudi Prince, Sunni Wahabiast who owned citigroup, twitter and facebook!
comment image
comment image

4. Google Parent Company Alphabet in North Korea during Obama and Hillary’s reign! WHY??? Why is Google in North Korea???

comment image

5. Why did DARPA create LifeLog, end it and then the next day Facebook launches!

comment image

6.Why did this Jewish guy Marry a Chinese women?

comment image

What are the benefits of being married to the enemy? Transfer of information gathered? Why do the intel communities always have marriages of convenience?
Why do Rich people marry into other rich peoples families? Blood lines? Consolidate the wealth? Why do intel communities marry into political and legal relations? LEAKS? DEEP STATE?

You dont understand the game Sinbad! You have no idea how this is all played! You dont actually read anything other than this website! Then u chant the same bullshit like always!

America was bad (under obama and bush and clinton)
Not anymore!

Venez is not about oil!
Its a cold proxy war between China and the USA!
The oil is just a focus point! The oil dictates which way the economic window blows! towards China or the USA!

The bad people (Zionists and globalists) support china! YOU FUCKIN KNOW THIS!!

You just hate America!
BUT…. if you hate America then you LOVE the CIA!
But if you hate the CIA you love America!

You cant hate both because the CIA works against America’s interests!

Something your little brain doesnt understand because your unstable emotions wants you to put them all into one bag and hate them both!

I am proving to you that the CIA LOVES CHINA! AND SO DO YOU!


Go to Lee Ho Fook’s, get a big dish of beef chow mein.


Are you trying to hide the fact that you love China? Because i screen shot all your shit! Im saving it for what i call “THE BIG BOMB”!
Thats when southfront finally produces material to say that :

China colluded with the Dems to rig the election in their favour but failed!
China finances US Left MSM!
China works with the CIA in tech transfers!
etc etc etc

Thats when i come in with my bomb!
Going to show all your friends here on southfront how much you LOVE china!

Cant wait!

This year for sure!

You can call me Al

You are providing some excellent information; but why the aggression and immediate personal attacks ?.

I have no qualms with China at the moment but despise the US and Israeli warmongering and I certainly would not doubt the post below claiming that they financed the Democrats, but so what ?.

Keep your abuse to yourself, keep on posting or fuck off.


Do you defend this?
Yes or No?
comment image

He meant every word he said, the conversation continues after this! i can confirm it! Do you defend this? This guy Is an Aussie (we fought in every US war) and he was actually there himself! Yet he excludes himself from “execution”!

When i told him, Since Australia fought in every US war and he was actually there taking part himself, then you should execute yourself!

His reply was this…

comment image

Do you defend this?
Yes or No?
These messages prove he is biased and does not consider himself liable but he wants to execute people who werent even born at the time!


Willing Conscience (The Truths

Don’t be put off buddy, some of us appreciate rational sensible dialogue, no matter what your opinion, but beware, many don’t, and it gets much worse on SF, I hope you’ve got a thick skin and a strong constitution, you’ll need it here.


Thanks mate!

You can call me Al

NO. But I didn’t see that, I have checked again and it is not on the comments of this article (I think I am correct). My comments are per article.

Sorry for my abuse, but so many tossers have come to SF in the last few weeks….

My apologies.


its ok! i am abusive only to abusers!

But i will not stand for a hypocrite like this guy!
its nice to know who these people are when they TRY to make compelling comments, then you remember they want to kill innocent people when they themselves are more guilty than those they accuse!

I like exposing them and abusing them back!
Thats why i use screen shots!

You can call me Al

Fair play, but my view is he is alright.

Sometimes, many of us here (ME) and everywhere now have just had enough of the US (administration) now.

Cheers anyway.


The CIA and the Clinton and Bush cabal propped u China!
The CIA GAVE them tech (as well as North Korea!)
The Globalist goal has always been to put the USA into endless wars and prop up their new and much more easily controlled Zionist HQ!

Here is more proof!
Listen Carefully!
Those who support China support Zionists!
(China doesnt stay out of wars because they are good, they stay out to build while the others drain)



Another example ON THIS PAGE!

comment image

You can call me Al

Understood. But he also means the administration (I hope).But OK…

You can call me Al

Oh Dear, I honestly do not know what to say. Google have gone rogue, well on TV yes. Globalism at it’s best.

This is what the fuss is about – https://theintercept.com/2019/03/04/google-ongoing-project-dragonfly/ ……………… Exactly what they do in the US apparently.


So what this article is NOT telling you is that China burnt down the Google Server HQ due to US govt pressure that Google Does Not produce a censored search!

It all happened in this order:
1. Google fully intending to make a Chinese govt controlled censored search engine!
2. US govt asking google not to!
3. Google employees protesting against google to do so
4. China burns down Google HQ
5. Google now complying with china (as it always intended)

Note: Dragonfly was created by Google! A new name so that it can be seen that google isnt working for China!

“Google is reportedly continuing work on a search engine Opens a New Window. in China Opens a New Window. , according to an internal investigation by the tech giant’s employees, putting the controversial project back into the spotlight after it was abandoned following condemnation from lawmakers Opens a New Window. in both parties. The initiative – known internally as Project Dragonfly – was said to be ready for release by April 2019.”

They burned down the Google building in China to say they are “Cancelling the Chinese search project” but Dragonfly (its replacement) is the original Google Search for China! comment image

Why is Google and Facebook working with China and IN China??


Google is the CIA! I am sure you already know this

Former DARPA head running Facebook’s Building 8?
(Where is Building 8? CHINA!!!!)
DARPA created LifeLog, killed it and then launched FACEBOOK!
comment image comment image

comment image

The Reason why Google and Facebook are working in China is because these 2 companies (along with Twitter) are actually the CIA! All created by DARPA!
Why would the CIA and these countries work in china and with China?

Because the CIA does not Work for the USA! It works for the Zionist globalists!
Why did the US (under Bill Clinton) begin the transfer of industries to China?
Why the tech transfer?
Why all the TOP google and Facebook Projects in China?
Because China is the NEW Zionist HQ!

The USA has been put into endless wars that bring it no profit! China stays out of wars (garners support from people like Sinbad) and grows stronger and stronger while the USA gets weaker and weaker!

President for life, communism, one political party, Spy grid with face recognition, social credit system! Bad slaves get punished digitally!

The NSA and the CIA are at war!
Snowden was from the CIA and moved into the NSA, fled to China and exposed the NSA spy tools (which it can legally have) because the NSA had both domestic and foreign jurisdiction! The CIA only has foreign! That is why the CIA created its OWN domestic spy tools! Facebook and Google!


Here is 8 Chan (the site the CIA tries very hard to close down but cant) comment image

Here is the NSA’s new cybersecurity tool for EVERYONE in the world to use and download!
comment image

Do you notice something?
Why would the NSA create a cyber security reverse engineering tool for people to download?

Why make it so obvious that 8 Chan is truly an NSA creation?
What does the NSA specialise in?
Signals intelligence?
Encryption and decryption?
What are the NSA’s jurisdictions? Foreign and Domestic?
The CIA’s jurisdictions? (Only Foreign?)
Hence the CIA creates Facebook, Google, twitter!

NSA directed by the military, CIA directed by mainly civilians!
There is an Intel war going on!
Patriots vs Zionists!
Nationalists vs Globalists
White hats vs black hats!

The CIA is a globalist intel agency!
Mossad and the CIA were created around the same time!
The same time that Israel became a state (1948)

Do u understand?

The Zionists have always wanted pure dictatorship!
Soviet Union (Bolsheviks were Jews (rothschild funded)! Stalin was a georgian Jew)

They tried with the Soviet Union (failed)
They tried with america (too many freedoms and civilians with guns)
Now they try with china!

Step back and look at the big picture!
You already KNOW the CIA controls the enemy! (example ISIS and HTS and Al-quieda)
That have owned China and North Korea since the fall of the Soviet union!

After the fall of the Soviet Union in 1989, what happened?
USA invades middle east unopposed!
Industries transfer to China
USAin endless wars
Middle east wars allows USA to print its own wealth and its own war machine!
China has tech given to them!
North korea has missile and nuclear tech given to them!
NK leaders are puppets!
China to lead and devastation in the USA to be blamed on North korea!
China stays out of wars and becomes a global power!
The new ruler!

Anyone who supports china supports Zionists globalists!

You can call me Al

Interesting stuff there, thanks.


it is very easy to see once you use logic and forget emotions!
People like China because they hate America!
But thats the trap!

You can call me Al

I totally agree with you and I do believe it is not just the US going through it. In Europe, they have to use different tactics and they are failing badly and you can see the back lash in the elections (but then again, going on, you have to think is that what they want.

I am going to put my tin hat on now !!.

Jens Holm

Vomen and children too. They probatly are emmigrants send by Trump and all speak spanish as well.

They arrive from Houston and land by experimental spacerockets having parashootes on wearing a missile under each arm.

Jens Holm

Again totally crackdown from You.


I’m sure that’s an insult, but I don’t understand it.

You can call me Al

I do not like nukes, but a few big Hydrogen bombs have to be used on the US soon, as they have seriously gone mad and dangerous.


“A crazy jihadist flying a plane into either would rid this world of their evil.”

CIA ISIS guy will recruit you!

Then you can go live in China after the job is done!
Then you will find out that the CIA hired you, trained you, wanted you to drop the bomb on the USA and then gave you Chinese citizenship! The CIA will make you their hero! They’ve been trying to kill the USA and its people for years!

They are the ones propping up China!



A blind can see more than you, and go see if outside is raining.

Jens Holm

we will see

Christina Moshe Friedman

Russia simply does not want to cause civilian casualties since the terrorists use civilians to cover themselves.


How are they inefficient? What would you do?


I will catch the bombs and I will send them back but on higer speed ???


Watch out, we have a bad ass among us

Jens Holm

Sometimes You might check once again and see, if its not Your own. Good luck.


Awwww Thanks!

Jens Holm

You play tennis ?


C’mon HTS, send some more rockets and drones. Hopefully, the bear will be awaken.


ISIS or Al Nusra are Israeli Mamluks.comment image


That’s the 351st infantry division.

Jens Holm

Mammeluks in Denmark are reduced to clothe

comment image

comment image


Are they comfortable?

Jens Holm

Mamluk as clothe are Soft and easy to undress.

Dick Von Dast'Ard

Yet the Jihadists don’t shell/rocket the U.S. bases in occupied Syria…
How odd.
Jihad only seems to go so far!


They do not bite the hand that feeds!

Jens Holm

The usual explanation, which of course explain everything incl weatherrapports.



Jens Holm

I dont care at all. Abort apports and go somewhere else. You could join a smelling contest :) + :( instead of this. I really dont care.

Jens Holm

Very good. Can some very bright girl like You not see why ?


Yes, absolutely. It simply never happens.


Because the US doesn’t bomb anything in Idlib. It loves those guys, they’re the ‘moderate opposition’ to Assad, who is a very bad man, remember?


Probably a couple of volleys from multiple rocket launchers. If they were intercepted it was probably with antiaircraft missiles that are more expensive and less numerous than unguided artillery rockets. Shutting down the attacking launch platforms quickly is important to prevent them from overwhelming the anti aircraft systems as the Palestinians are doing to the IDF.

Jens Holm

Well, there has been shown videos as well as they have names. Much like somebody use Your head for volleyball or something.


Obviously, the need for restarting ground offensive to remove these threats altogether is underlined by this attack…let us hope.

That said, very impressive short-range defense capacity, Matrix 2000 style! :)

Jens Holm

There is no threats. A lot of people are very happy as long as You kill each other. It doesnt matter if You slow down now and then.

I saw the branding of the missiles, they seemes to be very good ones. I have hopes. A missile a day keep and emmigrant away :)

Xoli Xoli

It was Turkey duty to repelling this attack on Russian base because it is Erdogans terrorists.

Christina Moshe Friedman

Russia has the right to eliminate those freaks in Idlib even if there would be casualties, unfortunately.


Good music. N Latakia is rough country and leads nowhere, unless you are talking about going east and then north. Hit the soft underbelly between built up positions. :)

Assad must stay (gr8rambino)

Good job russia, I hope your airstrikes utterly vaporized the freaks responsible for this

You can call me Al

They should send an email to the Yankers saying – This is what the Pantsir and S-200 Systems do, Wait until you see the S-300 system does, and if needed when we switch the S-400 soon.

Assad must stay (gr8rambino)

Haha yes they will shit their pants


This attack required coordination and command from a USA plane.


Drive the CIA terrorist scum to the sea, to the grave, or to hell. Way to go Russia.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

I wonder what the Russians used to take them out, expensive long or medium range AA missiles, or Pantsir short range AA missiles and guns, or all of them probably, be nice if they gave us just a bit more info, but perhaps they don’t want the rebels to know what they used and did either, oh well, just have to wonder.

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