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JUNE 2023

Russian Forces Provide Humanitarian Aid To Civilians In Raqqah City (Video)

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Russian Forces Provide Humanitarian Aid To Civilians In Raqqah City (Video)

A screenshot from the video

The city of Raqqah has remained devastated following the defeat of ISIS in the area by forces of the US-led coalition and the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces. Unlike the ‘bloody Assad regime’, the US-led coalition did not bother itself with supporting reconstruction works in areas cleared from militants.

On December 9, the Russian Military Police deployed in Raqqah city in order to provide civilians there with humanitarian aid. According to the Defense Ministry’s Zvezda TV, this humanitarian action will be turned into a regular practice.

The current estimated population of Raqqah is around 40,000. The pre-war population of Raqqah was around 200,000.


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Tudor Miron

Good job. Keep it up.

Black Waters

You can’t never go wrong in this world by doing good, never forget that.


Remember my brothers. The real victory is when we can see the smiles and cheerful faces of these children. Great soldiers are those who use their strength to protect the weak, especially children, not to kill them! Congratulations brothers, well done.

Karen Bartlett

Gospodi pomiluy. God only knows what these civilians have suffered, especially the children, many of whom have known nothing but war and terrorism during their lives. I know their parents are grieving for what their children have been through. Thank you, Russia, and God bless you. God bless Syria and the innocent of the world.

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