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JULY 2022

Russian Forces Get Even More Capability To Fight Terror In Syria

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Despite the elections in Syria, efforts to contain ISIS in the country’s central region are on-going.

The Russian Aerospace Forces carried out more than 70 airstrikes in the few days leading up to Election Day – May 26th.

The raids targeted the town of Ithriyah and its outskirts in eastern Hama, the town of Resafa and its outskirts in southern Raqqa, and the border region between Raqqa and Deir Ezzor.

Five ISIS terrorists were killed in the airstrikes.

Prior to the increased Russian activity, the militants launched several attacks on government troops and civilians in Aleppo and Raqqa.

The Syrian Arab Army and its Russian support have largely contained ISIS, but still the terrorists attempt to spread their influence in the Hama-Aleppo-Raqqa triangle. V_2(AL)

In order to reinforce its positions and improve its capabilities in Syria, Russia has recently completed the reconstruction of Hmeimim airbase. Now it is capable of receiving all types of Russian military aircraft.

Three Tu-22M3 bombers landed in Russia’s Hmeimim Air Base on the Syrian coast on May 25.

They have already been spotted performing training flights over the Mediterranean Sea.

Footage of the flights showed the bombers armed with Kh-22/32 long-range missiles. This weapon is likely too heavy to be used against ISIS militants in the central Syria, but time will show. Now, they are rather a threat for the “moderate opposition” in Greater Idlib.

Meanwhile, in neighboring Iraq, the fight against ISIS is being indirectly impeded by the Iraqi Armed Forces themselves, along with US help.

The Iraqi military said that Qasim Muslih, Anbar head of the Popular Mobilization Units (PMU) had been arrested in Baghdad.

He was reportedly involved in several attacks, including recent assaults on Ain al-Assad airbase which hosts American and other international forces.

Following the arrest the tensions have escalated in the city.

The PMU forces reportedly took control of one of the entrances to the Green Zone and were not allowing anyone in. They vowed that Muslih would quickly be released.

Unidentified gunmen drove vehicles around the fortified Green Zone, which hosts foreign embassies and government buildings, as a show of force.

On the streets of Baghdad, armored vehicles of the Iraqi army were brought into the city to prevent possible armed clashes between the PMU on one side and the police and the Counter-Terrorism Office on the other.

The US accuses the PMU of carrying out regular attacks on its convoys and military positions. The group is an official part of the Iraqi Armed Forces and plays an instrumental role in the fight against ISIS and probably the US.

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john wooh

Good job PMU now acclerate the attacks, give them no time to sleep or to think.

If all Irakis push together now, the Yankees will go home this year and they will leave IRAK hopefully forever.

jens holm

Well, the yankees are not the problem and also are called in by the Bagdad Goverment.

It dont solve anything the american part of nato by USA and its agenda is not there.

I thibnk so many are totally stupid with wring focus.

Look what happend in Syria. Turks didnt hold back and what do we see now.

Its the same for Irak. Shiit murder convoys as well as turks are there and not even the local Kurds can have some peace. So if there has to be peace Iran must retreat to their own country as qwell as their Irakian shiit supporters has to be calmed down as well.

Im so tired listening to west is the guilty ones, when we evey day see many other players with dirty and blody hands. Now we might even have going back in time again in their 100% manioulated next election.


yanks and zionists criminals are always the problem all over the world!

Last edited 1 year ago by mauri
john wooh

Mauri? is it you from Napoli ?

jens holm

Not for me. They mainly are the good ones protecting me from someone like You.

john wooh

even if Irak would have the worst Goverment in the world its their house, their rules its not the business of others, do u want some stranger in your house/flat who wanna dictate you ?

Jens you showed your face many times here, you admit that your paid by Nato.

jens holm

Denmark has maný strangers in Our house as well as we are strangers in theirs. It payes off very well we do our different parts more or less united and by that has a very good cost benefit and also safety form worse then USA.

If You treated the americans and their companies better, You would be treated better Yourself. And well “Your country” is a relative in Iraq as well.

And yes, I have many golden bathtubs and all are filled with vodka because Rusians dont drink it anymore. We are selling it for the the Russian tanks in Syria. Thats allowed because vodka is under food and not fuel.

Last week we bought Spain and I can admit things I never has denied.



77th brigade really needs better shills than you mate


My analysis says that the Russians are:

1) Blocking the Jews’ attempts to destroy, subjugate, and balkanize Syria before incorporating what’s left within their “Greater Israel*.” That is: Blocking the Jews’ attempts to seize Syria’s land, water, farms/bread basket, and energy/oil for themselves, and blocking the Jews’ plan to enslave or slaughter the Syrian people out of the way.**

2) Making it more difficult for the Jews and their US and Europe wardogs to destroy Iran.***

*Also, as per the Jews’ Yinon Plan. ** See fate of the Palestinians as confirmation. *** See the Jews’ 2009 Brookings Institution’s “Which Path to Persia” publication.

I don’t hate the Jews. I hate deceit, plunder, destruction, murder, war, and love my country, so it only appears that I hate the Jews.

jens holm

The “Greater Israel” is a very good first class Arabistani illusion only supported by a few fanatic Jews.

Russia also is blocking bothe ways and dont like Iran as well as Hesbollah.

You seemes totally outdated about the YINON PLAN. It has been totally burried by the Israelien Governess as well as its Parlement.

Ypu can be updatef by this link and look under the headline “Today” from 2008, so You are 13 years behind in time about it.

You also dont mention the local arabs still has plans for taking over all by outnumering, throwing all jews in the sea or killing them. Those plans are still mentioned here by parrots like You.

No wonder contrast are made but by fanatics, which in Israel is kept down but not in Arabistan. Your best friend in this seemes to be Bin Laden.


Jens and boyfriends at SF try to spread CIA nightmares…he claims he is suck-ular: I believe he prays to LGBT cheese God

jens holm

I have a lot of new and old intellektuel knowledge and can give it fast and also use the information from internet well. Very nice You are homosexuelsme. Hip hip hop for that.

jens holm


jens holm

Im for including people and equal right. It pays off where I live. We by that has peace among each other and all educate and work well.

And as usual its Haram debating about women treated in Your worlds as handled by maxho men all pretending they are not gay and behave like secondclass car salesmen.

Im spreading knowledge about things actually is here in Denmark, USA and other parts of “West”. It has nothing to do with CIA.

Your knowledgelevel is low and even minus or worse about us and how we live and act. Thats because You create Your deep dark state Yourself not even using internet for any kind of relevant information. Most bad things you write about us are no secrets but very visible in texts by Our Goverments as well as in free debate.

A propos CIA its always told they run CNN. Well Your mistake is the same about that. USA has many very big media organs, but You never refer to FOX, NBC, ABC and the rest. Those are USA very much too and often vertical diagree with CNN about many things.

jens holm

Parts might be true, but its vey incomplete. USA fx was holding back Turks. Other palyers are forgotten as evel too having their own agendas as well.


This is for the editors and writers of SouthFront.

If SouthFront stopped referencing an Ancient Kemet Goddess’ name to label the terrorist group (which the Syrians already gave us an alternative, “DAESH”) you wouldn’t have so many problems with your troubled funding and censorship.

Just think over it for a while.

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