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JUNE 2023

Russian Forces Expand Their Presence Northeast Of Kyiv, Continue Operation To Block Ukrainian Capital (Videos)

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Russian Forces Expand Their Presence Northeast Of Kyiv, Continue Operation To Block Ukrainian Capital (Videos)

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On March 8, units of the Russian Armed Forces continued expanding their control zone around Kyiv, especially northeast of the city.

In particular, Russian units took control of the village of Bogdanovka in that area. Bogdanovka is located just in the vicinity of Brovary settlement – the eastern suburb of Kyiv. All these locations are just to the north of the area of Borispol International Airport.

In the evening (local time) of March 8, reports appeared that Russian units attacked several checkpoints of Kyiv forces near Brovary. If these reports are true, the blocking of Kyiv from this direction will be even strengthened.

The increased presence of Russian troops and military equipment were also reported in Bucha and Hostomel. Hostomel military airfield, located to the northwest of Kyiv, was captured by Russian forces in an unprecedented helicopter landing operation in the first days of the conflict.

Media reports indicate that the grouping of Russian forces around the Ukrainian capital is currently focused on consolidating their gains north, northeast and northwest of Kyiv and prepare to fully block the city.

Meanwhile, the similar situation has been developing around the strategic city of Mykolaiv in southern Ukraine. After some tactical setbacks in the area of operations on the western bank of Dnipro River, Russian units readjusted their tactics and blocked Mykolaiv from the south, southeast and southwest.

Forward units of the Russian Armed Forces were also spotted to the north of Mykolaiv, near the village of Kandibino.

Meanwhile, a new round of strikes also hit positions and infrastructure of the Ukrainian Armed Forces around Kharkiv. Reports suggest the active usage of artillery in the area.

The intensification of Russian operations in the directions of Mykolaiv, Kyiv and partly Kharkiv indicate that the operational pause taken by Moscow in these areas to hold negotiations with the Ukrainian government and try to establish humanitarian corridors (sabotaged by Zelensky & Co) is nearing its end.


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