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Russian Forces Enter Large Bases Recently Abandoned By U.S. Army (Video)

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Russian forces entered the Sarrin base in eastern Aleppo, that was abandoned by U.S. forces on November 14 morning.

The Hawar News Agency (ANHA) reported that at least five Russian armored vehicles entered the base once the last batch of U.S. forces withdrew from there.

The North Press Agency (NPA) also released a short video showing a Russian Mi-35 helicopter flying over the Sarrin base following the withdrawal of U.S. forces. However, the agency deleted the video later for unknown reasons.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) contradicted previous reports, claiming that U.S. forces are still in the base. The UK-based monitoring group reported that U.S. armored vehicles were spotted in Sarrin.

The Sarrin base, which hosted dozens of U.S. service members, was one of the biggest U.S. bases in eastern Aleppo. The base’s long airstrip was used to supply coalition forces deployed in Aleppo and Raqqa.

Reports on the Russian deployment in the former U.S. base are unconfirmed, but not unusual. During the last month, Russian forces established several posts at former U.S. military garrisons across northeast Syria, including Manbij and Ain Issa.

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Toronto Tonto

There to pilfer anything of any value left behind no doubt EH

Simon Bernstein

maybe the Russkies can use that value to build their own modern processor for once! They think the US/IDF are scared of their advanced fighter jets and SAM when they all use microprocessors from the 1980’s! Ha!


“russkies… BLAH BLUR… processors…BLAH BLUR…. F-35 stealth invisibility… BLAH BLUR… S400 cant see a f-35 past 100 feet… BLAH BLUR… muh israel invincible… BLAH BLAH… muh heroic White Helmets… BLAH BLAH just go home already rat face Kike :)

Toronto Tonto

They my friend will be more than likely your last words , right .


Back to special ed class with your ass :) remember your helmet


You are still in 1980’s! Try to update your database. For example, one of the Russian newest proccesors: MCST R2000. And, for murica and Co. it is more than enough Russian military hardware from 80’s, for F-117 was enough Russian military hardware from 50’s!


Israel doesnt even have any hypersonic missiles lol


You say that like designing aircraft that rely on software to stay airborne then packing that aircraft full of microprocessor that control every aspect of the aircrafts functions from weapons systems to life support then subjecting that flying version of Windows Vista to the most extreme environmental conditions and stresses is a smart thing to do.

You’ll notice Russian planes sit out in the open in all weather in Siberia, even for maintenance and the Russians get 2 – 3 sorties a day out of them whereas the F-35 has about a 50% readiness rate, can’t fly in the rain and it takes a week in the hanger to turn them around when everything is working perfectly.

Imagine how low their readiness state would be in war time with cratered runways and hangers destroyed by missiles.

Some time read about what US aircraft mechanics went through during WW2 and what they did to keep their planes flying. You can’t fix an f-35 with baler wire and you can’t repair stealth coatings with duct tape.

You can call me Al

You should have just mentioned the Boeing 737 Max, that runs on software only non-stop, before it hits the ground face down.


Since the 1980’s countries like Russia and China trained STEM workers while the USA trained lawyers, accountants and MbA’s.

Americans like to point out that Russia has a small GDP compared to the USA therefore inferior. What that means is Russia SELLS less than the USA … it says nothing about the functionality and quality of Russian products …. just that they sell less than the USA.

Really it’s just what you’d expect from a country that values marketing over engineering. I’m not saying that USA products are poorly engineered …. they aren’t. It’s that at companies like Boeing MbA’s tell the engineers what to design based on what will sell whereas the Russians engineer weapons that work first then if they work they sell them.

It’s no secret that companies like Boeing compensate their executive based on the share price. The more the shares are worth the more money they take home.

The BIG problem with this model is that these MbA’s have figured out if they use their profits to buy back shares instead of investing it back in the company the share price goes up and they make more money … great for the executives but not so good for the company. Now with the Fed on the verge of paying companies to borrow money these executives are borrowing money to buy back shares driving the price up even further.

They are so good at this that now companies like General Electric and Boeing are completely hollowed out and indebted. In a years time there is a really good chance that there will be no GE or Boeing to stand by their products. No spare parts for F-15, F-18, Apache, Osprey as well as all their civilian aviation without being refloated by US taxpayers. Lockmart is probably in the same boat.

viktor ziv

Nowadays 486 CPU’s are used in space and will be used for many years to come…

Tudor Miron

What kind of perversion joy exposing yourself as complete imbecile? There are many different type of trolls here but your posts are particularly dumb. Creature, ponder for a minute about developing into human being with interests above animal instincts.


They are scarred. It’s why they stay out of Syrian airspace west of the river.


Anything of value will have been stolen by Americunts.


To the victor goes the spoils. –


Russia kicked the US out of Syria. Lol.


Eastern Aleppo must include north of Manjib, or maybe by the Dam. To bad there is no map. Certainly glad to see them go.


Wondering when Trump will discover that Mexico has 3 times more oil than Syria

Toronto Tonto

Hey look north up here to EH . lol

Make sense

And to think. Obama put the USA in Syria. Stunned hor



Only Russian blood could have made this posible.

We fight for you.


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