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JULY 2022

Russian Forces Eliminated Ukrainian SBU Agent, Seized Anti-Aircraft Missile In Kherson Raid (Video)

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Russian Forces Eliminated Ukrainian SBU Agent, Seized Anti-Aircraft Missile In Kherson Raid (Video)

File image.

On May 22, an agent of the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) was eliminated in a special operation by Russian forces in Kherson oblast.

According to Russia’s REN TV, who released footage of the special operation, the agent provided the SBU with information on the locations of Russian forces in Kherson and was also planning to carry out attacks in the oblast.

The SBU agent resisted arrest and opened fire at Russian forces from a AK-47-type assault rifle. He was reportedly gunned down while attempting to target the forces with an F-1 defensive hand grenade.
Upon searching the agent’s hideout, Russian forces uncovered a Soviet-made 9K38 Igla man-portable air-defense system (MANPADs). The missile was stolen by the agent from a nearby Ukrainian military unit, most likely in the early days of the Russian special military operation in Ukraine.

The Igla’s 9M313 missile, which is guided by infrared homing, has a maximum range of five kilometers. The missile is armed with a 1.17-kilogram blast fragmentation warhead. The SBU agent may have been planning to use the missile against Russian warplanes, or to sell it on the black market.

Most of Kherson Oblast, including the city center, was captured by the Russian military and national guard in the first week of the special operation. Since then, the SBU has been attempting to destabilize the situation in the oblast with no success.


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Seols bitch. Happy Marriage lol


Ukraine-Russia live news: Fears grow for Azovstal NAZI POWs to be tried as terrorists

A separatist Russian leader says nearly 2,500 Ukrainian NAZI and foreign terrorist fighters from the Mariupol steel plant are now prisoners, including 78 women, and will face tribunals and likely execution. ICRC has confirmed that Russian Forces and their allies hold over 17,773 Ukrainian armed combatants and an unspecified number of foreign fighters who are not entitled to the Geneva Convention protection.


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Hostage (Raptar) Driver

Forget the trials, execute them on the spot!


Another nazi fool is gone.


15,000 Ukrainian troops in danger of being trapped as Russian encirclement grows. 4 bridges lead to #Severodonetsk from the west side of the Donets River. 1 has been destroyed and out of operation for years. #Russia destroyed the middle bridge today and the other 2 bridges are being pressured by #RUAF. #Ukraine may already be unable to use the N & S bridges.

Stephen Obi Emekekwue

VERY 👍 GOOD GOING FOR RFR’S AF’S &DPR LPR Allied Troops Hope Soonest They Close The Cauldron Lid;And Send The Ukronazis To Hell!!.The Only Pain I Feel is For Poor Regular AFU Troops Unfortunately Press-Ganged into Their Early Demise By UkroNazi Globalist Homo-Jewish Criminal-Traitor Swine Ellenskyy And His U.S.EU/NWO- NATO Puppet Masters.

Capt. Steven Hiller, USMC

Yes, earth must be totally denazified


as Russian dominance becomes more obvious nazi morons become more scarce at SF


They ran

G2 man

Russia has a first rate professional military that has just got its groove back after the years of post Soviet era decline. As I have mentioned many times before the Russians/Scythian are born warriors and can take any amount of hardship, when the Jews and their NATO vassals threatened the existence of Russia, then the Russian ratnik (warrior) rose to the occasion. There is a good reason that nations have stayed clear of conflicts with either Russia or Iran, both nations with hyper nationalism and tendency to use their strategic to wear down their far better armed enemies.

PENTAGON WAR GAMES: Report: Iran heavily defeated US in costliest wargame in American history

The US was heavily defeated in a wargame the Pentagon designed two decades ago to simulate what a war with Iran would be like, online international affairs website 19FortyFive, a bipartisan US defense, national security, and military-focused publication, has reported.

The wargame, dubbed Millennium Challenge 2002, was a congressionally-mandated exercise that pitted the Blue Force, the US military, against the Red Force, the Iranian Army, in a time frame set five years in the future.

The warfare involved both live exercises and computer simulations, which cost approximately $250 million, and was comprised of 13,500 service members participating from 17 different simulation locations across several training sites.

The drills were conducted in the months following the 9/11 terrorist attacks when the administration of former US President George W. Bush was implementing its doctrine of preemption, meaning the US could launch an offensive on an enemy before being attacked.

With this in mind, the Red Force’s leader Lt. Gen. Paul Van Riper decided to begin the wargame by “preempting the preempter” as the US suspected his military forces would wait to be attacked first before it responded with a counterattack.

Once US forces were within range, Van Riper’s forces were reported to have unleashed a barrage of missiles from ground-based launchers, commercial ships, and planes flying low and without radio communications to reduce their radar signature.

Simultaneously, swarms of speedboats loaded with explosives launched kamikaze attacks. The US carrier battle group’s Aegis radar system—which tracks and attempts to intercept incoming missiles—was quickly overwhelmed, and 19 US ships were sunk, including the carrier, several cruisers, and five amphibious ships.

“The whole thing was over in five, maybe ten minutes,” Van Riper said.

Earlier in the year, American weekly magazine The New Yorker said US President Joe Biden and his administration face an Iran that is much better armed and more influential than at any other time in its modern history.

“Iran is now one of the world’s top missile producers. Its arsenal is the largest and most diverse in the Middle East,” the publication said, citing a Defense Intelligence Agency report.

“Iran can fire more missiles than its adversaries—including the United States and Israel—can shoot down or destroy. Tehran has achieved … ‘overmatch’—a level of capability in which a country has weaponry that makes it extremely difficult to check or defeat,” it added.

Ashok Varma

The Jew rat Zelensky is now begging for Russia to stop the rapid advance. The Ukrainian scum racists are crumbling. JAI RUS!

Karen Kobylanksi

Interesting, for the first time in a while Russia isn’t looking for diplomacy 😉. This is why we say in Poland “don’t provoke the Russian bear”, when Russia goes to war it finishes the war on its own terms.💪


I would also suggest that inconvenient Polish history is broadcasting the FACT that the Bandera cult murdered circa 150,000 Poles from 1939 to 1943, and that the Poles murdered a smaller number of Stepan Bandera followers. The murders were more brutal than ISIS murders are today.

Essentially, the Poles and Bandera are a Match Made in Heaven because both sides have a historic visceral hatred of each other, LOL.


Ironically, Russia will need to occupy all of the US administered Ukieland. This is because the US/UK/NATO has decided to supply Ukieland with advanced anti-ship missiles in order to prolong the conflict.

NATO would then have a stark choice, Deploy the NATO drama queens in a Declared war against Russia, OR play video wargames and other Woke crap instead, LOL.

G2 man

Russian Federation and its allies are doing very well militarily and that has NATO stooges very worried. Their idiotic propaganda against Russia has backfired as Russian steamroller moves deeper into Kievan-Rus. Every half way decent command and staff college around the world teaches its graduates the basic concept of STRATEGIC MASS in modern and even ancient warfare. Even to a high school drop out drug addicted porn Jew actor like Zelensky, it should be quite apparent that the Kiev Zio-Nazi regime simple does not have the nationalism, social cohesion, manpower, industrial base or even a rudimentary economy to fight Russia, the world’s largest country with over 140 million people and immense resources. The hubris laden west fails to understand the technical powerbase of Russia, which still graduates the highest number of engineers and all top notch.

The Zionist Jews who thrive on global theft and plunder are puppet masters of US agenda of endless wars, however, sadly this fratricide is only killing Slavs for the Jew agenda. Orthodox Ukraine has nothing to gain from shedding blood for Jews. The destiny of Russia and Ukraine are linked. The other glaring fact is that the Anglo-Zionists are not going to die for Ukraine, they only want to keep shedding Slavic blood. It is time that if there are any sane Orthodox real Ukrainians left, they must decapitate the Jew Zelensky basement dwellers and sue for peace with Mother Russia and seek a prosperous future. As I said at the onset of this Anglo-Zionist fanned fratricide, RUSSIA WILL PREVAIL!


Things must be going very badly for Jew clown Zelensky, to go on national TV saying diplomacy is now the only answer.


Till yesterday he was saying ukraine is winning. Now he will find even diplomacy is not the answer

10 Dead Generals

Is this Russian domination in the room with you now?


Russian economy booming to high oil and gas prices and growing domestic industrial base. Russia’s January-April current account surplus more than triples to $96 billion. The west in its infinite idiocy is basically funding Russian Operation Z by paying higher energy prices and bankrupting their economies.

Ashok Varma

India and Iran are filling in a lot of Russian consumer goods needs. Iran Khodro the regions largest automotive manufacturer who used to work with French Peugeot Group before the idiot Trump imposed toothless sanctions, is now working with LADA and reintroducing the legendary Moskvitch. High energy prices are bringing billions of extra Roubles into Russia. The Rouble is now at its strongest since the days of the USSR. India has also increased vegetables, textiles and consumer goods to Russia via Iran. The US idiots and EU puppets have shot themselves in the foot as the foolhardy sanctions will only strengthen Eurasian economic integration. The Iranians have a PhD in sanctions busting and are now teaching their Russian cousins how to do it. Americans are going broke and in poverty while Russia and Iran rake in billions. Most of the world is now trading with Russia in Roubles which like the Chinese Yuan is becoming a global currency. Senile Biden deserves the Darwin award for being a moron.

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Ashok Varma

Steadfast Iran won’t break with Russia over Ukraine. Here’s why.

Unlike wobbly China which despite importing large quantities of modern Russian weaponry to modernize its antiquated military, Iran despite unrelenting US and western pressure since the 1979 revolution has stood by its Russian allies.

Part of the reason is historic Persian and Slavic common roots in the Steppes and a fierce sense of independence and hyper nationalism and a tendency to instinctively rally around their ancient ties and mostly cooperative relations.

Unlike many pseudo friends of of Russia, the Iranians not only refrained from condemning the Russian invasion of Ukraine, but immediately went on the offensive defending Russian actions and blamed the crisis on the United States and expansion of NATO. Raisi, for example, said on February 24 that he understands Russia’s security concerns; “NATO expansion is a serious threat to the stability and security of independent states in different regions,” the Iranian president told Putin. The Iranian Supreme Leader went even further in his Friday sermons, blaming its arch nemesis US and NATO as permanent evil on earth and responsible for all global conflicts and human misery.

Hours after Russia launched its invasion of Ukraine on February 24, Russian President Vladimir Putin called his Iranian counterpart Ebrahim Raisi to inform him about Russia’s “special military operation.” During the call, Raisi expressed Iran’s understanding of Russia’s security concerns and affirmed the country’s contention that “NATO expansion is a serious threat to the security and stability of independent nations.”

Then western media reports began emerging of Iranian advisors and air defence systems as Bavar 373 defending Russian skies. Russia did not deny any of the reports and Lavrov called Russian relations with Iran as “special”.

To an extent, Iran’s support for Russian actions reflects the strength of their bilateral ties, which have grown considerably at the political and military levels over the past decade. Russian and Iranian close military cooperation in the Syrian Civil War—though not without problems due to the Zionist factor in Russian politics—when combined with their mutual antipathy towards the West, has led to greater coordination on overlapping goals and interests. Iran’s response to the Russian invasion of a sovereign state stands out in its particularly pronounced pro-Russian stance—a contrast to Moscow’s traditional allies, such as Kazakhstan, Armenia or even larger states like India and China. The steadfastness of Iranian alliance with the Russians in their time of need has not been lost on the Russian population of the military and will only strengthen in the future.

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Pamfil Military Academy

‘Part of the reason is historic Persian and Slavic common roots in the Steppes and a fierce sense of independence and hyper nationalism and a tendency to instinctively rally around their ancient ties and mostly cooperative relations.’

Yes and no. For example, many east european peoples have more ‘roots’ with the slavs than the persians. Ex: romanians are 20-25% R2a just like russians. The romanian DEX are 33% of slav/slavoid words, many coutumes, habits and ethnic folklore is related to slavs. Exactly same orthodox religion, etc, etc, etc…. Where I give you right is ‘and a fierce sense of independence and hyper nationalism’, here you’re damn right….both russians and iranians are like that but romanians are opposite: self-centered, not national awareness, individualists who put first own interests and only second the national ones….For that reason I call russians and iranians tough peoples and romanians soft and weak. And this is why JUSA can manipulate us and other peoples all around EU like us.


Good analysis. I completely agree with you

Pamfil Military Academy

Agree to the last bits of your short analysis. But, the greatest loser of all will be the EU. And not EU as a whole, but the big masses of middle class peoples. Following next in short time, maybe 10 years (till the fiat toilet paper called dollar will drop dramatically) will be the JUSA dollar, and the fall will be much much harder than the EU previous one. Because only fake jew controlled US is based on virtual currency power called dollar. Eu is not and can recover much rapidly than the biblical Great Whore, the globalist pedophile ameriscum deep state.


Truths more power than you dementy soros goy deadbeat.try ak 47 on russian,you will die faster! Fkn drr sodomised deadbeat yellen loving dumbassed fascist libby biatch,fkn drr loser slimeball!

Icarus Tanović

Variola, Ebola, Colera, Plague. All these. And combined. Sometimes called chimerae. Or it is when genetic engineering made one virus from two.

Ashok Varma

A lively panel discussion on Zee-TV international vindicated the Indian senior officers who predicted a Russian decisive victory as things are now unfolding. ISW@TheStudyofWar now concedes that Russians have adapted very fast to new tactics and taking advantage of their technical and professional superiority. The average Russian conscript had not faced major combat since 2008 Georgia operation, let alone take on entire NATO, yet still maintained elan and discipline and are on road to victory. Indian media embedded with Russian forces reported that intensified fresh troops from Volga Military District have been successful in encircling large trapped UAF and capture #Severodonetsk on May 21 and will likely continue to do so in the coming days as efforts on other axes of advance, including #Izyum, regain momentum. Ukrainian Forces are disintegrating and surrendering in very large numbers, causing a logistical problem for advancing Russians as they have to feed and house the UAF rabble. Chechen military police is having a hard time catching up with the Russian advance and mopping up UAF stragglers. Indian journalists also reported that Russia intends to put on trial large number of Ukrainian Nazis as videos of Nazi vetting by Russian GRU units continued with many having SS and Hitler tattoos all over their bodies, some trying to cover them with bandages. JAI RUS, JAI PUTIN!

Last edited 1 month ago by Ashok Varma
Pamfil Military Academy

Russia KNOW very well, if not is doomed, that failing to give neo-nazism and thus to JUSA NATO sponsored terrorism, a lesson, will loose almost ALL international support and over 50% of internal one. And by this will loose definitively the war against zio-globalism on a long run.


Try ak 47 on the russian,you will be slaughterd,no ifs no buts,completely!


This war has proved who are the biggest liars on earth. It’s none other than ukrainians and their NATO masters. Zelensky was saying the other day that azovstal mission is complete and fighters have been evacuated. Now why are the NATO masters concerned about the future of the evacuated fighters? Media and YouTube is flooded with fake news about Ukrainian victory on a daily basis. Russia must soon launch another massive assault at Kiev and finish this war.

Ashok Varma

Russia’s allies including the Indian military has been advocating the destruction of all Kiev based C31. Russia must act more firmly against the Kiev Jew liars and their NATO puppets. Just destroying the Kiev Jew parliament building, US embassy that is the CIA command base against Russia, all propaganda outlets should be targeted.

Pamfil Military Academy

Good, now ask to this question: how to bomb US embassy in Kiev which is AMERICAN LAND and not trigger the war on NATO ?

Stephen Obi Emekekwue

NO MERCY FOR ANY CAPTURED UKRAINE NAZI’S OR FOREIGN MERCENARIES:This is Very Good!👍Policy The Russian Armed Forces Need To Set,”BRUTAL-EXAMPLE’S-FOR U.S.,E.U./NATO Especially U.S. U.K. And French. The Hague 1848/49&;Geneva 1949 PROTOCOLS Are Meant For Legal Protections Of Innocent Civillian Occupied/Besieged, Population’s in Theatres Of Conflict”NOT 🚫 ABSOLUTELY NOT FOR,FOREIGN MERCERNARIES, OR TERRORIST,SPIES&; SABOTEUR’S!WHICH IS WHAT FOREIGN MERCS AND UKRONAZIS ARE!.EVERY LAST ONE OF THESE SCUM DESERVE TO BE SHOT OR HANGED SUMMARILY!!.AFRICAN PRECEDENT IN ANGOLA 1977:Remember American Mercernary FNLA Col Callan’s Execution By Victorious MPLA Forces in Angola around This Same Time Late May/Early June 1977.

Last edited 1 month ago by Stephen Obi Emekekwue

I know kherson city well I visited many times and made good friends there. Best pizza shop in southern Ukraine we used to eat out there and bakery lovely food .travel from the river front on the buses near the hotel on a summer day to enjoy kherson city the white building shopping with friends and ice cream great memories. Yes kherson city is an beautiful port city in the southern part of Ukraine. Most people there just want to get on with their lives work pay the bills look after their families a normal life. Unfortunately some like this unfortunate individual has fallen into the hands of a Western run intelligence service. Who have used him for their own ends . And now he is dead! I will say to my friends in kherson do Not trust any agencies who are connected in any way with Western government or intelligence services. They will use you as they have this young man .And abandoned you when they are finished with you. Believe me I know. Undoubtedly lives have been saved again by the recovery of the weapons above. And as before I would call on any one in kherson with any information that can be of help in identifying extremists or those who may pose a threat to peaceful live in kherson city or the oblast to pass that information on to the Russian authorities without delay

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