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Russian Forces Dispatched To Armenia’s Border Following Breach By Azerbaijani Special Forces

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Russian Forces Dispatched To Armenia’s Border Following Breach By Azerbaijani Special Forces

Screen grab from Sputnik Armenia video.

Armenia has requested military support from Russia following a border breach by Azerbaijan troops, Reuters and several other sources reported on May 14.

Earlier this week, hundreds of Azerbaijan special forces personnel entered Armenia territory in the eastern province of Gegharkunik and the southern province of Syunik. No clashes were reported. Yet, the “encroachment” led to serious tensions between the two countries.

Azerbaijan accepted to withdraw its troops under an initial agreement with Armenia. However, the agreement was not implemented in full. In response, Armenian caretaker Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan opted to request assassinate from Russia.

“Yesterday an agreement was reached that today Azerbaijan’s armed forces should leave Armenian territory,” Interfax news agency quoted Pashinyan as saying at a meeting about the border. “This agreement has been partially fulfilled; there are territories that the Azerbaijanis did indeed leave. But, since the agreement was not fulfilled completely, today I have approached the president of Russia…for military assistance.”

Following Pashinyan’s request, Russian troops from the 102nd Base in Armenia were dispatched to Syunik in order to enforce the agreement.

The border incident is the first major escalation between the two countries since last year, when Azerbaijan carried out a large offensive on Armenian forces in the disputed region of Nagorno-Karabakh. The battle ended on November 10 with a Russian-brokered ceasefire.

Ever since the battle in Nagorno-Karabakh, the situation on Azerbaijani-Iranian has been unstable. On March 15, two Azerbaijani border guards were killed by Iranian drug smugglers near the border line.


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None of you

Armenia should start manufacturing weapons to destroy Azerbaijan.

Tom Winter

Please fix the text! “Pashinyan opted to request assassinate from Russia.” should read “Pashinyan opted to request assistance from Russia.”


Yes, SF has a number of these recently. Astonishingly, in Gaza, building were “raised” to the ground rather than razed.


when i use a german netherland swiss austrian or similar vpn connection than i land in a german southfront side its de.southfront.org and in fact they seem to work alot on that as if english speakers are hopeless XD


assassinating aliev mafia group would fix the issue for armenia thou but they would have their very own mafiosi at that time which is pashinyan the imbecile XD


russia created this problem to begin with i would like to see if it can fix it without trying to take everything for its own and collapse eventually by greed XD

Jen's Common Sense Iin Absentia

That wasn’t a typo, Pashinyan the traitor requested his assassination from Russia, as opposed to Azerbaijan, Turkey or even his US handlers. I guess he just got tired of life as a fucking maggot.

None of you

If Turkey wouldn’t be involved in interest in Azerbaijan, they won’t stand a chance against Armenia army.
So yeah Azerbaijan dosent have a strong army, are fully corupt till the highest level in the Goverment

Cheryl Sanchez

thank you Russia

Lance Ripplinger

As an outside observer, Pashinyan just seems like a such a pansy. The Azeri’s violate the sovereignty of Aremenia proper, and he just whines to Russia and the CSTO. France makes a lame statement in support of Armenia, but nothing more. Where is the Armenian Armed Forces? Why didn’t Pashinyan send troops immediately? Does the Armenian military even exist, or did they all get wiped out last year? At this point, I feel like Armenia literally wouldn’t exist if Russia wasn’t there to bail them out all the time.

Last edited 8 months ago by Lance Ripplinger
Lone Ranger

Russia is love, Russia is life 🤗

Last edited 8 months ago by Lone Ranger
Zionism is Cancer

Russia is Fart

Lone Ranger

Your comment is…

Flush Yourself

You are Fart
and POS.


Armenia should act like israel…anyone that violates even 1 cm of its ground should be bombed back to the stone age!


yeah it is tel aviv that is getting bombed right now so armenia better not act that way


what do you mean? they should let the Azeris take their lands without a fight? traitor!

Potato Man

Kurds, Azer, Turk, and Zion are all the same shit.

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