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Russian Forces Deliver Humanitarian Aid To Areas Liberated In Eastern Ghouta


Russian servicemen have delivered humanitarian aid to the recently liberated town of Saqba in the Damascus subrub of Eastern Ghouta, head of the Russian Center for Reconciliation of the opposing sides in Syria Major General Vladimir Zolotukhin announced on March 21, according to the Russian state-run news agency TASS.

“The Russian Center for Reconciliation delivered humanitarian aid for residents of the liberated Saqba settlement in Eastern Ghouta,” TASS quoted Zolotukhin as saying. “The Center has also set up field kitchens and arranged the distribution of food kits.”

Zolotukhin revealed that 3,500 civilians have received food: 2,500 of them have received hot meals while 1,000 have received food packs.

Russian servicemembers have also distributed hot meals, food packs, bottled drinking water and bedding at checkpoints and three refugee camps.

According to Zolotukhin, 315 people, including 15 militants, have left Eastern Ghouta via a safe corridor at Harasta al-Basal over the past 24 hours.



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  • antoun

    bravo the russians!!

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