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Russian Forces Conduct Special Operation In Idlib, Eliminate 5 HTS Commanders, 32 Militants

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Russian Forces Conduct Special Operation In Idlib, Eliminate 5 HTS Commanders, 32 Militants

FILE IMAGE: Russian Special Operations Forces service members are in Syria

Russian forces have eliminated 5 Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (formerly Jabhat al-Nusra, the Syrian branch of al-Qaeda) and 32 militants in a special operation in the Idlib province. The commanders were involved in masterminding an attack on the Russian Military Police in Idlib.

“After the terrorist attack on September 18 against the Russian military police in the Hama province the entire multilevel intelligence system of the Russian Defense Ministry in Syria was used to search for and destroy commanders of the attacking militants,”Russian Defense Ministry Spokesman Major General Igor Konashenkov said on Wednesday.

According to the spokesman, a surgical missile strike was delivered at the scene of a meeting attended by the HTS field commanders south of Idlib:

  • Abu Sulman al-Saudi – chief of southern sector in Idlib province;
  • Abu al-Abbas Anadin – emir on financial issues;
  • Abu Hasan – adviser to military minister Abu Muhammad al-Djulani;
  • Walid al-Mustafa – aide to spiritual leader Abdallah al-Muheisni;
  • Abu Mudjagid – sharia judge.

The ministry added that the strike also added an ammunition and explosives depot andsix trucks with large-caliber armaments.

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Jonathan Louis Trapman

Tastes so good! Keep up the surgery Russia


One bite at a time. :) !!!

Tomáš Bouzek

I love Russian surgery even more now.

Daniel Castro

They should do this to all CIA operatives in Syria.

Simon Gould

I’d be surprised if there weren’t a few handlers present at a meeting of their Al Nusra assets


Probably they are…

But, Hushhhh!

Nigel Maund

It’s high time the US Deep State paid dearly for their crimes!


Rule 1. Don’t disturb the Russian Bear. Rule 2 Don’t attack the Russian Bear. Rule 3 Don’t ignore the intelligence of the Russian Bear.

Rule 4 Its wiser for American Eagles to attack far weaker prey.

Nigel Maund

Well said FG


Very well-said, indeed!


American ZIONIST DEEP STATE love bombing(READ, REPORT FROM IRON MOUNTAIN) small, defenseless countries into the stone age, it’s part of their culture like baseball, apple pie, and morbid obesity. One of the things they never do, however, is pick on a country that can fight back. A large percent of Americans are in a self imposed coma, time to WAKE UP.


Will enough Americans wake up though ?


And another thing they like to do is enter into world wars late just to profit from them and to make a deal with the British to give Israel Palestinian land!

But when they are weak like in 1776 they will rebel against their kin and protectors, ally with their kins enemies and fight their kin!

Then when the French wanted help in return (2 times. Once against their monarchs and again against England) the USA said “no, our policy is to not involve ourselves in foreign conflicts” lol

so they stabbed the English in the back, the French in the back 2 times

Then they enter both world wars late to profit from them

Create the state of Israel

and now all they do is the opposite to what they did they were stabbing their allies in the back! They not only involve themselves in foreign conflicts, they also create them!

They are rats!

This is why they need to go down. they have no loyalty, no honour and they push their geopolitical goals by creating and aiding terrorist organisations!

They are the scum of the earth! And the Jews are their masters!

Thats why I love Russia so much for what it is doing!

Solomon Krupacek

But aamerican eagle won the cold war. And the home of american eagle is still in 1 piece, while ussr was splettedd in many pieces… Maybe becasue the russian bear always sleep.


Indeed the Russian Bear ( the spirit Russian People) was hibernating during the dreadful decades of Judaeo Soviet suppression and terror after 1917.

America is in a similar position today. The US is controlled by Jews and their Zionist helpers whilst the American Eagle is resting high in its nest.

50% of the american people are now aware of the Soviet style tyranny that has engulfed the US is endless wars and massive debt that have only served to enrich the chosen few.

Ironically it is the 50% of Americans who are not yet fully aware of this Zionist tyranny who will likely take to the streets for revenge. When they are it will be these people who will bay for the blood of the Zionist jew and their corrupt little helpers.

A sense of betrayal is a very powerful emotion.


Fookin awesome!!!

Nigel Maund

Great work Russia! Our thankful congratulations to your forces for their expertise and bravery. Like WW2 the Europe will once again owe the Russian nation a major vote of thanks. Russia broke the back of the Wehrmacht from 1941 – 1945 without which Germany could not have been defeated. Once again, it’s the Russians who with Iran, the SAA and Hezbollah are restoring Syrian to being a functioning democratic State and destroying the murderous terrorist organizations established and funded by the US Deep State (CIA), Saudi’s and Israeli’s. We know who are real friends are and it’s not our Governments and their Zionist International Banker / Corporatist Controllers!!



Nigel Maund


MD Ranix

clean, surgical strike against zio satanic satanists who will now think twice to be sent to hell faster than the speed of light

Steven Fay

Good job, tin-pot terrorists days are numbered.


Claiming lowly hits.. Bad image for the Russians indeed. It’s like someone firing a bullet then claiming it without even knowing whether it did damage or not.

Now that being said.. Idlib, Southern FSA (Daraa and closer areas) + North Homs + Damascus suburbs rebels are not ISIS and far from it.

They were the ones fighting the war for 7-years and in my honest imo they can atleast keep going for another 5 years if not more

Tudor Miron

Yeah, there are not ISIS but Al Queda – the same Queda that killed thousands of Americans on 9/11. I understand why you’re so sad they are dead. Now you need someone also when another false flag attack against your own population is ordered by CIA.


No not at all.. Just being realistic out here. This is going to be a long ass war. Russia failed with it’s smart diplomacy with all the de-confliction zones yada yada. The Rebels were just buying time and was never sold on Russia being on the table to begin with and Iran which is even worse case.

They charged as soon as the SAA camp felt comfortable.

Tudor Miron

“No not at all.. Just being realistic out here.” – are you saying that HTS is not Al Queda? Or that you still have enough “jihadiist” assets to conduct another false flag attack against US people on US territory? Mountains you are pathetic :D Indeed there’s severe shortage of even semi capable stuff in deep state ranks lately.


Hey Mountains. I don´t think a lot of fighting is going to be happening in another year from now. Obama said it would basically take about ten years to end it in 2015 and recently the UN told the ´rebels´ they better negotiate because the fat lady is already singing. This is only with 2 years of Russian participation. Realistically, who wants to be bombed by the Russian Air Force and nailed by Russian SOF for another half decade. I can´t see any enthusiastic contestants coming forward for those kind of accomdations.

The map is not lying. The foreign sponors are drying up and the push now is to work out reconstruction deals. This does not signal a lot more conflict. I guess we shall see. A good day to you.


You got ISIS mixed with the Rebels. The Rebels are notoriously hard to fight ask the russians. they are getting bankrupt fighting them.

ISIS live mostly in the desert areas and lack suffient support from the people and are mainly foreigners but with the REBELS it’s different because they are the civilians.

Russian have been there for 3-years officially and more then that unofficially.

If you think this is going to end by one year then I can tell you are dreaming.

The Turks are not to sure whether to enter or not hence the loss of life will be high on all sides.

To put it short the Rebels don’t give easy victory you gotta take it from them hence why they are all unsure whether to enter militarily head on.

Alot of Syrian Arab army soldiers are tired and refused straight up to be deployed in that front line. It’s gonna be a slaughter house on all sides and the all side that is happy with such outcome are the rebels

George King

Aleppo was not ISIS, you are going off on the deep end again.


I think you misread me. I said fighting in Urban cities is way better for the insurgency then fighting on a open field like the deserts. that is why ISIS was defeated that quickly.

They didn’t have anything to hit from the Russian fire power and it was an unfair fight fighting SAA, Russia, Iran, The US and SDF on open field like the eastern deserts

John Whitehot

let’s bookmark your comments and get back to them in a few months. If you ‘ll be still around we’ll discuss them.


John, Mountain is somewhere in Langley parroting disinformation, remember what this man said…“We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false.”– William Casey, CIA Director (1981)

Melotte 22

‘Rumours has that’….don’t you love that phrase. Yawn. By the way there is no rebels in Syria, only various groups of terrorists. I know it, you know it and I believe pretty much everyone knows it now.

Valery Grigoryev

These are not HTS bandits who bought the time, but SAA. HTS and other islamistic groups are carefully collected, packed and locked within the Idlib pocket, while the SAA got a possibility to use its most effective forces in the East, against ISIS. After ISIS will have been eaten as a main dish, SAA will get a pleasure to eat HTS as for dessert:) And the ‘de-confliction zone’ is just a trap for fools:)

John Whitehot

You must be clearly confused in regards to realism – in particular you seem to put your personal interpretation of what is real before the (few, no doubts)objective facts you have at your disposal.

If you were doing your homework, you ‘d get that the whole “FSA” thing is already defeated and in the past. When even a United Nation envoy (De Mistura) declares that “the opposition must acknowledge that they lost”, it means that the whole world, willing or not, has changed its views on the whole issue.

There is one aspect, that I think it’s never been described in the medias: imho, when the war started, a certain number of Syrian officers had passed to the “FSA”. Their reason was a comprehensible one: they wanted to remain able to defend the state from jihadism and disintegration after the war, which at the time, looked as if it would end in favour of “rebels”.

Since “fortune” turned against jihadism, most of those servicemen still alive has returned to the army which is loyal to the state, the SAA.

John Whitehot

Holy mackerel! (Ive been accused of profanities).

If they come under the full attention of the lawful Syrian government and its allies they won’t last five months. Having tried to capture a unit of Russian military police has put them in a unenviable position.

I would also review your definition of BDA. The destruction of five high ranking wahabists isn’t “lowly hits”, it’s a breath of fresh air for all the good-willing, peace-loving men of all the world.


very clean, professional work compared to the US regime which bombed a mosque, I think it was something like 6 months ago, killing about 50 civilians instead of killing the terrorists like Russia does.


al-Saudi? Hmmmm


I think a higher bar has been set here. I am not sure but, if this is a very serious hit, then everybody is on notice that there are new rules now. That be the case, my advice for the people, responsible for the death of the Russian general, is that they get their affairs in order. A new dimension of problem solving is now in play. This could be a very significant event, even though it may seem just par for the course. A good day to all.


Good job. Amazing how much of this radicalized garbage is out there.


Payback is a bitch! Don’t screw with the bear. GREAT JOB :D


Great news!

Albano Pina

Some CIA operatives dispatched to Allah’s presence. Hope the virgins are old transexual rags.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

This was in the same region were saying why bomb them let them kill each other , Bears always know where the best berries are, no long hanging ones for them.

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