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Russian Forces Conduct Anti-Sabotage Exercise At Tartus Naval Base (Video)

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Russian Forces Conduct Anti-Sabotage Exercise At Tartus Naval Base (Video)

Sergei Novikov/TASS

The Russian Military Police have conducted an anti-sabotage exercise at the Tartus naval base on the Syrian coast, Zvezda TV reported on February 6.

During the exercise, a police unit on a Raptor high-speed patrol boat intercepted saboteurs who attempted to infiltrate the waters of the naval base aboard a small inflatable boat. The saboteurs were swiftly apprehended.

“The fighters, in principle, are all ready, training is being conducted with the aim of improving the skills of detention, inspection of the vessel, as well as the arrest of saboteurs,” said the representative of the Russian military police unit Sergei Sazonov.

Tartus port is the main base of the Russian Navy on the Mediterranean Sea. A multi-hundred-million-dollar project to develop the port and the base is undergoing.

According to Zvezda, the Russian Military Police also guard Hmeimim Air Base, which is known to be the headquarter of Russian forces in Syria. Military police personnel are trained to quickly react to any attack on the air base.

On alarm, special, reinforced barriers are lowered, the gates are closed and the soldiers quickly take positions. If someone manages to infiltrate the first line of defense, the police’s armored personnel carrier will block his way. A reinforcement group will be also dispatched to scene.

“The military police escort the convoys, guard the entrances’ checkpoints and can also reinforce the contingent in the event of an attack,” said Vitaly Alisevich, commandant of Hmeimim Air Base.

Over the last few years, Russian bases in Hmeimim and Tartus have faced multiple threats. The two bases were attacked with rockets and drones on several occasions. The vast majority of attacks were successfully repelled.

Russian Forces Conduct Anti-Sabotage Exercise At Tartus Naval Base (Video)

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I had a Syrian visa approved by the Assad Administration DC embassy for my 2012 trip to Egypt to meditate inside the Giza pyramid during the 26,000 year galatic alignment. But there wasn’t enough time to get it to the DC embassy and back to catch my flight.

I ended up spending time in Egypt, Jordan and Lebanon. I applied for a Gaza visa while in Egypt. But there wasn’t enough time to get it approved.

Once I complete my transition from transportation to finance this year. I’d like to visit the Middle East again.

Jens Holm

Try TM and Yiu will not even need an airticket.


They have a lot of nice equipment.


One big Russian accident near Syria coast was Kuznetsov. So they trained to prevent Kuznetsov happening again.

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