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Russian Forces Closed Kerch Strait For Ukrainian Ships – Reports


Russian Forces Closed Kerch Strait For Ukrainian Ships - Reports


The Kerch Strait east of Crimea has been reportedly closed by Russian forces for Ukrainian vessels since August 14.

According to Ukrainian media, no vessels heading to Ukrainian ports in the Sea of Azov passed the strait in the period from August 14 to August 21.

Experts link this situation with a series of hostile acts carried out by the Ukrainian side against Russian vessles in the Sea of Azov and the Black Sea. On August 10, the authorities of the Ukrainian port of Kherson seized the Russian tanker Mekhanik Pogodin. Earlier, on March 25, Ukraine’s coast guard detained Nord, a Russian Fishing boat in the Sea of Azov. These actions forced Moscow to employ additional security measures and to increase pressure on the Ukraine in the area.



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  • Tudor Miron

    They (ukro nazi) asked for it – now they have it.

    • occupybacon

      They are legitimate to blow up that bridge now.

      • NWOD

        What does the bridge have to do with it? If Ukraine blows up this bridge it will mean some bombs falling on Kiev bridges, Ukrainians won’t be happy about this since Kiev is cut in half by the Dniper River.

        • occupybacon

          Still worth it!

      • Tudor Miron

        Are you joyning them in that wonderful endevour?

      • HighLord Gaz

        occupybacon… is that a round-about way to say pig-fucker? You like it when they kick and squeal?

        • occupybacon

          Yes, your mom is the best.

      • Bob

        Another dreary anti-Russian troll.

        • occupybacon

          You got me, what I’m gonna do now

          • Bob

            Presumably, just bore us all some more.

          • occupybacon

            More than you already are? impossible!

          • Sinbad2

            Suck your thumb?
            And it’s what am I going to do now, skipped english I guess.

          • occupybacon

            Most of your fellows, think I’m American, as you can see above^^

            So I don’t have a reason to worry about my English.

          • Brad Millar

            Bomb America into dust and rape your women ya durty papish f*ckpig

  • Carol Davidek-Waller

    Ukraine, the victim of a violent U.S. sponsored coup, is now a U.S. sock puppet. The lunatic neocons think that annoying a nuclear armed nation that has superior conventional weapons and covers 11 time zones is in some mysterious way, going to affect the balance of power.