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Russian Forces Break Through U.S. Block In Northeast Syria (Videos)


The Russian Military Police faced a new attempt of U.S. forces to block their movement in the northeastern al-Hasakah countryside.

The incident took place on June 17 when a convoy of the Russian Military Police was heading to al-Malikiyah. Armored vehicles of the U.S. military blocked the main road to the town. However, Russian vehicles went off the road bypassing U.S. forces.

A U.S. vehicle attempted to ram a Russian BTR-80 armored personnel carrier. The Russian vehicle, however, was able to avoid the hit.

Earlier this month, a similar incident took place in northern al-Hasakah. Russian forces were also able to break through the U.S. road block.

These incidents show that U.S. forces in northeast Syria have been becoming more hostile towards the Russian Military Police. The U.S. military is trying to restrict the movement of Russian forces in oil-rich areas in al-Hasakah. Russia has been patient about these provocations so far.




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