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JUNE 2023

Russian Forces Abandoned Ain Issa Base In Northeastern Syria – Report

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Russian Forces Abandoned Ain Issa Base In Northeastern Syria - Report

FILE IMAGE: Russian Military Police service members are in Syria

On February 21, the Russian Military Police withdrew from their base in the town of Ain Issa in the northern Raqqa countryside, according to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR).

The London-based monitoring group claimed that Russian troops withdrew to the town of Tell Samn, south of Ain Issa. Russian flags were lowered at the base, where several liaison officers from the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) are still present.

Earlier, Turkish forces shelled the vicinity of Ain Issa in a new escalation. A bulldozer of the SDF was also destroyed by Turkish-backed militants.

The Russian withdrawal from Ain Issa is yet to be confirmed. Several units from the Syrian Arab Army are still deployed in their positions around the town.

Russian Forces Abandoned Ain Issa Base In Northeastern Syria - Report

Click to see full-size map. Source: (@Suriyakmaps) on Twitter, Via Google Maps – TerraMetrics

Earlier, the SOHR claimed that Russian forces withdrew from one of their positions near the SDF-held town of Tell Tamr in northern al-Hasakah. However, the monitoring group admitted that the “withdrawal” was a mere maneuver meant to pressure the SDF.

The situation around Ain Issa is far from being stable. Turkish forces have been shelling the town and its surroundings for several months now.

Last year, Russia warned the SDF from a near Turkish-led attack on Ain Issa and asked the Kurdish-led group to hand over the town to the Damascus government. However, the group rejected.

The alleged Russian withdrawal from Ain Issa may be meant to pressure the SDF, which is not cooperating with Syrian government forces as it should.


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could be interesting.


The turds got way too confident especially with the biden administration, pretty sure they will fall hard on their face again like many time before, they will never learn.

William D

Maybe, but they deserve your respect, they earned it.


No respect at all, none, hate people that bite the hand that feeds them, like some rabbid dog.

Kenny Jones ™

If Kurds focused all of their power and strength against turkey, maybe they would’ve already gotten a piece of land of kurdistan, but they divide it in 4 countries so they’re unsuccessful

Jens Holm

Thats highly incorrect.

The old agreement seemes kept. SDFs are only allowed tio be light armed and USA cver the rest.

You again confírm, You have no idea about whats going on or cant remember things from any past.

Kenny Jones ™

If Kurds were only against Turkey, then Syria, Iraq and Iran would support them as much as they can, but they shot themselves in the foot by being separatist in the wrong countries

Jens Holm

Thats not as it is and was at all. Thre were no problems with them as Osmans being with all those 4.

And You are highly incorrect naming them as one group and the same.

You name them as separatists. Only few in the PKK is for that as well.

Thats because You dont understand many other countries insode them much more advanced infrastructures, which also often works very well.

Mine does. We have none from Jutland or Bornholm wanting own countries seeing themself as separatists at all.

The local parlaments are elected for handling local jobs and problems much better then those far away. They are elected for max 4 years and has political parties, so if the ones running the whole local thing dont do well or others has better idees, they take over.

In the short version those local Goverments take in 50% of all tax for local matters and also can fire local high ranked employed.

We fx also can keep an eye on corruption and tax fraud and are doing better then mos others.

By that Our Goverment has less to do and do better for the upper things for the whole country. An illustration would be they make same minimum pension for rich and poor. Another could be they plan the motorway system BUT we make all the local connections.

I also will remind You the Kurds was not even united, when they were split up in 4. Hardly no Kurds were asked about connections to others.

You write about 4 countríes which for many many centurioes was not countries at all – as they were.

cechas vodobenikov

jens lives turdistan–expert clown

Jens Holm

I follow the old and new agreements in the area as wlell as it goes and by that also, if they are kept or not.

Compared to You Im an expert or dont tell lies all over.

Icarus Tanović

In Turkey.

Mustafa Mehmet

Kenny you should give them a hand. what you think ?.

Jens Holm

..As it should is a manipulative of the worst.

We see it around Idlib too. Whats decided between the Assad Oblask and the Osmans says, what its all about.

None of them listen to the locals. For SDF the Assads only are hard needed proxies and not even effective in thje defence and certainly not able to take back.

Some few Russians there is same thing. ts more likek Russian Cirkus, where the clown not even are funny.

Those are seen not far from Ain issa, but none knows if they are Russian or just are look a likes. Hats are semilar. Thye even has integrated a white helmet.


Lone Ranger

LSD is a hell of a drug…

Icarus Tanović

Not really.

Fog of War

Little do they know the realms beyond the doors of perception.

Icarus Tanović

You know what, LSD is nothing. Real stuff, named “A class” drugs should be rebranded as WOMD those arent isn’t really a drugs, but utter TOXINS.

cechas vodobenikov

jens post photo of himself learning fellatio

Hasbara Hunter

Hahahahaha…yeah throw them Treacherous Turds under the bus…

Jens Holm

The Ayatollah might have motivated the spendable Iranian men, they will become skywalkers:)


Its very good as contraseption. Men with men makes no children.


You often bring up men with men is good Jens. Perhaps this is widely popular in Denmark? Yes I am trolling you, how does that feel for a change. :)

John Wallace

He loves the attention as it is better than wanking but he is so DUMB ie intellectually deprived , that he doesn’t understand wanking makes no children as well although it is rumored that his mother sat on a park bench after a queer drunk wanked on it which explains many things when it comes to jens especially seeing as his mother was still a virgin and jens is no Jesus.

Jens Holm

About children You are right. Turkey fx in 1923 had about 15 mio. inhabitants and now estimatly are about 80 millions.

So I really dont understand the purpose for that many and has wrotten its fine to treat the ones making non well – too.

They have mpre time for education and by that are able to help others by tax, which certainly are needed here and there.

I will remind You most men are wanking even they are married.

My mother wasnt justy sitting. Many muslim men came and paid well for her attrations. When she dies, we can buy Spain. We only disagree about FC Barcelona.


Wanking? 🤣🤣That’s hard work for him with a tweser

Just Me

He is too old to be a troll and is a moron who seeks attention which you are giving him. Best is to downvote and ignore as his ilk crave any attention. What does the idiot have to offer besides silly cartoons?

Jens Holm

I tell You this site about how west is by my western perspective. So its entlightning.

Many things written here about us is totally lies based on closed cuntries propaganda and in its best as we were in the old days. If we were as insinuated, we would have collapsed many times and in the same low level in economy.

Social and political structures are same thing. Many here learn family is everything. Its not. Evenb Allah says You go to heaven one by one and not in family groups lead by old longbeards.

We here, where I live, has genders mixted, but they are no real problem as descriebed. Those mainly are in low levels and has to be related to, what we win. We win a lot.

Women Danish GDP pr individual is 22.000 dollar and mens are 35.000 dollar. A difference but compared to Saudis men and vomen only makes 22.000 dollars in GDP it must be seens as a plus.

And yes we dont pay vomen at divorse. They have their own jobs and bankacconts. By that they also are not handcuffed, silenced and myúrderes by tha families which even has raised, sold or bought them too often treated as slaves.

And the last comment is, that Prostitutes here are legal and normal taxpayers. Thats not because all like it, but You can go back to Adam and see prostitution was the first rela job in the whole world.

You also – of course – forget all those prostitute men, which You not even has to catch in several muslim countries nearby Europe. Those of course are given an exotic name fx like Gigolo serving wealthy mothers like mine, so they can support their wife and many children. And I know openminded for tourisme areas, where You easy can find shaved all over nice Young men for older danish men. You just has to ask in a tourisme area and are met with a HA HA, but they help because its a job for the ´cousin.

So I do want and wish You to know better and be less hypocrites even killling each other as rooster chickens eating anyone else. We are not better in everything, but I anytime will prefare to live here and also that You at least copied good parts.

I see You well. You can read and write simplified pidgin lawyers englis based on simplified languages even stopped by tons of haram and Putin.

But You dont understand vitals for our economy and culture and comments in its best are simplified to little rooster and children levels.

So I tell it. Im raised in it and understand how You keep and insist in systematic stupidisme, because You never meet any, which know whats it all about.

…The dollar collapsed last week too – errrhh

USA retreted from half of the SDF??? No, they got Turkey and more space for the Jihadists as well.

Did millions of peacefull Syrians come home to Syria in the Turkish own parts, the SDF or Assads. NO THEY DID NOT.

Has Russia solved anything there. I dont see that. They are like MOnty Pythons flying cirkus. If Syria by Assad was a car, they even had given up to repair it in Cuba.

Jens Holm

We work hard here to include all by accceptense and equal respect both ways.

Here we have good results, which pays off in less confrontations as well as income.

It certainly should be an inspitation learner for many here.

I will say, You too often are too busy about completly wrong priorities and any deescaltion would help all, where there are all other kinds of confrontations.

You not even has free speach in ME as well as fx Russia.

To many men are raised as roosters be remain as chickens all their lives in so many things.

I have an inllustration for, what You do and dont see: https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/13dd70f84c9c8f469ab998f5f528047a26e26661594bbc9950c0c31497b6207d.jpg


Zio Jews know that well. You were born of this Jewish system. You father and mother are gay male first cousin

Jens Holm

Its more true all muslims are converters from Jewisme, Vhristianity and Baal.

Just because some Danish schoolproject made the first well working windturbine and we today has two very big companies exporting for billions for it doesnt say those turbines are sekular christian one.

They spread rapidly to the whole woorld BECAUSE IT IS A GOOD IDEA.

The same is for interest. We have develloped it ever since. and still do. Muhammed was active against interest because some greedy ones was greed.

It seemes forgotten in Youir dark, that Muhammed also respected Jews and Christians even they were in a lower level then then primirive constructed Islam in its first days.

In Your dirty context I feel fine being named as You do. I take it as a plus. It show Yourself and Your level well.

thomas malthaus

One day I might prefer US MSM outlets spend more film discussing Syria.

Perhaps it’s a waste since objectivity is at a premium. The Alexei Navalny is more their style. Simple fabrication, not unlike accusing Russia of murdering Boris Nemtsov.

The Russians haven’t murdered Navalny and one could easily point to Langley’s hand in Nemtsov’s death.

Navalny should feel somewhat fortunate he’s being held back from CIA operators, as his current prison sentence will end in three years.

Does he honestly think the CIA will spare his life?

Mustafa Mehmet

mullah terrorist group.? perfect target for ISRAEL


two hard slaps on your flat goplu ass and all that mehmet will spill out.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

This is a very bad sign, if the Turkish forces move in and take over they’ll never leave, and that M4 highway both the Syrian Government and the SDC heavily depend on will be cut in half, Ar Raqqah will be left with only one highway, and the Turkish forces will control two of them. And why would the SDC/SDF cooperate with Russia when the Russians are playing these silly games with them,

“Earlier, the SOHR claimed that Russian forces withdrew from one of their positions near the SDF-held town of Tell Tamr in northern al-Hasakah. However, the monitoring group admitted that the “withdrawal” was a mere maneuver meant to pressure the SDF.”

The SAA reinforced the SDF positions at Ain Issa and Tall Tamir at least 2 weeks before the Russians sent in their additional reinforcements, and now the SAA are remaining in their positions despite the fact the Russians just fled the scene [at Erdogan’s request not Assad’s request – DEFINITELY NOT ASSAD’S]. So what’s that tell us, it tells us Assad doesn’t play the same childish games that Putin does, and hopefully the Kurds appreciate that, I know they don’t appreciate Putin’s childish and very clumsy attempts at blackmail, and why would they, they’re just simply childish [they would be effective if Trump was still in power]. Some of you might be saying so what, let the Turks kick the Kurds out, who cares what happens to them, but the simple fact is the territory would just switch from US to Turkish control, Assad wouldn’t benefit in any way whatsoever, in fact he be worse off. Right now Assad trades with the SDC and has open borders, he’s also regaining some of his administrive rights in certain areas, but the Turkish forces regularly turn off the water to 300,000 Syrians when they want to make a point, so from Assad’s perspective he probably prefer the US to remain instead of having the Turks take over, on the other hand Putin seems to prefer the Turks instead.

cechas vodobenikov

SOHR almost as reliable as jens

Jens Holm

We are in the same kind of level. We really try to bring sober facts instead of knitting and other kinds of creations.

That dont say fx Im always right, but I often is, because people like You bring so much dirt and I write DIRT.

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