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Russian Figter Jet Currying Kh-35 Cruise Anti-Ship Missiles Spotted Over Syria’s Tartus

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A Russian Su-34 fighter jet armed with what looks like Kh-35 cruise anti-ship missiles has just been spotted over the Syrian city of Tartus.

According to reports from local sources, this is not the only Russian jet armed with Kh-35 cruise missiles, which are now flying in this part of Syria and in eastern Mediterranean.

The Kh-35U is a jet-launched version of the Kh-35 subsonic cruise anti-ship missile. It has a HE fragmentation shaped charge warhead and the operational range of at least 300km.

This can be described as a signal to some powers preparing to strike Syria.

Russian Figter Jet Currying Kh-35 Cruise Anti-Ship Missiles Spotted Over Syria's Tartus

Source: facebook.com/tartous.pic/

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Friisby Theshrimp

oh shit fam-us cruisers crew

You can call me Al

Filled and blocked up toilets already.


Let that baby loose at the Donald Duck

Tudor Miron

Donald has renewed crew after that little glitch (total electronics and target aquisition shutdown) that happened when they visited black see near Russian Crimea.


USA need to be thought a LESSON


Don’t play play with Russia aka Putin.

Russia says “Nyet” it means “Nyet” .

Game over .

Bjorn Metaal

It’s time to kick US ass and bubblegum. And I am all out of gum…

First Lastname

It’s time to invade Israel and spend good goy points. And I’m all outta good goy points…

Tommy Jensen


Alexander Gray

Chew bubblegum,but hell yeah, excellent quote my friend.

I am ashamed of my country[ENG] and i aint no traitor,just waking up and mighty pissed of.Also if they stand beneath a red white and blue[US,UK,FRANCE,RUSSIA] then im afraid they read from the same script.Putin is a far tougher commodity than anyone else but he is still what he is,part of a narrative-stock up folks shits gonna get real.

Love to you all.

Tim Webb

Superb news. Let Trump be the first one to fly to the Donald Duck to tell the crew what’s coming, and to take over the command of the ship before it crashes into another one. I affirm my total and unconditional support for the RF; and my total and unequivocal condemnation of the United States and the terrorist zionist entity which controls it, and has bled it dry, both economically and morally. Israel must no longer hide behind the skirts of the bloated and brain dead United States; let it come out with its snipers and its murderous army, and face the consequences for the actions it has been guilty of since its illegal foundation.

Rakean Jaya

Great! I’m with you, your affirmation is exactly what i’m feels and thinks right now.

Tim Webb

Wherever we are, we must continually both tell the truth, and most importantly, live according to it, with all that entails, whether for good or for evil.

Sexy Sue

Ha ha. Promise me that you’ll keep crying like the losers you are, and I’ll promise that I’ll keep laughing at you.


You sound like Stormy Daniels.

Tudor Miron

Who is this creature?


An Israeli lady boy probably .

Tudor Miron

ИзЮмительный мальчик?

jerry hamilton

Идиотский мальчик

Assad must stay (gr8rambino)


jerry hamilton

She is a total idiot. She thinks Trump owns Syria. What is the MSM putting out?


Блудница Трампа

John Whitehot

just another zionist that wants to receive sexist insults so that we all look so bad and evil.

Tudor Miron

They want us to be like them? lame attempt from this creature.


probably a lazy fat guy on some pc somewhere farting and chewing pizza whole day long. no worries.


If click on the name it says ‘Sexy Sue@Mark Lattimer’. Lol. Suggesting it’s some troll dude, with major fetish issues, who doesn’t realize, or is just too lazy to care, that his name is openly visible.

Tudor Miron

I had a feeling that it stinks of gey sauna. With your finding you kind of add confirmation that something is fishy there. After all this is to be expected knowing what zio’s are trying to push through western society – animalisation of people to the level of sheeple. Loss of sexual orientation is part of zio work on 1st level of governing priority.

John Whitehot

“Loss of sexual orientation is part of zio work on 1st level of governing priority.”

True. The long term effect would be to weaken societies based on european/christian values, that is, a family formed by elements with clear roles.

This weakening is very well in line with the general zionist plan to destroy the fundaments of our countries so to be able to take control of them and enslave their populations to zionist needs.

ALL christians and muslims should be aware that the zionist plan for them is to make earthly life better for jews, at whatever the cost.

Sexy Sue

And you sound bitter. Are you a loser like the other posters here? I feel like I’ve wound up at a taxi stand in Karachi…or Tehran. I’ll have to take a shower after dirtying myself on this board.


You are Stormy Daniels :)

888mladen .

She could have been Trump’s daughter Ivanka as well.

888mladen .

Won’t help. It won’t clean your mind from all the rubbish you have taken in. Clean the cup from inside first. However you won’t be able to do it on your own without God’s help. There are millions like you in the wild north west.


Golden no doubt.


nah just a 2 dolla ho

Nigel Maund

only more stupid!

Rakean Jaya

Is that you Nikki Haley? Let me tell you, Nikki Haley or whatever you are, must have a mental illness that called Psikoneurosis, laughing in fact you’re afraid and panic. Just keep laughing then.

John Whitehot

Kikey Haley?


Cut the racism. It only benefits the Zionists and diminishes your argument.


Wahahaha, yes this handicap troll is desperate, exactly


Is that you Pam Gellar?


Stupid Zionist troll.


All empires of the history ended beeing loosers. The Zionist Empire won’t be the exception. And it will also take you to Hell, damn Khazarian bitch.


You are not important enough to laugh at anyone. And you are not sexy enough for anyone to be attracted to you. Please crawl back into the cemetery hole you came out of. And about dirt! You were dirty before you were born. There is not enough soap to clean Zionist maggots like you. One more thing! Please change your medication. It is obviously doing you no good my dear sex-starved Hillary Clinton Suzy– you poor unfortunate thing. And is it true that you had a sex change?

j. jaxson

sue you look great you cute little gal-you. you do need a touch up on the -well you know where my my attentive laptop.you sure the taxi stand wasn’t in tel aviv? i saw you there.


No, the news is the very OPPOSITE. It proves to the Americans that Russia is bluffing.

At this stage, ONLY a press conference by Putin telling the world Russia will sink attacking ships would PROVE Russia’s intent to defend Syria- and such a statement would so frighten the sheeple of the West, Trump would almost certainly lose his position as president of the USA in weeks.

But Russia buzzing ships allows the Deep State war planners know they are GOOD TO GO.

Tim Webb

Dream on.

Tudor Miron

Get lost animal. Simply get lost. Situation is way too serious to spend time on such imbeciles as you are. Some times I just can’t resist :) (I’m not Lavrov and don’t need to keep it diplomatic).


Worshipping pax americana religion ? We can buy everyone ?

northerntruthseeker .

This one is a known Hasbara/JIDF agent, everyone… Ignore this troll’s comments!


folks. lets treat all posts by our resident Hasbara troll mr Starlight as a comedy and as a metric to see what his masters want to spread around , narrative wise..

look at the pattern everytime this “starlight” hasbara posted.. it just a self repeating drivel to insult putin and russia..

i find it sad a person like him would work all day and get his little sustenance from lying and spreading falsehood.. his soul must be crying , if he got a soul at all


How did i miss you on my troll block list?


I am with you as well Tim.


I agree 1000 percent with you. It is time……past time that Russia draws a line in the sand and say ‘This far and no further. I am British and I stand fully with Russia in this. Russia stands for civilization and national sovereignty. The collapsing West is desperate. They are bankrupt by any objective accounting standards. They know that losing in Syria is the end for them this is why they as so desperate, peddling blatant lies. But they are also cowards. They hate body bags coming home. This is why they use threats and other methods to try and scare Russia into capitulation. My Putin, it is said that comes the time comes the man. History has made you that man. The West must fall if humanity is to achieve it true potential. The West like radical Islam are worshippers of death. They are monsters who will kill their own mothers if it means there is a big cheque at the end of it. I say this now. I stand with Russia.


Information coming from Syria confirms the evacuation of all Russian personnel from a number of military installations and airports controlled by the Assad regime, additionally of relocating military aircrafts and mobile air defence systems to safer areas: these forces are preparing themselves without too much hope for an overwhelming and devastating military strike that will be carried out by the US, France and the United Kingdom.

Putin cheerleaders & russophiles who wander around this blog are looking stupider by the hour.


France said hey wouldn’t make the situation more explosive and if they would strike attack only units producing CW. We don’t need jingoism, and the revenge seeking French, Bris, Zionists and Americans should take their losses. They have lost, so be it.

Valerianus Maximus

Do you honestly believe that calling yourself the Lord of Masturbation gives your screed any credibility?

Clyde Weathers

Maybe he-she-it was being sarcastic….

Stephan Williams

I totally get your online name. Cool. Keep pulling on it. It might get longer…



Clyde Weathers


Peter Van

When you look at his profile, it says: “This user’s activity is private”. Too funny!

Don Pagani

You stupid! First Trump should get permissions to attack from Kalibr/Oniks/Iskander/Kh-22/35/55/101/102 and even worse Kinzhal.

To be honest, I’m not brave and courageous enough to watch how moving coffin USS aircraft carriers withstand such a nightmare.


What’s in a name?

John Francis

What are you talking about? Looks to me like Trump took the bait once again. Huge, huge mistake!

John Whitehot

and where the fuck did you read that? Jerusalem Post?

Nigel Maund

Source of your information please toss pot. Go back to your porn mags where you can do what you do best! Leave the adults to have a sensible discussion here?

Melotte 22

Rotten Empire will regret big time if it tries to launch even a single, obsolete tomahawk missile. Keep wanking.

Smith Ricky


John Francis

Go Putin!

Steve Ch

Well I’m from Australia and like you Tim Webb and temujin1970 I am also behind Putin and Russia. Enough is enough. We in the west (as civilians) must come to acknowledge that our governments are controlled by pure evil and that our countries are reponsible for most of the death and starvation in this world. We need to be defeated and my only hope is that out governments are taken down without too many innocent (civilian or otherwise) lives…

Peter Van

Yes… I say this now. I stand with Russia.


I’m American and I’m with you. Russia has to do something because it seems many (most?) of my fellow country men and women refuse, through arrogance or ignorance, to find reason or logic. There is ALWAYS a excuse it seems, to justify our perpetual wars on innocent people and any criticism of this leads to one being called “unpatriotic”. The irony is that these perpetual wars, fought only for the interest of mega corporations and bankers, WILL inevitably destroy this nation even if they don’t start a “kinetic war” between us and Russia.

So be it, this isn’t the same United States created by the Founders, it is a post-Constitutional America and is not only a major danger to the world but the #1 enemy of it’s own people.

“I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just; that his justice cannot sleep forever.” – Thomas Jefferson


the petro dollar is on its last breath and they are trying desperately to save it. Why do you think the Kushners are teaching their kids mandarin? They know this ship is sinking and they will fuck off to China when things get bad. No USD = no more israel or any other imperial endeavors

Harold Smith

This madness obviously has nothing whatsoever to do with the “petrodollar.”


It certainly does. And Israel too. you fucking jew shill

Harold Smith

So you’re jewish?


yuh. a khazar. well you’re right but we can do something about it: end the western world on our own terms.


Ayo bro, you’re on DS?

Gotta talk with you


na dude. they banned me and cut off the new signups. im on infostormers blog doe


Send me the link




did u get the link? its not showing up


I didn’t, they deleted it


go to infostormers website and click forum or whatever.


QUOTE “I affirm my total and unconditional support for the RF”?

I’d imagine we all do, which is why we are here. But does saying this HELP? Wouldn’t pushing for decent viable solutions be BETTER, like I do.

It’s like a ‘Janet and John’ reading book here. “Israel is BAD” “see the evil JEWS snipe the innocent unarmed children in the HEAD” “here comes PUTIN” “Putin is GOOD” “Putin LOVES the jews and offers them more BULLETS for their sniper rifles” “Isn’t Putin a GOOD man”

Let’s get real, people. Putin, being a zionist appeaser, is the cause of all our current problems. Yeah, the Russian people had no choice- Putin was head and shoulders above the rest of the bad lot, but by being the best of a bad bunch does NOT guarantee Putin is good in an absolute sense.

Many appeasers were GREAT at home, building up their own little ’empires’. People pleasers. I mean you do NOT get to be an appeaser if you have no power with which to appease in the first place.

But appeasers do NOT know how to play the Great Game- and when this is so other Great Powers will always morph into BULLIES. The appeaser MAKES the bully, grooms the bully, is the FATHER of the bully.

Now when the appeaser has royally screwed up, there are always some loyal supporters of the appeaser (like most of you here) who think you can NOW tell the appeaser to magically transform himself into something he’s never been able to be. But appeasers can never change their spots. The psychology of appeasement is baked into their very soul.

When an appeaser tries something else in the face of extreme danger, the result is disaster for everyone. THIS is why I SCREAM that Putin must bring Syria into the Russian Federation. Doing so is a safe and reasonable thing for an appeaser- it goes against the instinct for appeasement, for sure, but when the appeaser sees that war is almost upon him, a SAFE alliance treaty to prevent war is well within an appeasers book of tricks.

On the other hand, an appeaser CANNOT, by design, fight a defensive war to protect an asset the appeaser can convince himself is ultimately disposable.

So guys, what is it you REALLY support? Drop your meaningless platitudes. THINK.

John Whitehot

“Let’s get real”

Lol, please don’t. You’d lose your job.

Tim Webb

I think that anyone suggesting that Russia needs to subsume the Syrian nation within itself in order to protect it has done a bit too much “thunking.” That picture of the Su35 flying above Tartus with an anti-ship missile attached tells me all I need to know about “Putin the Appeaser.” And I would like to assure you, that the phone lines between the Kremlin and the WH will be red hot at the moment. These things are not paraded before the world, but Mr Trump will be left in no doubt whatsoever about the outcome of what he is planning to do. Russia is slow to anger, but will react definitively if push comes to shove.


Folks , i think the israeli hasbara astroturfer division have allow person with low intelligence such as “starlight” above. You can read and discern the same pattern of post from him , all just regurgiating the same stuff over and over…

and i thought israeli are supposed to be smart , i guess that too is just propaganda BS


One Sarmat nuclear bomb will destroy every one of Israel’s 300 nuclear bombs. Once Israel got a bomb it became an anti nuclear target.

Tim Webb

What we need to do is to remove the jew from Israel, and give it back to its owners. So dropping a nuke on the area is not the way forward.


Well said


Wholeheartedly agree. Israel must be wiped off the face of this earth completely and utterly. They deserve no better.

Peter Van

Well put Tim and brave too. Let the first bombs land on Tel Aviv, Washington and 10 Downing Street. (I have family in London, so try to miss the suburbs)

Tim Webb

Please supply their co-ordinates immediately.


Time to crank the Sex Pistols version of My Way and watch the show.

You can call me Al

“Never mind the bollocks”, the Yanks are “pretty vacant”, US “Problems” everywhere, the Yanks will have “bodies” , we will have “No feelings” … but in the end “Submission”…..oh Trump, you “Silly thing”, Russia / Syria “You did no wrong”. …..now take a “Holliday in the Sun” .


Cool m8 u know ‘m all

You can call me Al

Now that’s a blast from the past.

Grizzly Media

Small matter..but it’s an Su34 Strike Flanker not Su35 which is the single seat Air Superiority version which doesn’t have the small canards at the front.

Tudor Miron


Grizzly Media

Tudor, I disagree fwiw. The sensor boom at the rear doesn’t extend as far back on the Su30 variants I’ve seen, but hey it’s not worth arguing over. It’s a potent machine whichever ;)

Tudor Miron

It is a low quality picture, I agree that its definately not the Su-35S.

Grizzly Media

Fair enough :)


Su35 would be pure air to air at this point. This isn’t a su35 anyway.

paul ( original )

Just let it be true!

You can call me Al

Well, its hardly fake is it ?.


Here’s a CLUE for you, paul. If Russia INTENDED to sink attacking ships, Putin would give a press conference to say this in the clearest terms possible. Because, in the ART OF WAR, if you are a true super power, you always warn an enemy you do NOT want to attack of the exact consequences of such an attack. That way, if there is a CHANCE your enemy was hoping you would not respond, and that is the only reason they are willing to attack, they may rethink their plans.

On the other hand, if you merely choose to “wave your spears”, your enemy knows you are NOT serious, and can safely call your bluff.

Tudor Miron

Blaffing,, ranting and trash talking is your thing. You just don’t get it creature.


Note his themes. His notion is everyone can be bought.

Wolfgang Wolf

you yankees never recognized how RUS is ticking. why should they repeat something they have said already? why to announce something? never read sun tsu/ the art of war? no big mouth blabla, they sit, wait and then… they hit you. but THEY decide where and how and when. barking dogs (=US) dont bite… but beware of the bear


Please notice the wording of this hasbara troll , how he think he know better than russian govt on how to act , on how he constantly insult russia and mr putin in every post he made..

it is understandable for low education person like him to work in IDF hasbara / astroturfer internet brigade for a living , after all lying all day and spreading filth is his speciality since it is a second nature to him


Ball-less coward Putin STILL thinks the Deep State is in a game of logic and sense.

World jewry, being power cult of pure evil, seek to train those they control, like Putin, to have no ability to recognise pure evil. And WHY? Because you CANNOT negotiate with pure evil, and if the jews get someone like Putin to waste his time APPEASING, then pure evil will always win out.

No amount of Russian non-violent shows of force are going to dissuade the Deep State now. The ONLY thing the Deep State fears is the reactions of its own people, and the jews that control ALL significant press outlets have pacified the sheeple.

So the Deep State is good to go. They have ball-less coward Putin backed into a corner where everyone tells him that to do ANYTHING is WW3. The demons that run the Deep State want WW3 (the true purpose of evil is ANTI-LIFE), but don’t expect to have the good fortune of getting it this way. No- the extermination of Syria is just an appetiser for the nuking of Iran in the coming Iran war- and THEN WW3.

Notice how the jew controlled press has gone quiet. No major paper in the UK has the coming war as a headline- they don’t need to- it’s now a foregone conclusion. Talking about the coming war might only encourage anti-war protests in the West.

Zionist appeaser Putin has placed us in the position I told you he would again and again and again. If Putin were serious about protecting Syria (clue- the ball-less coward is NOT) he would give a press conference now stating Russia will DESTROY any ship firing missiles toward Syria. You see, IF you intend to do this anyway, you WARN the enemy first in one last hope that the guarantee of a response will persuade the enemy to back down.

This is THE ART OF WAR when you are a true power determined to act in defense. You express in the clearest terms the consequence of an enemy attack. Putin has NOT done this- so the ball-less coward does NOT intend to defend Syria to the slightest degree. Putin’s ‘show of force’ is for DOMESTIC consumption, so when in a few hours or days, he waves the white flags and legs it back to Russia, he can say “at least we tried”.

The West is about to take Syria in the same way as Hitler took all those Europe nations at the beginning of his campaign. And ball-less coward Putin, the same zionist appeaser that allowed NATO to roll into East Syria as a turkish spearhead, will cut-n-run Dunkirk fashion.

=Kory Walace



Fools and idiots are always more numerous v/s sober people and it’s their advantage.

Tudor Miron

Fortunately this board shows otherwise. But I agree that there’s enough brain dead creatures that are willing to sell their own kind for shekels. Starlight is a striking example.


I think you need to understand what it would mean to actually to sink an Amercian destroyer. You keep on saying Putin is a coward but did he not intervene in Syria? Assad would be dead by now and Syria would resemble Libya. Putin has stood up to the West with limited resources and limited support. The MSM has completely demonised Russia as result. The whole thing is a risky and delicate situation for Russia’s existence yet Putin has made that move. Russia cannot just start attacking Israeli and Amercian forces, it would spark a world war. Personally, seeing that destroyer sunk would be a great victory against Amercian/Anglo/Zionist imperialism, but what would happen next?

Wolfgang Wolf

RUS doesent need to necessarily SINK a warship. just grill their electronics or missiles. done… no big deal and no visible damage. remember the 59 tomahawks last year, of which 70% did go somewhere else…


Yeah, I agree, but I’m just trying to explain something to Starlight.

Leon Auguste

I think you both have good points… only time will tell… a real shame humanity has gotten to this point …God have mercy


Good point, however, I believe he has to do something this time around, having already stated that if Russian military personnel come under attack, they will respond. Short of sinking the ships what are the options? Try to intercept the missiles, electronic jamming, perhaps hit some of the American bases in Syria. Is it possible to hit the destroyers delivery system without destroying this ship itself?

God Damn the Americans for forcing this situation on such a bogus fraud. They have forced Russia into a corner.


Yes, they have forced them into corner and it could get out of hand. The situation has escalated since my post 14 hours ago. My country’s Foreign minister announced today that Australia will support US air strikes against Syria. Unbelievably ignorant thing to say, but Australia is nothing more than a vassal state of the US/Anglo Empire.


Yes yes we can buy everyone yes. We hear you just fine.


remember folks , this is the current hasbara narrative that you will also find all over internet blog sites..

they pretend to hate zionist , to hate deep state and to hate jews but their real purpose is to smear mr Putin and heap insult to russia.. Classic hasbara operation , cannot win on battlefield , cry on media..

remember the silly “israeli F35 overfly iranian city bandar abbas” boast ? only the most ignorant mook (majority of american public actually) would miss the obvious , that iranian bandar abbas city is too far from the occupied palestinian land..

and in typical hasbara / jewish disinfo propaganda , why bother to send stealth jets over iran and then boast all over the media for it ? because thats all they can do , to lie constantly because deceit is in their heart..


US v. Russia in Syria & eastern Mediterranean. Who wins?


Both have small footprints on land and sea in the area. But Russia has far better long range reach if it gets to sink and destroy all assets in the area! Also expect Bear’s Electronic Warfare is much better. And Subs more deadly.

Wolfgang Wolf

no need to sink all that swimming and flying NATO crap – just grill the electronics. then lets see what is left over.

Tudor Miron

This is not fighting Saddam or poor Vientam (that actually kicked someones arse). Yes, USA can destroy Russia but it would be burned to ashes while doing so. The rest of the world would fallow soon. Hope there’s enough sanity in the heads of US military.


Putin should establish no fly zone over Syria for illegal intruders. Without wasting time, from now Russia should choose the targets in Israel, in UK, in US and in the sea. This war could be nuclear. Putin should be up otherwise the consequences for Russia would be worst than Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria. If Russia win then US, UK and France may break which Israel don’t want.

trollix 2000

The begining of the end


With America ruling the world, humanity is already facing the final curtain. WW III, at least, can liberate those who survive from the western ‘democratic’ fascism.

Prince Teutonic

Go go go! Let’s fry some yankies butts!

John Whitehot

it seems that the israelis are surveilling RAF Akrotiri in Cyprus.



The Israelis are monitoring the Russian air force?

John Whitehot

no. the patrol shows they are monitoring the RAF base in Cyprus.

leon mc pilibin

Trump has been warned by Russia, he will be Donald Cooked.


Now that the war is almost here, and forums like this will begin the inevitable CENSORSHIP- let me tell you all a story while I still can…

Once upon a time there was the Soviet UNION and NATO. Each opposing organisation had member states that the other side could NOT touch without triggering WW3. So each side left the members of the other completely ALONE, even when one side felt the actions in a member state of the other COMPLETELY UNACCEPTABLE.

Then the Soviet UNION (notice the emphasis) collapsed- but NATO did not end. Instead a really curious thing happened. NATO changed the rules in one very important sense. Instead of vetting members VERY carefully, knowing that any member gained the “touch me and its WW3” status, NATO started admitting any old crap-hole, so long as said crap-hole could be said to hurt Russia in some sense- goad Russia just as some jew trolls have been goading us recently on this forum.

So what’s the point of this story? Well NATO happily absorbs very dodgy ex-soviet nations right on Russia’s borders, and once in NATO they are UNTOUCHABLE for Russia. Russia had to act in Crimea (and to a disgracefully feeble extent in Ukraine) cos Ukraine was about to join NATO, and once that happened Russia was screwed.

But the SAME rule that applies to NATO also applies to the RUSSIAN FEDERATION. So why doesn’t Putin sign a treaty and bring Syria into the Russian Federation. The very SECOND this happens, Syria is safe from attack by ANY NATO nation for all time.

This is WHY you are going to see my account BANNED. There is literally no (good) explanation why Putin refuses to do this. After all this is the one act guaranteed to have NO VIOLENT OUTCOME. Advocates of perfect non-violent solutions will always have their voices silenced.

The EXCUSE that a member of an organisation like NATO or the Soviet Union or the Russian Federation must have no ‘dangerous’ pre-existing ‘baggage’ is a NONSENSE in the light of all the new NATO members- each of whom gets the full mutual protection package.

1) Putin, at the UN, expels all foreign invaders from Syria 2) Announces at the same time that Russian and Syria have signed the treaty bringing Syria into the Russian Federeration

No war- no death. The threat against Syria ENDS (no NATO member will allow their status to be threatened by threatening the status of a member of the Russian Federation). This argument is the no.1 reason I’m a target of trolls here.

PS I know that ‘new’ (ie., zionist infiltrator) members of Southfront’s editorial body are screaming for my ban, while the older (non-zionist) ones are defending my free speech. It’s like what we see at the moment with the british Labour party, as jewish terrorists are eliminating long standing Labour members with an anti-zionist position.


Interesting idea but I doubt Syrians want to be Russian – theres nothing stopping Putin having a mutual defence pact with Syria, or Iran or China. Similar to NATO in that a attack on one is an attack on all.

John Whitehot

“no.1 reason I’m a target of trolls here”

yeah, trolls always whine about being targets of trolls. it’s so jewish.


its deep in their blood , remember how these heavily armed IDF troopers laughingly shot at unarmed palestinian civilians and then tell everyone they are under severe threat.. ?

VeeNarian (Yerevan)

Syria can join RF with a vote and then it will be for the President and RF assembly to accept. The same should be done to the Donbass, who have suffered enough. This will be a bold move, but why not? How did the 13 colonies become the 50 states?


Thanks for being so honest. Why would they ban you? You have been here for a while, so I don’t see any reason to get rid of you suddenly. Putin told me he’s busy with other stuff anyway ;)

I guess I could start with: why would Syria become part of Russia? That’s like other countries of the Middle East becoming part of the USA. It is nonsense to claim as these countries have their own ethnic background, traditions, and values to fight for, and right now Syria is aligned with Russia.

Actually, I couldn’t make much sense of the rest of your argument, maybe you should lie down for a while.


Your opinion is always unconventional. I enjoy reading your comments, although I don’t agree with most of them :) This suggestion on the other hand is interesting. Admitting Syria to the Russian Federation is complicated but admission to the Eurasian union or SCO is definitely a very good move to defuse the tension and save the world!

Wolfgang Wolf

they are CURRYing? a new type of spice?


Yeah baby, yeah!


WWIII will be really bad for the Trump Towers Real Estate empire. Can’t get paying customers if they are all dead.

Lao Tou

I hope they sink the USS Donal Duck a.s.a.p.

Prince Teutonic

USS Donald Cooked…

John Whitehot

caution is needed.

The missiles carried by the SU-34 (not 35) seen in the pic could well be Kh-38 instead, which are multi-sensor, multi-mission capable but not anti-ship missiles.

The pic is too grainy to be able to discriminate between the types, which share the same general appearance and dimensions.


Anyway Syria has P-800 anti ship missiles, which are much better than the KH-35. All they need is somebody with satellites to supply the coordinates.

John Whitehot

P-800 are not “much better than KH-35”, they are very different systems used from different platform and with much different mission profiles.

Ideally they would be used together in a context of anti-surface warfare scenario, but it’s not up to the public to make much more than speculations on tactical matters.


Different platforms? Both can be air or surface launched. The P-800 is supersonic, the KH-35 subsonic. The KH-35 is for small ships, the P-800 will sink a carrier. But you can mount a KH-35 on a chopper?

John Whitehot

you are confirming what i stated.

The Onyks isn’t “much better than the Uran”, it’s a different system.

as a comparison, there is more similarity between the defunct TASM Tomahawk and the AGM-84 Harpoon, in respect to the above Russian systems.

The only real way to claim that a system is better than another is on the basis of its ability to complete its assigned tasks – which is information that the public DOES NOT get – thus leaving us only with blathers on this regard.

“But you can mount a KH-35 on a chopper?”

afaik yes.

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