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JULY 2020

Russian Fighter Jets Intercepted US Air Force B-1B Strategic Bombers Over Black Sea (Videos)


On May 29, Su-27P and Su-30SM of the Russian Aerospace Forces intercepted B-1B strategic bombers of the US Air Force over the Black and Baltic Seas. The Russian military released a video of the interception over the Black Sea.




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  • Assad must stay

    I am loving the recent interceptions please continue intercepting :))))

  • tom

    I wonder what those huge lumbering bombers imagine they are accomplishing? In a war they could never survive long enough even to launch standoff missiles.

    • Putin Apologist

      In wartime this bomber would have a very different flight profile; supersonic at 200 ft off the deck, or less.

      • Ese Bob Shokare

        They will be ripped to pieces at super sonic speeds on the deck

      • Shy Talk

        I don’t think this aircraft can achieve supersonic speeds at 200 to 500 ft, spec says 608 knots, supersonic is 667 knots, i don’t suppose you’d notice the difference if it flew over your house at that speed

        • Putin Apologist

          Maybe not, but I’m not claiming this bomber is invulnerable, far from it. A MiG31, provided it could find it, could kill it. But seeing it at that low altitude is not an easy thing to do. Even for the massive and powerful radar on MiG31 when it is flying that close to the ground.

          As for the bomber’s speed, it just means it is there and then gone before you know it. The same is true of the Russian Tu160 and Tu22M and the American F111.

          • Lone Ranger

            S-400 would take it out before it can cross the border by far.

      • JIMI JAMES

        REAL AUSSIES KNOW YE STAND NO CHANCE(PERIOD) save it for ye dumb kweer/fake mates! That bomber is a nice work of art though,be a greve shame to waste it
        on trying to do something so stupid,that could very well render it to fireball in shratnell:

    • Goran Grubić HardyVeles

      It is a strategic bomber. They have significant role in modern warfare. It is just that in real situation it has no chance if enemy fighters can reach it. But, that’s why it is a bomber, strategic bomber and not a fighter jet.

    • Bob

      It’s US looking at its theoretical options for aggressive war against Russia. Its important to understand what the Ukrainian-Maiden was really strategically all about – it was US and CIA sponsored political regime change. But real point of regime change operation was to attempt to seize Crimea, and put it under US sphere of influence, and therefore deny Russia its Black Sea base. Without Crimean base Russia would not control the upper Black Sea – which would be disaster for Russia – because then US Navy could approach close enough to southern Russian flank to launch Tomahawk missiles into Urals – at Russian nuclear arsenal in a US first strike aimed at knock-out blow. This is sort of stuff Pentagon strategists and bureaucrats sit around all day fantasizing about. So these US strategic bomber runs across Black Sea are a sort of much lesser alternative Pentagon study, and last ditch approach of clinging onto the same knock-out strike scenario, from what US were hoping to be achievable in future with their naval vessels, in wake of the 2014 Maiden, against Russian southern flank sans its Black Sea fleet.

  • Jetthardy

    Such a lovely view of the sky, spoiled by warplanes having to fly around. Knowing that one day those planes could be used against each other in such beautiful sky makes me sad for humanity as a whole, we should be amongst the clouds in peace, not war.

    • Shit in one hand and wish in the other, see which one fills up first.

  • <>

    How come the bomber is flying alone? where is the backup?

    • I reckon theres probably some kinda SIGINT gathering going on; the B1 doesnt need a backup, it’s just there to get the Russians to respond, everyone knows there wont be any shooting.

      • <>

        Still, I would expect the USAF to escort the B1 with atleast 2 F-35 just incase something goes wrong.

        • Wayne Nicholson

          What could go wrong on a peaceful pleasure cruise along Russia’s southern border. All they have to do is fly straight and level and not approach Russian air space and nothing will happen.

          F-35’s cost upwards of $44,000 / hr to operate and need a week between sorties for maintenance. Even if the Russians blew the aircraft out of the sky what would the F-35’s accomplish if they shot the Russian planes down? Besides starting WW3 that is.

          I’m pretty sure given the shortened projected lifespan of the airframe and the obscene cost of operating them they’d have F-16’s providing cover if they needed them?

        • rightiswrong rightiswrong

          Armed to the teeth, with fuel!

          The only thing that works on the flying turkey.

    • LR captain

      why would bibi use helicopters to attack Syria?

      They want a justification for further aggression.

      • <>

        I agree LR, we didn’t have to use choppers in order to strike targets on the other side of the Golan. We have other options too, less risky. I’m kinda excited now man, there is a high chance we finally have an operation vs Hamas after the annexation on July 1st. Been waiting 6 years for it, my backpack is already ready.

    • Wayne Nicholson

      It’s an intelligence gathering mission. They’re flying alone trying to provoke an interception so they can gather intelligence on Russian air defences or deriving the type of pudding Putin prefers or whatever the spooks feel they need. Their “wingman” is likely in orbit sucking up data.

      • Romeo Pesiao

        I agree.

    • rightiswrong rightiswrong

      That’s what the South Vietnamese said also, lol.

  • Dick Von Dast’Ard
    • Blas de Lezo

      Unable to access my brokerage acaunt if them rooskies had anything to do with it there will be heill to pay.

      • JIMI JAMES

        Who,you and you invalid cent rotted kweer army,dpsht,you wanna try hot war no one will give you better trhan the russians and by god ever such incident were to arise you will be begging to go to hell where you belong,just to allure to the need to cool off,CIA dumb fk!

  • Blas de Lezo

    This is preposterous. Our people are getting infected by the millions and dying by the hundreds of thousands, to Covid and we’re wasting about 75,000 dollars per flight hour on every sortie, on useless shenanigans. All that money would buy universal health insurance for all of us.

    • John Wallace

      Biden is already bought and paid for so no matter who wins the elections nothing will change. Time for Americans to stand up and demand socialised healthcare just like the military get..

      • goingbrokes

        What the military get is forced vaccinations…

        • John Wallace

          Those are too assist in the propaganda mind control indoctrination’s.

    • zman

      Yes, the entire nation could have the same healthcare as the useless POSs in CONgress for a fraction of what is misspent on obsolete or ineffective junk like the F-35CF. But that ain’t gonna happen is it? At least not as long as the public continues to play the 2 party system game. How much do you reckon is spent on those patriotic fly overs at NASCAR races and other sport venues? Most people don’t even know the military pays NASCAR and NFL, etc, for the military displays…not the other way ’round. Gotta keep the sheeple proud, broke and sick…that’s the American way.

    • MikeH

      Dude. COVID is a bad flu season. Stop hyperventilating.


      Serves you well,accusing good peoples,gets no one anywhere in life,indeed fascism is a curse:
      Wisen up,don’t wear mask,don’t believe in vaccine,care for the other + stop accusing innocents!

  • Tommy Jensen

    We have also intercepted Russia’s bombers. Its not only Russia who are intercepting our bombers, we are also doing it.
    This is proof that Kremlin is managing SF with an iron hand, because they dont tell we also have been doing it.

    • John Wallace

      Both sides have been doing it for decades. Just checking the other side is awake and maybe find a flaw..

    • Harold Smith

      The difference is that Russia doesn’t want to return to cold war nonsense; it is being forced to do it in response to relentless provocations by the U.S. “government.”

    • Traiano Welcome