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Russian Fighter Jets Intercept B-52H Bombers Near Border For Second Time In July

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Russian Fighter Jets Intercept B-52H Bombers Near Border For Second Time In July

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In the early hours of July 15th, Russian MiG-31 and Su-35 fighters were scrambled to intercept US strategic bombers over the Bering Sea, Russia’s National Defense Control Center reported.

“On July 15, 2021, Russian airspace control systems detected three aerial targets over the Bering Sea approaching Russia’s state border,” the center said.

It noted that MiG-31 and Su-35 fighters had been scrambled to identify the targets and prevent a violation of the Russian state border. “The Russian fighters’ crews identified the aerial targets as US Air Force B-52H Stratofortress strategic bombers and escorted them over the Bering Sea,” the report said.

After the US strategic bombers made a U-turn from Russia’s state border, the Russian fighters safely returned to their home airfields. Russia’s state border was not violated.

Just two days earlier, a Russian Su-30 fighter was escorted by an American reconnaissance aircraft over the Black Sea.

As explained in the center, the radar airspace control of the air defense on duty of the Southern Military District over the Black Sea found an air target approaching the state border of the Russian Federation.

“To classify an air target and prevent violation of the state border of the Russian Federation, a Su-30 fighter from the air defense forces of the Southern Military District was taken into the air,” the message says.

“The crew of the Russian fighter identified the aerial target as the EP-3E Ares aircraft of the US Air Force and took it for escort,” the message said.

The center stressed that the violation of the state border of Russia was not allowed.

“After the foreign military aircraft turned away from the state border of the Russian Federation, the Russian fighter safely returned to its home base. The flight of the Russian fighter was carried out in strict accordance with international rules for the use of airspace,” the center noted.

10 days earlier, on July 3rd, two Su-27 fighters of the Russian Aerospace Force intercepted a US B-52H strategic bomber in the Baltic Sea.

“The airspace surveillance system detected an air target in the Baltic Sea on 28 August approaching the country’s borders. Two Su-27 fighters were sent to identify the air target and prevent it from breaching the border,” the center said in a statement.

The center specified that it was a B-52H strategic bomber of the United States Air Force.

“After the foreign military aircraft veered away from the Russian border, the fighters returned to their base,” the entity stressed.

The agency has especially emphasized that the Su-27s intervened to prevent the American plane from entering the country’s airspace.


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Lone Ranger

Russia is too polite two Mig-31s at close range could fry it’s onboard electronics with their high powered PESA Fazotron radars, Americants would think twice next time.

Last edited 13 days ago by Lone Ranger
Icarus Tanović

Second one was Su-30.

Lone Ranger

I know, I was only talking in theory because most people aren’t aware that the Mig-31 has the most powerful airborne radar on any jet, it has an electronic attack mode, can burn out chips.


An amazing aircraft. Combat approved documentary.



B-52′ is ancient slow behemoths from 1950’s that would never realistically get anywhere near Russian border in a hot shooting war. So presumably they are being flown toward borders to study how and from where the Russian’s respond. Accordingly, the Russian’s just need to be tactically unpredictable in their responses, to upend these US games.

Last edited 13 days ago by GoldStandard
Icarus Tanović

It is from ’40s, so it is Tupoliev the bear. But they do work.

The Black Terror

It is long overdue for Russia to show the world just how good their R-33, R-27, R-73. etc. air-to-air missiles are. These arrogant, despicable scumbags constantly encroaching on its borders need to be exterminated. Remember, the US and its NATO/EU lapdog vassals will never engage in a real shooting war with Russia.

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