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Russian Experts Visited Alleged Attack Place In Douma, No Traces Of Chemical Weapons Found (Video)

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Russian Experts Visited Alleged Attack Place In Douma, No Traces Of Chemical Weapons Found (Video)

A screenshot from the video

On April 9, experts in radiological, chemical and biological warfare and medics inspected the parts of the town of Douma, located in the Damascus subrub of Eastern Ghouta, where the alleged chemical attack took place on April 7.

Following the inspection, the Russian Ministry revealed that it had found no traces of chemical weapons use. According to the military, photos of victims posted by the so-called White Helmets are fake.

“All these facts show… that no chemical weapons were used in the town of Douma, as it was claimed by the White Helmets,” the military said. “All the accusations brought by the White Helmets, as well as their photos… allegedly showing the victims of the chemical attack, are nothing more than a yet another piece of fake news and an attempt to disrupt the ceasefire.”

Reports about the alleged chemical attack in Douma, which appeared on April 7, triggered a new round of escalation in Syria as the so-called “international community” mostly led by the US and Israel immediately accused the Syrian government of being behind the attack. US President Donald Trump also blamed Russia and Iran and promised that they as well as the Assad government will play a “big price” for the incident.

Early on April 9, Israeli warplanes carried out a strike on the T4 airbase in the Syrian province of Homs develivering some damage to Iranian forces deployed there.

Despite Trump’s threats, the US has taken no military action so far. However, US Defense Secretary James Mattis said that he does not “rule out anything right now” indicating that a miltiary action is still on the table.

Later President Trump said that he will soon decide on potential actions against Syria in response to the alleged chemical weapons use in Douma. According to Trump, the decision will be made within 24-48 hours.

He promised a swift response to the “heinous attack” adding that “this is about humanity and it can’t be allowed to happen.”

“Rinse, Lather, Repeat”: False WMD Accusations as a Tool of Foreign Policy

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Let the OPCW inspectors visit otherwise no one will believe Russia (not that we should put much faith in OPCW impartiality)

Christian Gains

GOOD POINT…as usual A.J.! My sentiments ALSO! Altho I ALSO think that THIS ATTACK might just BE a “dud” bomb…”WARNING” maybe? As for the POCW, I’m leery of that ORG. TIME SHALL TELL!! I HOPE!


I would also ask Chinese experts to accompany the OPCW.

Richard M

OPCW is run by an Erdogan stooge named Uzumcu. Uzumcu is married to Isil. I wouldn’t make that up!


The world must to kill Trumo ! Hes is world idiot ! Because hes war instigator and invalide duck !

Roger Snellman

Seem to recall Obama starting the Syrian war back in 2011. Yet you claim Trump started the war after becoming President in 2017. Guess we will have to agree to disagree.


All true, but what about the invalide duck accusation?


More a quadiaplegic duck.


et voila trump invalid intelligence!

Christian Gains

——————————————————————————————————————————————– RUSSIAN EXPERTS VISITED ALLEGED ATTACK PLACE IN DOUMA, NO TRACES OF CHEMICAL WEAPONS FOUND (VIDEO) ——————————————————————————————————————————————- WELL!!! SEE! I KNEW “time would tell”!!! NO BODY was right!???!!! But, since it’s Russian “experts” & Chemical personnel it’s MUCH MORE LIKELY the truth…SOOOOoooooo, the REAL question NOW IS: Then WTF happened!!??!!???? Who’s playing who for the fool????”………..


Yes cos our zionist troll expects you to believe the West would FORGET to manufacture that vital piece of evidence when all their people were at ground zero (white helmets, SAMS, the SAS) and Russian and Syrian forces were not. This is just how stupid the zionist trolls think you are.


My GOD the Russians are on sight saying there is nothing, and this Trump persist, but he doesn’t know CNN or FOX news still haven’t informed him, as usually he gets the intel from “Social Media” and MSM. Asshole.


Putin cheerleaders and the russophiles who wander around this blog are looking stupider by the hour: The IDF/AF is showing to the world the uselessness of Russian air defence systems, aggravated by the fact that Russian forces deployed in Syria were indeed in a STATE OF COMBAT ALERT as as result of the events that took place in Douma a couple of days ago. In fact, Southfront proudly published hours before this attack an article titled “RUSSIAN FORCES IN SYRIA ARE ON COMBAT ALERT AS US CONSIDERS LIST OF TARGETS TO ATTACK GOVERNMENT FORCES – REPORTS” ( https://southfront.org/russian-forces-in-syria-are-on-combat-alert-as-us-considers-list-of-targets-to-attack-government-forces-reports/ )

Last night, Israeli fighter jets were able to evade Russian-built radars operated either by the Syrians or the Russian military and strike specific targets at T-4 airbase successfully. ALL KREMLIN STATEMENTS CONDEMNING THIS ATTACK ARE SIMPLY EXCUSES DESIGNED TO HIDE THEIR INCOMPETENCY.

J. Walker

Douma is free of head-chopping terrorists, East Ghouta is back in government hands. Who’s incompetent again? Did I mention 6 out of 8 cutting-edge ‘merkan made, ‘zrel improved cruisers were downed by Soviet era SAMS?

Hewal Neutralizer

It’s not like they are useless,pro-Jewish PuTinTin is not willing to use them.


WOW! Did you see that pile of rocks and desert they took out! Or was it Jets, machinery, com towers bodies strewn all over the ground all in a blazing inferno!! YOU are FOS!!

You can call me Al

People don’t know how “female genitalia” like you work – you are a troll or a bot on here to stop proper conversation …..break threads – TOUGH, I am blocking you and I hope others do as well.

You are an American, a hooke nose (or both) or a mere stupid few lines of code – F.O.




Russians air defence system is so useless that IDF is obliged to fly and fire over Lebanon. How can we blame IDF? The terrific and ultra modern S-200 is formidable weapon^^


This news was all the day in al masdar:



Various accounts are pushing this zionist troll site here- so you can take for granted it’ll be selling nothing but disinfo.

Tudor Miron

Well known zio troll is accusing others of being zio troll. You ancient tricks are not working here.

You can call me Al

yep, the good ol American way.

Personally I think they are in advanced panic mode.

(PS – on site …..no offence).


Just a week ago he wanted to pull out but the entire war machine was against it , and then what do you know the dreaded “red line ” was crossed and he has to act again, these false flags are all about keeping the war going, the Skrypal poisoning being another one.

Real Anti-Racist Action

Just as the allies needed a false flag operation to justify their conquest of the indigenous central European tribal peoples. So they made up the gas chamber hoax, which could not stand up in any modern court today ‘except an Israeli one that charges kids slapping armed solders as terrorist’ lol


Southfront hopes you are MORONS. The attack was recorded by SAMS, the American medical NGO that by the most amazing co-incidence just happened to be right next door. SAMS, thanks to Putin, was allowed direct communication with the outside world- so the attack was blogged and videoed pretty much in real-time. The false-flag was executed perfectly.

1) the ‘right’ types of victim (women and kids) were nicely confined in the shelter 2) the nerve agent introduced in the shelter had nowhere to gave save the lungs of the victims 3) American trained medical personel were doors away, so they could be rushed in as soon as the gas was known to have dissapated to ‘safe’ levels. 4) Blood and tissue samples from corpses known to have been poisoned with a nerve agent were collected by SAMS doctors.

You’ll notice zionist trolls here desperate to have me silenced. These trolls have various messages they want to sell you.

1) regardless of any situation, Putin is full of ‘WIN’ (this is the main reason zionists operate in this forum) 2) the West is ‘stupid’ and full of ‘lose’. So of course the Skipel incident wasn’t a false-flag, and of course the daughter wasn’t recruited by MI6 prior to the events. Nah- Boris Johnson is a ‘moron’ , hehe, so don’t you worry you SUCKERS.

3) Turkey is not a major member of NATO 4) NATO members Turkey, France, Britain and America are at odds with one another in Syria, so of course their growing forces can’t be a NATO invasion 5) It is good Putin lets the jews murder Iranians in Syria.

The zionist trolls do nothing but JEWSPLAIN, and dribble meaningless platitudes that they then upvote.

By the way, there’s an easy way to tell a jew troll in a place like this. They’ll never write anything at length, because if they do, under the logic of GAMING THEORY, they’ll reveal too much about who they really are, and the agenda they serve.

No, these jew trolls want you acting like football hooligan supporters- brainlessly screaming your support independent of facts. They are all employed to buy time for the Deep State, knowing that at some point it is too late for Putin to come to his senses.

Anyway ‘world_eye’ tells you there is NO EVIDENCE anything happened in East Ghouta- and this is the zionist psy-op, for that implies that when ANY evidence turns up, it ‘proves’ Russia was lying and by implication that Russia is ‘GUILTY’.

Not being a zionist troll, I point out the West has a ton of PERFECT evidence, for the West manufactures the evidence itself in a classic false flag. But then trolls like ‘world-eye’ will tell you 9/11 was all an illusion, and the planes just holographic projections. Its an old old psy-op technique to poison forums like this one.


You are right. He is a dumb fuck or complicit in Israel aspirations.


Isn’t it amazing that: The IsraHellies KNEW straight away. The U.$. KNEW straight away. The French KNEW straight away. But the Russians are ‘investigating. The Syrians ‘warned’ of a ‘False Flag’ chemical attack.

Why do the ‘people who ‘aren’t there” KNOW what happened, and the people who ARE THERE having to investigate?

It’s a No-Brainer I know but this is an academic question and exposes who the true players in the Syrian War really are.

Christian Gains

WELL!!! SEE! I KNEW “time would tell”!!! NO BODY was right!???!!! But, since it’s Russian “experts” & Chemical personnel it’s MUCH MORE LIKELY the truth…SOOOOoooooo, the REAL question NOW IS: Then WTF happened!!??!!???? Who’s playing who for the fool????”………..


Use this thing called common sense, why would Assad or Putin do anything this Stupid in a war they have already won? The only reason this has not completely ended by now is Globalist BS to take Assad and Putin out! The U.S. is in Syria illegally!


Instead of inspecting, send some serious reinforcements to Syria.


I would suspect it is already on the way. Iran now has good reason to move their defensive missiles to Syria as well now.


The UN Security Council meeting called by Russia is today I think. It will be fascinating to hear their evidence that there is NO evidence on the actual site of the fake attack.


Yes the Russian rep is speaking now – very interesting


“This is about humanity . . .” says Donald Duck. Then why is he and his mob of White House killers slaughtering humanity? Led and said by Israelhell, they are truly entering into the “valley of the shadows of death” and they won’t be coming out. And he supports his filthy butcher friend, Nit-and-Yahoo in his killing of unarmed women and children in Palestine and Gaza? There is no word that can describe these vulgar monsters . . . none . . .

First Lastname

There’s one word: Jews

Richard M

The Globalists are not interested in facts or truth. They have their false flag casus belli and they intend to use it. http://www.elise.com/quotes/hermann_goering_-_the_people_can_always_be_brought_to_the_bidding_of_the_leaders


Good Quote Richard. I like quotes :)


And a compliant media to spread their lies, it is 1984!

Richard M

War is Peace, Ignorance is Strength, Slavery is Freedom. I’d add that lies are truth in the New World Order.


Yyeeeessssss… but isn’t that the POINT. I suppose you’ll be wasting our time telling us that dogs chew bones next?

Funny how you trolls never focus on OUR SIDE- you know where a person might make a difference. But it’s all “keep the pressure off Putin”, and “ensure Putin never changes course”. In other words everything the Deep State wants and needs.

Richard M

Have you been swallowing Tide Pods again? I can’t understand your incoherent ramblings.


Thinking the Russians and Assad are using chemical weapons in a war they all ready won is just plain stupid, why would they do the only thing to draw NATO the U.S. and Israel to Invade Syria? They would have to be a real special kind of stupid! Google this, Gen. Wesley Clark, we`re going to take out 7 countries in 5 years, the idiots are still pushing the Arab Spring, and what did that accomplish? Hundreds of thousands dead and wounded, an invasion of Islamics in the stupid E.U. that will never assimilate destroying them, and a 7 Trillion Dollar bill to pay for us in the U.S. along with our dead and wounded!! YES lets keep this BS up!


Yes, that IS common sense, but since when does common sense have a part to play in the GREAT GAME.

Unlike most of you I watched today’s UN conference- and the Russian guy was just terrible- he utterly humiliated himself (unlike the Syrian who spoke last and was perfect). The worst thing the Russian did was dribble and shake as he proclaimed all the video and photo evidence was “play acting”- just about the WORST thing he could have said.

This is the classic mistake you make when you debate the non-facts of a classic false flag. By accepting the narrative, even in disputing aspects of it, you cannot but help give the narrative validity.

You must ALWAYS take on a false flag TOP DOWN, and never BOTTOM UP as the russian rep at the UN always does. The syrian did this. The syrian called out the jews and the West BY NAME. The syrian reffed the PNAC plan. The hopeless blustering Russian did none of these things.

I KNOW the russian rep is a good guy, a decent guy- but as a politician he is so far out of his depth, it ain’t real. If you watch the UN, the zionist dogs of the West make you wanna vomit- but as crude and vile as the UN reps of the UK and USA are, they psy-op wise, get the job done.


In Veterans Today, Proof: Intel Drop,Trump, Bolton Behind Syria Chemical Attack, Confirmed. This is a good read.


Sorry but how was that definition of insanity again? IT’S NOT ABOUT THE FACTS. Nobody who matters believes Assad carried out a CW attack, so disproving that changes nothing. You are under attack; you either fight back or you choose to be a loser.

Roger Snellman

Let us look at the established facts.

1. 8/21/2013 rockets containing sarin killed more than 300 and injured 1000s in Ghouta. The UN blamed Assad for these attacks on opposition areas in Ghouta. 2. UN Resolution 2118 dated Sept 2013 required Syria to destroy it’s chemical weapons, labs and production facilities by mid 2014. Russia assured the US that Syria would comply in order to avoid massive air attacks and invasion by the West. 3. Assad and Russia claimed they complied with the UN Resolution. 4. Today Syria still has chemical weapon stockpiles, labs and production facilities. This issue is, are purported chemical weapons attacks, deaths and injuries Syrian violations of the agreement or propaganda from the West. Either way because of Assad’s history of producing and using chemical weapons he will be blamed. Now the West will slowly rise to exact revenge on Assad.


You would not know a real fact Roger even if that fact was your boyfriends penis ramming up your useless arse with some Sarin as lube.

Don’t bother with your nonsense here. You know full well the chemical attacks are the work of US proxy terrorists and NATO special forces advisers. The latest ‘attack’ did not happen at all. It was all a fake to enable your semi literate carpetbagger President to do what his masters in Israel tell him to do.

Barry Smart

Roger. Can you point me to a reliable source for your “established fact” about Syria in 4.


Al Nusra was busted in possession of 2 Kilos of Sarin before Obama`s Red Line BS! Now, tell me genius, why would Assad want to invite the whole stinking world to take him down for gassing his people? He has won the war against the U.S. Saudi and Israeli sponsored Terrorist groups Al Qaeda, Al Nusra, ISIS, ISIL, etc! Yes that’s right! Only a boob with no comprehension of basic logic would believe anything else, Occam’s Razor! The Syrian Civil War is total BS it was a paid for foreign Invasion of Sunni Terrorist! How`s them apples pal?

Roger Snellman

I understand your command of the English language is sketchy. Please read my post slowly. I never said Assad did the attack back in 2013. I said the UN blamed Assad for the attack. Assad screwed up by not getting rid of all chemical weapons back in 2014. I did say he will be blamed for every chemical attack on his opposition within Syria.


The established facts are that a terrorists chemical lab was discovered just last month in Eastern Ghouta only about 2 miles from where Saturday’s alleged chemical attack took place in Douma.

Here is your established fact : https://www.rt.com/op-ed/421515-ghouta-syria-chemical-weapons/ …

Roger Snellman

Hard to believe a small terrorist group has the technology to manufacture sarin then sets up a lab and manufacturing facility right under Assad’s nose. Finally they do not use the chemical weapon against Damascus which is 10 minutes away. Instead they attack their own women and children. Unfortunately the real facts may never be knows and in reality do not matter. The world of public opinion says Assad is guilty as charged.

Tudor Miron

Shlomo, what you call facts is nothing other than your ill fantasies https://youtu.be/VeznZrkwJf8

Roger Snellman

I am skeptical too until all the data comes out which it never will. Hard to trust any of the players involved in this. Unfortunately for Assad they are coming after him. He should have gotten rid of his chemical weapons like he promised.

Tudor Miron

Trolly if you don’t know something that doesn’t mean that others don’t. US themself admitted that they themself carryed all Assad’s chemical weapons on US ship . It is documented fact (signed by US). Now that’s US is the country which didn’t fulfill its international obligations and didn’t destroy it’s CW stockpile yet. Than there’s qui bono for those that have a couple of brain cells. But you don’t seem to be interested in actual thruth. Insteed you try to feed as BS claiming it to be facts. Watch the video again, trolly. Earn your shekels.

US-Navy Revert Shia

What a Sham going on in the UN ..it is a COMPLETE Circle Jerk Nikki ‘Scumbag’ Hailey is talking right now she says she can show pictures but she won’t instead the cunt is going into Verbal Masturbation


Yeah usual emotive language blaming Assad & Russia, constant use of word regime. Assad is guilty already no investigation needed

You can call me Al

Well he / she is a Yanker.



They have the evidence- because they manufactured it by poisoning the civilians in the shelter themselves. Yet the zionist trolls would have you believe that when the West controlled the ground in East Ghouta with multiple agencies (SAS, SAMS and the white helmets), they would develop a ‘conscience’ and refuse to poison the women and kids.

How to spot a zionist troll? They’ll always imply their (real) side is ‘too human’ to carry out an atrocity for effect.

danny j

Innocent people, most especially children do seem to have been murdered in the production of these propaganda videos, wherever and whenever those videos were created.

These terrorists have kidnapped and murdered children many times in the past. Reports by real medical professionals find that as many as 20,000 children have been murdered to harvest their valuable organs.

If y’all can stomach it, watch this examination by real medical doctors of an earlier White helmets’ “rescue” of an innocent little baby.



After listening to the UN live translated speeches , particularly from Africa, it appears that the speeches were written by the UK or US. The Use of words appears more British.

Were pre written speeches given to the African nations by the British ?


It`s known as Globalists approved NEWS SPEAK right out of H.G.Wells 1984, the same crap you get on the TV news every night.

George Georgiou

We ‘ve reached the point of no return I guess… Logic, the law, equality mean nothing so war is the only option for communication lol… The nazis are back. I hope the extra time Russia had to prepare for the “final” battle was enough to grant a chance to win this.


Why isn’t there an open invitation for Western journalists to investigate for themselves?


Exactly …. Russia should bring in the journalists as well as UN Inspectors. They need to buy some time until things cool down. This might allow Trump to back down and save face.


There is but one must enter the country legally, not through Turkey, the US, France or Jordan.


why let them visit. it’s like letting in the guy who murdered your kids into your house

Jim Prendergast

NYT, WaPo, CNN ~ are losing viewers and sponsors. It is over. Don’t slam the door behind you.


“Later President Trump said that he will soon decide on potential actions against Syria in response to the alleged chemical weapons use in Douma. According to Trump, the decision will be made within 24-48 hours”…Hey Trump, What are you going to do when you find out that it was the DEEP STATE TERRORIST THE ONE USING CHEMICALS WEAPONS?

Keyser Soze

It was the False Flag everyone was waiting for.

The Israeli’s are determined to get the US involved. The USS Donald Cook is now sitting off the Syrian coast as bait. Remember the USS Liberty? Gulf of Tonkin? Don’t be at all surprised if it gets hit or something equally serious occurs. The powderkeg is there. It just needs the fuse lit. The Kikes are rabid. They’re running out of time. ISIS is a failure.

The MSM is pumping out propaganda at full speed. The world is awake. The Zionist created UN is foaming at the mouth with lies to get world opinion against the Syrian’s and Russians. Same old tune.


they will find chemical weapons in Iraq first and then in Syria



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