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Russian Experts Helped To Organize Anti-Epidemic Regime In Temporary Medical Center For Patients With Coronavirus Infection In Krushevac

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Russian Experts Helped To Organize Anti-Epidemic Regime In Temporary Medical Center For Patients With Coronavirus Infection In Krushevac

IMAGE: mil.ru

The Russian Defense Ministry reported on April 22 (source):

Russian epidemiologists have assessed the organization of an anti-epidemic regime in a temporary medical center for patients with coronavirus infection, deployed in the city sports complex of Krushevac, Republic of Serbia. Temporary barriers have been installed on the territory of the sports facility, dividing the internal space into wards to isolate patients from each other. Each ward is equipped with special hospital beds and modern medical equipment. All medical and service personnel have received anti-epidemic training. The center is intended for isolation and treatment of patients with only moderate and light severity of the disease. Patients with the severe stage are treated in specialized medical institutions of the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Defence of Serbia.

This is the third time that Russian specialists have visited medical institutions in Krushevac and assessed the implementation of previous recommendations on the organization of reception and sorting of incoming patients, compliance with the anti-epidemic regime, catering and disposal of infected medical waste.

Joint disinfection measures are being carried out by combined Russian-Serbian crews. During the day, 27 objects were processed in the cities of Belgrade, Novi-Pazar and Prokuplje.

Two medical and nursing teams took part in the examination and treatment of 29 patients infected with COVID-19 in hospitals in the cities of Novi-Pazar and Aleksenac. Russian military doctors conducted an assessment and analysis of the epidemiological situation, gave recommendations for carrying out anti-epidemic measures in medical institutions in the cities of Belgrade, Zrenjanin and Kurshumlija.

In total, the Russian combined unit operating in the Republic of Serbia carried out a set of disinfection measures at 81 sites in 14 cities of the Republic of Serbia (Belgrade, Nis, Valevo, Backa-Topola, Krusevac, Chupria, Palic, Novi-Sad, Pancevo, Blac, Pozarevac, Smederevo, Novi-Pazar, Prokuplje), including: more than 170 buildings and structures with a total area of more than 820 thousand square meters, paved road sections-49, with a total area of about 375 thousand square meters. Military medics examined and participated in the treatment of half a thousand patients infected with COVID-19.

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cechas vodobenikov

amerikans steal masks designed for export to France and Germany; Russia and China provide equipment to other nations to improve health—amerikans r the most obese, least healthy people on earth—a backward people without universal health care
USA: 43,000 covid related deaths
Russia 600
China approx 4000


Still, Covid is highly exaggerated and is used by the elites to contain us all.

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