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Russian Duma Speaker Rebukes Economy Minister In Another Sign Of Crisis Within Russian Elites


Russian Duma Speaker Rebukes Economy Minister In Another Sign Of Crisis Within Russian Elites

Maksim Oreshkin. IMAGE: Vladimir Fedorenko/RIA Novosti

On March 6, Speaker of the Russian State Duma Vyacheslav Volodin halted an appearance by Economic Development Minister Maksim Oreshkin and told him to come back more prepared another timeAccording to veteran legislator Vladimir Zhirinovsky, the interruption was the first of its kind in 20 years.

The situation was caused by Oreshkin’s report on the country’s economic prospects. Volodin stressed that Oleshkin came unprepared and was being too vague.

Let’s stay away from general talk. Let’s us talk about goals, about problems that may hinder implementation of those goals, and about our common responsibility,” Volodin said. “We can achieve success when our annual economic growth is 3 percent. Last year we ended with 2.3 percent, and now we have been given a prognosis of about 1.3%. Where is the development?”

Voloding said that other ministers who have reported to the State Duma have laid out “visions of the future with concrete positions”. However, Oreshkin, who is responsible for economic growth and development, was not so concrete.

“If we are not ready for that approach, it would be better for us to postpone the discussions,” Volodin stressed adding that Oreshkin should come back in late March-early April for the discussion.

The speaker recalled that the government has allocated significant amounts of money for economic programs and accused Oreshkin’s ministry of delaying their implementation.

The March 6 incident is another sign of the crisis within the Russian elite, in particular between the so-called “liberal bloc”, including persons affilated with transnational elites, and the state-minded [formally “patriotic”] part of the elite. Oreshkin, who has been serving as the Minister for Economic Development since November 2016, is an obvious member of the “liberal bloc”.

Actions of the State Duma speaker were likely directed by President Vladimir Putin and were a reaction to the improper execution of national programs. It appears that members of the “liberal bloc”, which in fact controls the enocomic bloc of the Russina government, are sabotaging them.

The observed situation means that the Russian economic is facing notable difficulties and Putin has started emplyoing a hands-on management in this field.

It’s also important to recall the reasons behind the decision to interupt Oreshkin’s report:

  • The report was too vague. Volodin said that Oreshkin must provide an analysis of the situation and concrete steps;
  • The amount of funds, which was spent on national programs and project. These funds were already allocated by the government, but the Economic Development Ministry said that less than 10% of them had been spent by March. The rest of the allocated amount cannot be spent because preparation works have not been finished;
  • The report was focused on small business and provided no comprehensive details into the national projects and programs in other fields, in particular the real sector of the economy.

In the current situation, it appears that if the government employs urgent mearues, it will be able to start wroks in the framework of the aforementioned national projects and programs not earlier than in the second half of 2019. If no urgent mearues are employed, this will likely be delayed to the last quarter of 2019. These delays come amid the slowing growth of the Russian economic and a constant threat of new round of anti-Russian sanctions from the US and its allies.

Some experts ask why has not the “libral bloc”, first of all people like Oreshkin, been removed from the power? So far, the only answer has been that there are not enough candidates and teams not affilated with this faction of the Russian elite. It’s interesting to note that many of the Russian economists graduated from the National Research University Higher School of Economics (NRUHSE). The NRUHSE is well known for its support of international financial institutions and economic management approaches promoted by them.




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  • BMWA1

    Good, get rid of the old school

    • Zionism = EVIL

      Putin is part of the old school Jew oligarchs. Russia is indeed in a sad state and needs another revolution or a nationalistic leader. Putin is corrupt to the core and has sold Russia to his western “partners” and Jew oligarchs.

      • BMWA1

        Staircase has many steps, must get through middle steps (Putin) before getting further.

        • Zionism = EVIL

          Yes, for Russia’s sake lets hope so. First it was the disgusting drunk CIA stooge Yelstin and then the Jew Oligarchs pick Putin. Russia deserves better than these criminals. Russian people need to take charge of their destiny and get rid of the Jew McMafia and ex-KGB hacks.

  • SFC Steven M Barry USA RET

    “…It appears that members of the “liberal bloc”, which in fact controls
    the economic bloc of the Russian government, are sabotaging them.”

    Arrest them, charge them with sedition and treason, and send them to the Gulag. Shoot the more high profile ones as an “example to others.” Then ruthlessly suppress the remainder of the “liberal bloc.”

    • seawolf

      The liberal block is representing the oligarchs and Putin is not so strong to go against them. Otherwise he could do it. Now I wait for Miron and Jeko to respond lol

      • Daniel Miller

        oh he is but he is doing it slowly

        • Zionism = EVIL

          Belgian carnival float features puppets of grinning Jews, a rat and money bags

    • Zionism = EVIL

      Russia is a corrupt Jew controlled cesspool and Putin and his KGB McMAFIA have bankrupted them. Watch an excellent Brit produced show McMafia on how deeply the Zionists are entrenched in Russia and control everything from human trafficking to running drugs from Afghanistan. Every Jew oligarch has a Zionist passport from Occupied Palestine, they own mansions in UK and Cyprus and have their children and money parked in the west. Putin’s billions and corrupt daughters live in the west and his spokesman’s daughter just got a job with the EU in Brussels. Russia is a friggin joke.

  • neil barron

    I as an American who lives fiscal responsibility knows that the (international financial institutions and economic management approaches promoted by them.). sucks because they are liberals and money grows on trees for them. You would do well to start educating more people to understand there other ways to fiscal responsibilities and economics.
    Conservatives generally do better on handling money. Example here in Michigan a new Governor was elected, a leftist Democrat woman. Yesterday she rolled out her new plan to fix and upgrade the infrastructure here in Michigan. Tax on gas to be increased by .45 cents and spend a ungodly amount of money. Right when the state has worked it’s way out of 10 year recession and is starting to get ahold on its future. This the way liberal leftist screw up an economy, just like the last Woman Democrat Govern and put us in $15 Billion dollar debt.
    This the best I can write in regards to this article.

    • BMWA1

      Issue here seems to be resistance to infrastructure improvements, something someone in Michigan should appreciate.

    • Daimler (NSDA-PARTY)

      As an American you have no damn clue what’s going on in Russia. I don’t want to offend you, but you sound like the typical Putin-lover.

      • Zionism = EVIL

        Exactly, Putin is corrupt hack for the Jew oligarchs. Watch a British produced very factual show called McMafia and how the so-called pretend Jews control Russian politics, crime and foreign policy. Putin was an ignorant low level KGB major with no real overseas experience but a third rate posting in Dresden GDR where even the idiot failed to see the Berlin Wall crumbling. Putin is a corrupt patsy for the Jew oligarchs that are plundering Russia and impoverishing its people. Watch a BBC documentary by Stacey Dooley on how poor Russian peasants are selling their daughters to Jew human trafficking gangs just to survive. Drunken domestic violence in Russia is the worst and over a million Russian girls are trafficked by the Jews to Occupied Palestine, Europe, Dubai, Qatar and North America. Russia is in a pathetic state with an economy smaller than Italy’s.

    • purplelibraryguy

      Conservatives always talk as if deficits will make the sky fall . . . until they get into power, at which point they dump revenue through the floor and create huge deficits. Mainly by cutting taxes on the rich and corporations. I don’t know how the stats work out in the US, but in Canada where I live, analysis of the records of federal and provincial governments show the Conservatives with the worst records for deficits, the centrist Liberals next, and the left-of-centre NDP as the most fiscally responsible. It’s not even very close.

      In other news, there is no such thing as a leftist Democrat governor. Democratic governors are corporatist one and all.

  • Luke Hemmming

    We all know government’s around the world are wasteful and careless of our taxes but Russia is like the rest of the world, going through an economic slow down. Here in Australia we are currently slowing down and just the other day it was said that if it wasn’t for population growth we would have been in the start of a recession. The IMF just today forecasts a world economy slowdown. Sometimes these things are out of the legislators hand and controlled by more powetful forces. Forces that are out of the reach of any country’s law and justice systems. This is of course the biggest bank in the world’, the BIS. The bank that controls all banks because it sets the lending rates to the central bank’s of the world who then sets the lending rates to the smaller banks.

    • Zionism = EVIL

      Australia is run by the same Goldman Sachs Jew criminals.