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Russian Drone Footage Shows Turkish Military Convoy Moving In Idlib De-escalation Zone


On February 12, the Russian Defense Ministry released a video of a large Turkish military convoy deploying in Syria’s Idlib.

The video, which was filmed by a Russian unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), shows dozens of Turkish military vehicles moving in Idlib’s de-escalation zone.

The Russian MoD held Turkey responsible for the current crisis in Idlib. In an official statement, the ministry said that Ankara didn’t fulfil its commitments within the 2018 Sochi agreement. The ministry added that deployment of more weapons and personnel in Idlib could only escalate the situation.

Hundreds of battle tanks, armored vehicles, rocket launchers and artillery pieces of the Turkish Armed Forces were deployed in Greater Idlib over the last few weeks. The Turkish military also established several new positions in the Syrian region, apparently without coordination with Russia or Damascus.

Turkey had committed to stabilize the situation in Greater Idlib, reopen strategic highways and expel terrorist elements from the region. However, the exact opposite happened. Turkish President even threatened the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) with military action if it doesn’t withdraw from recently-liberated areas in the region.

If Ankara moves to implement its military threats against Syria, a direct confrontation between the Turkish military and the Syrian Army could take place in Greater Idlib in the coming weeks.

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