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Russian Diplomat: Iranian Forces Withdrew Their Heavy Weapons 85km Away From Occupied Golan Heights

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Russian Diplomat: Iranian Forces Withdrew Their Heavy Weapons 85km Away From Occupied Golan Heights

Iranian-backed forces are massing around Deir Ezzor city

On August 1, Russia’s Presidential Special Envoy to Syria Alexander Lavrentyev said that Iranian forces have withdrawn their heavy weapons to a distance of 85km from the occupied Golan Heights.

“The Iranians withdrew and the Shi’ite formations are not there,” TASS news agency quoted Lavrentiev as saying.

Lavrentyev added that some Iranian military advisors could be among the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) units near the separation line with the occupied Golan Heights. However, he stressed that no heavy weapons that could pose a threat to Israel at a distance of 85km from the line.

“We have reached stability and security in most regions, from Homs to Palmyra… and other areas where terror was established with logistical and financial support over seven and a half years ago,” Lavrentiev said.

This week, the SAA imposed control of the southern governorates of Daraa and al-Quneitra after a successful large-scale military operation against radical militants there.

During the recent months, several sources reported that Russia and Israel are negotiating a deal that would force Iran to withdraw its troops away from the separation line. While senior Israeli officials said that they would only accept a full Iranian withdrawal from Syria, Lavrentiev’s statement reveals that Israel has settled for less.

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leon mc pilibin

So the Israhellis should withdraw from occupied Syrian Golan Heights,and return to occupied Palestine

Promitheas Apollonious

left to be seen

Rafik Chauhan

why Russian dint told Israeli to withdraw from golan then only iran force will withdraw from Syria. Russian cannot play one side role to satisfy Israeli Golan is occupied syrian territory.


Why would Russia do that? Russia isn’t an ally of the Syrian regime because it likes the regime or any Arab or Syrian cause; Russia backs the regime because it needs to defend its own interests in Syria. At the same time, a Russian petrol company has contracts with Israel over the extraction of oil off the coast. That means Russia will make sure nothing endangers Israel. Why do you think Russia sells S 400 to the likes of Turkey and Saudi Arabia but not to Syria? Because Israel would veto it.

Kire Stojanovski

Israel can’t veto Russia, and can’t tell it to whom to sell weapons and to whom not. And nobody can. Russia isn’t following Israel orders, isn’t following anyone’s orders. The reason why it isn’t selling S-400 or not even S-300 to Syria is peacekeeping. If Syria has S-300, that would mean it can impose a no fly zone over Israel at any moment it would wish. And that would present a big temptation for Syria to start another war against Israel, in which it would have great chances for wining, which would push Israel and it’s allies (US) into escalating that war into a third world war, especially having in sight that Israel and Syria never signed a peace treaty, formally, they are still in a state of war, and Syria still hasn’t recognised Israel. Which has justified reasons because in fact, Israel is a state of immigrants – Jews, on a former Syrian territory – Palestine. There are also other countries on a former Syrian territory – Lebanon, Jordan (even today 85% of it’s territory is assigned to the “Syrian desert”, while the rest 15% being only inhabited oasis in that very same desert) and Iraq – they are all part of the region known as “Wider Syria” or historically – Mesopotamia, but none of them is a land grabed by immigrants as Israel is, they stayed in the hands of it’s indigenous people.

Free man

Russia and Putin serve their own interests.
The Russian interest is to be on good terms with both Israel and Iran.
All the rest are meaningless words.
It’s a good thing that Assad doesn’t share your thought that he could defeat Israel in a war.

Joseph Scott

You know that the last time Syria fought Israel in 1982 the Israelis had a 6 to 1 advantage in per-person casualty exchange rates? Even if the SAA had doubled in quality during this war, that would leave them at a serious disadvantage, and they’ve lost a lot of heavy equipment. In 1973, the combined forces of Syria, Jordan, Iraq and Egypt had only just fought the Israelis to a stalement in the Golan, and the IDF was still advancing on Cairo when the ceasefire came. The Syrians are going to need a lot more than some experience fighting Salafist militia to be capable of a one-on-one fight with Israel.

Kire Stojanovski

The S-300 would be enough of yours “a lot more”, I think. IF they get it, then all the Israeli warplanes would be grounded, and without air superiority, any war is hard to be won. I emphasized IF because I’ve said the same in the previous comment also, but obviously you didn’t read it well, both of you @disqus_7FVwwc7ERh:disqus and @disqus_Pc3Cb9N8pN:disqus .

Joseph Scott

A system is only as good as it’s operators, and, while the S-300 is very capable, it’s not invincible. Giving Syria some S-300s would not ground the IAF, it would just expose it to more risk in operations. They have dealt with sophisticated air defence nets in the past. You may recall that in 1973, the IAF was surprised by the power of the Egyptian air defence net, back when S-75s, SA-3s and I-Hawks were advanced systems, and their response was to conduct a sustained attack against it until it was seriously degraded.

If we are talking about a fight for the Golan Heights, the Israelis consider that territory integral to the defence of Israel, and basically ‘theirs’ We can debate the morality, ethics or legality of that point of view all day, but that’s how the Israelis look at it. Consequently, in a fight for the Golan, the IAF will be willing to sustain losses, and the Israeli public will be sympathetic in way that they wouldn’t be for an incursion into the rest of Syria or Lebanon or something. The IAF is capable of destroying a Syrian air defence net based around S-300s, and if it comes to fighting for the Golan, they would do so regardless of aircraft losses necessary to accomplish it.

Free man

Kire I have a feeling you don’t like me (-;
and you confuse me with others .
Is it because I write in support of Putin and Russia or because I oppose what the mullahs regime are planning in Syria ? Or because I reveal the truth in SF?
Good day druzhok.


Just one step at a time. As world see US, UK and their proxies ISIS and Israel are losing step by step, so just wait. Soon world will see the end of bomb explosions in between parties.


The IDF is the army of pedophile rape. It should be disarmed and disbanded as part of dejudifying and unifying Palestine. Like Egypt and Gaza were dejudified.

The West Bank barrier wall and Gaza fence should be torn down and Palestinians in Gaza, the West Bank, Syria, Jorden and Lebanon allowed to return home to help with dejudification and the removal of Jew squatters and land thieves from Palestine.

Carne João Pasta

Please explain why this word, ‘pedophile’, is always thrown around when describing various Western institutions or elites?? How are they child lovers? Most they appear to be to me are child killers, destroyers of children and their lives.

Pedophobes, haters of children would be more precise.


The Jews rape 1,000 children every week during blood sucking rituals where Jew pedophiles rape the children, infect them with venereal disease, brain damage and murder them. Read up on Jewish “circumcision”.

Free man

Pedophiles see pedophiles everywhere.
Just as liars see liars everywhere.
And as repressed homosexuals see gays everywhere.
Each one and hes complex.


Its a long way to peace, we all have to be patient, Russian foreign policy so far is on the right track.


Absolutely agree. Many users do not, in my opinion, think about and honor the hard diplomatic work of the Russians in the background that took place the last years. They did a fantastic job handling all these raging factions and stateleaders.

Free man

The Russians manage to be on good terms with all the important players in this campaign / war.
It’s no less than genius.


Only losers will have friendship with US, UK and Israel. Putin is not a loser rather he is a winner.

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