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Russian Defense Source Says Saudi Air Defense Systems Are Ineffective

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Russian Defense Source Says Saudi Air Defense Systems Are Ineffective

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Saudi Arabia’s U.S.-made air-defense systems failed to repel the Abqaiq–Khurais attack because they fall short of the declared parameters, a senior source at the Ministry of Defense of Russia told the media on September 19.

The Russian official said that Saudi Arabia has 36 PAC-2 and 52 newer PAC-3 Patriots, adding that three U.S. destroyers armed with the air defense system Aegis and 100 missiles SM-2 were present near the Kingdom’s shores in the time of the attack.

According to US and Saudi sources, the attack was carried out with dozens of cruise missiles and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs).

The question arises how come such a strong air defense let through dozens of drones and cruise missiles? There can be only one reason for this: the much-advertised US systems Patriot and Aegis fall short of the officially declared parameters. Their effectiveness against small air targets and cruise missiles is low … they are unprepared for repelling the enemy’s massive air attacks in real combat situations,” the source said, according to the Russian news agency, TASS.

U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo commented on the failure of U.S.-made systems by saying that “even the best air defenses sometimes fail.” The Russian official said that Pompeo’s excuses might be accepted only if a single Patriot system protecting an attacked facility was involved.

The attack caused severe damage in Abqaiq and Khurais facilities, hindering Saudi Arabia’s oil exports for days. Recent reports said that the Kingdom is now seeking South Korea’s help to improve its air-defense capabilities.

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Tiresia Branding

if I were a Japanese or a South Korean I would be very worried about being (un)protected by Patriots LOL
is it also interesting that MbS has not asked Israel for help: Iron Dome or Iron Colander? Huh


American Air Defense systems are very good, (not comparing them to anything though), the Saudi attack is so confusing because it was carried out by American forces in protest for the firing of Mr B. by Trump. What Mr. B always wanted is now becoming more likely.

Tiresia Branding

1) American forces don’t like warmongers
2) No one would hurt the most lucrative US industry in the face of their best buyer for a futile reason
3) conclusion: American air defence systems are crap, and is not by now that all knows

Concrete Mike

Bullshit!!! This was a yemeni army operation through on through

Give them credit for a good job ,come on man!!!

Xoli Xoli

Honestly it make since.Bolton and Pompeo desire was executed by Israel M16 and USA CIA But the point remains whether their orchestrated which is true still Saudi Arabia defence system is in effective. Cause it failed to detect automatically.

Pompeo quick accusations tells the whole world that it was indeed committed internally.Remember USA NATO and Israel special forces are in both Saudi Arabia and Yemeni.

Tensions between UAE rebels and Saudi Arabia rebels are created by USANATO,Israel special force.This is after Saudi and UAE oil tankers sabotage by USA NATO and Israel were not supported fully by the kingdoms base on their intelligence outcome.

Israel has included desperately Saudis in Al Bukamal attack.Just to block Trump Rouhani meeting and severe ties completely between Saudi and Iran.

You can call me Al

+ the UK, we have that crap as well.


US weapons systems are mostly Hollywood hype and in the real world, America has lost every war.

White American Patriot

The S400 is 0-400 against Israeli drones

Israel killed 15 Russians right next to the Russian base in Latakia and the S400’s there did fuck all against an F16 let alone an F22


Ziønist šhill

Israel hasn’t dared to fly directly over Syria you lying sack of shit.

(((white american patriot)))


First off the S-400 doesn’t engage drones ….. point defence systems like Tor and Pantsir do that.

Second the Israeli “attack” consisted of the F-16 hiding behind a defenceless Russian surveillance aircraft that was trying to land. The Russian plane was it by a Syrian missile not any kind of IDF weapon. The only reason the Russian aircraft was in the air was because the Israeli’s failed to inform the Russians that they operating in the area through the deconfliction line.

So yea, if you want claim victory over a cowardly, deceitful, tragic incident and go further to use it as proof of technical superiority over a weapon that wasn’t even engaged at the time be my guest hoverer it tells us more about who you are than it does about the incident itself.

White American Patriot

That fake S200 story came from CNN and the Russians claim their ELINT plane couldn’t detect a fucking F16 right behind them LOOL

Israel shot down the Il20 and Russia pussied out and sent more shitty air units to Syria which don’t work anyways


That makes no sense why would Israel being targeting a Russian spy plane – both countries are not exactly enemies.


Patriot sucks big time. :)


They were making a landing approach for fuck sake. Of course the Russians detected the F-16 ….. why the fuck do you think it was trying to land.

Israel didn’t attack the Russians and they won’t. There are more Russian speaking Israelis than any other ethnicity and it’s a favorite retirement spot for Russians today. They even cooperate on weapons development and arms sales.

Even politico, which is very critical about anything Russian admits Russia and Israel have close ties …. the ties are even closer than Politico admits https://thehill.com/opinion/international/388217-russia-and-israel-friends-with-benefits


And that’s why Russia is winning in Syria, effectively pushing the US and their ISIS proxies out because their weapons are crap. You dumbarse!

Jimmy Jim

comment image

Real Anti-Racist Action

This Jew pretending to be ie(((white american patriot))) has a nude photo of a girl nailed to die as profile picture. It violates disqus rules.
#1 Simply flag this person, scroll down and select ‘inappropriate images’
Lets get this Zionist shill deleted for good.

Concrete Mike

Done !

Damien C

They fired from a neighbouring country, they fly low into another country steep climb to launch height fire then duck and run, if the lebanese hills were not there israel would be short a lot of planes.
Also the Russians banned the Syrian Air Defence from using the s300 until very recently, they were using the BUK and s200 built in the 1960s and they still knocked the shit out of American tomahawks when they tried to launch an attack

White American Patriot

Ahhh that’s cute you can defeat S400 as easy as having some hills




Many now think that Patriot is retarded. :D

Luke Hemmming

I loved how Hezbollah’s antitank missiles destroyed a IDF piece of shit armoured vehicle and BBQ’ed an IDF general. What’s that smell? Oh BBQ’ed Jew. Nom nom nom. Bwahahahaha


Saudi Patriots cant even hit slow moving cheap drones lol


another troll ziojew retard blocked


ni66a your IQ is 004. Israelis didn’t kill 15 Russians, they never attacked the russian plane, they tricked incompetent Syrian AD to do so. Dirty trick typical for zios, they promised never to attack russian planes (even if they violate Israeli airspace) and strictly speaking – they didn’t. S200 is good enough to destroy F16, S300/400 is an overkill, while F22 cRaptor is a broken, useless pile of manure (just as your monkey brain). Keep trolling moron.

Concrete Mike

Your air defenses cant stop a.home.made drone made by the poorest people on earth, the yemeni people.

These drone have been hitting thensaudi pigs for weeks you inbred morron!

Go fuck yourself coward!

J Ramirez

The patriot did nothing for the Saudis, they along with the Jews did 9/11 and the Americans didn’t do shit, Oh wait, they had their hand in that too. Eat shit white boy ;} I mean White Americunt Terrorist!


That only occurred because the IAF F-16’s hid behind a Russian AWACS aircraft – they put the flying Russian aircraft between themselves and the SAM systems, in total violation of the agreed parameters with Russians over regional flight protocols. The IAF excel at cheap, short term, tactical stunts like this – which have been ordered by (the outgoing) Netanyahu, essentially for his domestic Israeli political gains. This sort of stunt tends to draw longer term responses from the actual adults in the room.

Tommy Jensen

Russia should shut their big mouth about Americas air-defenses, and instead tell the world why Israel and everybody could bomb inside Syria for years with Russias S-300 and S-400 standing idle???

Ziønist šhill

They stayed outside it’s range and fired from standoff distance. Nice try though ;)


1. Russian air defences defend Russian assets, not Syrian.

2. Israel attacks Syria from Lebanese airspace. The Syrians won’t risk shooting down IAF aircraft over Lebanon for reasons any civilized person would understand. Instead they allow the Israeli planes launch their glide bombs and missiles and engage them very effectively with point defences. Israel claims victory if even one of their missiles reaches the ground.

Israel has no problem hiding behind a shield of Lebanese civilians and international air traffic and you seem to take great pleasure crowing about their “achievement”.

As far as the Patriot missile is concerned this shot was registered as a kill. Apparently there was a Houti missile hiding in a residential neighborhood. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YS4i2InVB-Y

White American Patriot

Because S400 is garbage that has never shot down a plane before


If it were garbage would Turkey have paid over 2 billion for one, India is also looking at buying, even Saudi!


Patriot sucks. :)

Tudor Miron

Both of them :)


Yes, I was making 2 statements.
Not smart of him to talk trash about Russian AD with a name like that. :)

Tudor Miron

Better tell us the how good are us made patriots :)

Real Anti-Racist Action

lol Saudi Arabia and Syria are both suffering from the same afflictions. Both have shitty suppliers.
Only Iran’s Bavar 373 can be the cure!


That’s racist ya know.

Ford Fairlane

Next they should target Bin Salmans palace.


Why would anyone want to get rid of the Clown Prince. He is excreta incarnate.


Hahaha… Clown prince. I like that.

Marcelo Norambuena

When an anglophilic troll cry against Russian military equipment, remarking the supposed shit quality of these systems instead of highlighting the glorious perfection of the American ones, is when you realize that Americans systems are “highly likely” commercial trash.

Fred Dozer

Back to pre-attack production ? Yet the entire world is paying higher prices for fuel. Trump said US does not need fuel from Middle East, because US is number one producer. We in the US have seen a 10% increase at the pumps. Maybe the US planned the attack. A look at oil stock trading, before the attack, could provide the world with foreknowledge. They had the same for the 911 attacks, and government, refused to release data, The records were held in Building # 7, destroyed, but recovered by a German Co. Government claims their were many known innonencents on the list of traders. Warren Buffett was one.


“Saudi Arabia’s ability to avert a global oil supply crunch will only become clear in a few weeks, because for now its crude held in storage can fill the gap and mask the scale of damage to its facilities, traders and analysts say.”


Saudi-Zionistwahabi-scum is a bunch crying babies with $$$ on their hands.

Romeo Pesiao

Maybe likely it failed. But what about the S-300, is it effective to the Israeli jets attacking Syria frequently..???

cechas vodobenikov

obviously–SA depends upon US trash…aegis and fake patriots…and instead of attacking Iran whom they blame they attack Houthi civilians w US f-16 planes

AM Hants

I love what President Putin said, with President Erdogan and President Rouhani, by his side, during the Syrian peace talks, relating to Saudi not having Russian defence systems. It was seriously funny. Don’t the US provide Saudi with everything she needs, whether defence requirements, or for offensive missions, as shown in Yemen?

In the meantime, I do not know whether to laugh or cry, at US Commanders stupidity.

Does anybody remember the USS Donald Cook, when it got shut down in the Black Sea, trying to get too close to Crimea, by a Russian Whicker Basket? Then the same thing happened in the Baltic Sea, when it got too close to Khaliningrad? Ironically, the same thing also happened to the US Aircraft Carrier, USS Theodore Roosevelt, when she also got too close to Khaliningrad.

Well, what are the idiots over in the US, spouting out now? Poland might give them the territory, to place yet another US military base, close to Khaliningrad, but, have they learnt nought, over the last 5 years and the 24/7, back to back, NATO exercises on Russia’s borders? Perhaps, they rely too closely on their ‘think tanks’, whose main intelligence, comes from social media.

Russian MoD: Naive Belief of US Commander to Conquer Kaliningrad Should Concern His Subordinates… https://sputniknews.com/russia/201909201076848415-kaliningrad-is-protected-after-reports-of-pentagon-breach-of-regions-defence/#comments

The US have been made to look seriously stupid, once again, on the World Stage, and are now thrashing around, like an injured snake, fighting death, courtesy of the Saudi oil field false flag, going wrong.

Tudor Miron

Yeah, that was top level trolling :)

AM Hants

He does it so well and with so much wit.

AM Hants

Personally, I like the Moon of Alabama take on things. Preferring their article, to the one above.

How Russian And Iran Beat Their Opponents’ Strategies… https://www.moonofalabama.org/2019/09/how-russian-and-iran-beat-their-opponents-strategies.html#more

Followed by the next stage.

The Crisis Over The Attack On Saudi Oil Infrastructure Is Over – We Now Wait For the Next One…https://www.moonofalabama.org/2019/09/the-crisis-over-the-attack-on-saudi-oil-infrastructure-is-over-we-now-wait-for-the-next-one.html#more
This part of the 2nd article, seriously made me laugh, ‘…Trump sent Pompeo to Saudi Arabia to hold hands with the Saudi gangster family who call themselves royals. Pompeo of course tried to sell them more weapons. On his flight back he had an uncharacteristically dovish Q & A with reporters. Pompeo said:..’

Doubt the irony will be lost on others.

Brian Michael Bo Pedersen

Theres another reason for the failed US made AD, the plan tells it to fail, the saudi AD needs to fail.
If the Saudi intercepted the drone and cruisemissiles, the world would not care a bit.
As soon as Mr. and Ms Western World gasprices go up or the heating bill blows the budget, then its another fuel on the warpropaganda.

So it HAVE TO fail.
Allthough im in no doubt that the US made trash does not work and the Saudi pigs dont know how to use it.

Jimmy Jim

Patriot is crapiot….
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