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Russian Defense Ministry’s Representatives May Visit Ankara for Talks on Syria


Representatives of the Russian Defense Ministry may visit Ankara for discussing Syrian issue with their Turkish counterparts.

Russian Defense Ministry's Representatives May Visit Ankara for Talks on Syria

Photo: suthatti.com

High-ranking representatives of the Russian Defense Ministry may visit Ankara for negotiations on the Syrian issue soon, the Kommersant newspaper reported on Saturday, citing an unnamed source in the Russian Defense Ministry.

According to the source, currently, Russia and Turkey are “enough tightly exchanging various kinds of information,” constantly liaising between the General Staff of the two countries.

The newspaper noted that the source did not exclude that in the near future, the capital of Turkey may be visited by high-level representatives of the Russian Defense Ministry, who will discuss the Syrian issue with their counterparts.

On Friday, Russian President Vladimir Putin and Turkey’s head Recep Tayyip Erdogan held a telephone conversation, during which they discussed the situation in Syria, in particular, plans of military maneuvers of the Turkish Army on Syrian territory.

Conceivably, it will be already the second meeting of Defense Ministry’s representatives of the two countries for the recent time.



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  • Tom Johnson

    Pucker up Russia, and get ready to kiss ass.

    • Jesus

      That is neocon dung, Turkey needs Russia more than Russia needs Turkey. Turkey is openly recognizing the legitimacy of Assad’s leadership. I suppose they are doing that to appease the Russians and go after the Kurds.

    • Antikapitalista

      Russia is always ready to kick your ass! :-P