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Russian Defense Ministry Warns New Provocation With Chemical Weapons

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Russian Defense Ministry Warns New Provocation With Chemical Weapons

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Submitted by Khaled Iskef.

The Russian Ministry of Defense warned that “Al-Nusra” was preparing to provoke the use of chemical weapons, in order to accuse the Syrian state.

On March 8th, the deputy director of the Russian Reconciliation Center in Hmeimim Alexander Karpov said that there was information about ISIS militants preparing to provoke the military escalation in the Idlib region, including staging of a chemical attack.

Karpov added that the terrorists were planning to stage a chemical attack in a facility in the village of Kabanah that was established for this purpose, with the participation of the residents to present them as victims in order to accuse the Syrian government of using chemical weapons against the civilian population.

These warnings aren’t the first of their kind issued by Russia, as it had previously revealed similar plays several times in the past that are being prepared by the militants to accuse the Syrian state.

The last of such warnings was made nearly a month ago, when the Russian Defense Ministry announced that the Al-Nusra militants had transported containers of toxic materials likely full of chlorine gas onboard trucks. The deputy head of the Russian Center for Reconciliation in Syria, Colonel Vyacheslav Sitnik added that the information available at the center indicated that there were preparations to fabricate a chemical attack and photograph its consequences, showing the victims and injured, indicating that the gunmen transported containers containing toxic materials likely to be chlorine gas on trucks to the town of Termanin in the northern countryside of Idlib.

According to the Russian Ministry’s data, the terrorist organizations in Idlib have laboratories specialized in producing and preparing toxic chemical materials, and they are run by specialists who have been trained in Europe to deal with these materials and use them in fabricated attacks.

It’s noteworthy that these staged attacks portrayed by “Al-Nusra” are carried out with support of “White Helmets” organization, which is considered to be the party that draws, plans, and visualizes these fabricated attacks, using civilians and their children to represent that they are injured or dead, whether by luring some of them with money or by arms and under threat of arrest.


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Hasbara Hunter

How many of those AngloZioNazi-False Flag-Chemical Attacks in which Assad & the Russians were accused of Poisoning Poor Moderate Headchoppers, were actually Converted in CASH?

khaled iskef

Even before the Russian presence in Syria this was the plan

johnny rotten

The same old script, trite and trite, in their decadence the Westerners have lost all traces of imagination and creativity, now they are limited to an echo of the things said previously, it is fortunate for the whole world that they are going out, their boredom is deadly.

khaled iskef

This is evidence of the clear exposure of their policies

Proud Hindu

Russian junk is not working and so they are desperate for a ceasefire lol.

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