Russia’s Defense Ministry to buy five dolphins


Russia's Defense Ministry to buy five dolphins

According to a document posted on the website of state purchases on Wednesday, Russia’s Defense Ministry is planning to buy five bottlenose dolphins for 1.75 million rubles ($24,475).

The Russian Defense Ministry needs two female and three male dolphins between 3 and 5 years of age, the tender documentation specifies.  It also said that the ministry wants to buy the species with the body length of 2.3 to 2.7 meters.

It is also reported that the document emphasizes that the dolphins “should display motor activity.”



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  • Brandon Thompson

    Just a matter of time before there is a mass dolphin shooting.

  • Catfish

    The us uses or used to use dolphins kinda like underwater dogs around naval ports. From what little I’ve read into it they’re supposed to help protect against divers. That’s the only defensive purpose I’ve heard of them being used in and not sure if they still are.

  • Monte George Jr

    I’ve been wondering how Russia plans to defend the Kerch Strait bridge and power cables against the inevitable Ukie/NATO underwater sabotage teams. Dolphins are great at detecting navy seal teams. Good move.