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Russian Defense Ministry Says 503,223km2 Was Liberated In Syria. But Syrian Territory Is Only 185,180km2


Russian Defense Ministry Says 503,223km2 Was Liberated In Syria. But Syrian Territory Is Only 185,180km2

FILE IMAGE: Sputnik/ Dmitriy Vinogradov

Something is very wrong with the numbers provided by the Russian Defense Ministry about the area liberated from terrorists in Syria.

On October 24, many Russian media outlets, including state-run, quoted a statement of Russian Defense Ministry Sergey Shoigu that since the start of the Russian military operation in Syria, 503,223 km2 have been liberated from terrorists.

The total area of Syria is about 185,180 km2. So, 2.71 Syrias have been liberated so far, according to Shoigu.

In June 2017, another questionable incident appeared in the third part of Oliver Stone’s Showtime special “The Putin Interviews” when Russian President Vladimir Putin showed filmmaker Oliver Stone footage of an alleged US helicopter shooting Tliban extremists in Afghanistan and told him it was the Russian Aerospace Forces operating in Syria.

In the both cases, the problems were likely caused by mistakes of the middle- or low-level press staff involved in the process of providing numbers, facts and videos for statements of the Russian leadership.

Russian Defense Ministry Says 503,223km2 Was Liberated In Syria. But Syrian Territory Is Only 185,180km2

Source: http://tass.com/defense/972190



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  • @Inc2Get

    They meant 50k km^2 and the video Putin showed was not of US air strikes but of Russian choppers against Isis in palmyra. Why would Putin even choose a US video when there are more than 10k videos of Russian air strikes?

    • Mikronos

      Google those ‘Russian Airstrike videos’ and see what you get. Some of them aren’t.

      • Kristen

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    • VGA

      He isn’t the one who chose it, some aide edited some videos together, the idiot didn’t know it would be shown on TV so put what looked best in there …

  • Mikronos

    Sh*t happens. Yesterday President Poroshenko of the EUkraine tweeted a photograph of Jews being ‘resettled’ out of the Lodz ghetto , claiming it was Ukrainians being forceably removed by the Soviets. The Holocaust Museum in New York called him on using a photo from their archive.

    • dutchnational

      If your neighbour beats a man, does that justify you beating a man too?

      • Brian Dippenaar

        If the man deserves the beating then yes… of course?
        Are you dutchnationals soft in the head?

        • Mikronos

          Sort of like when you could catch a ‘nie-blank’ in the wrong neighbourhood in the good old days?

      • Rüdiger Preiss

        The big difference is that in the case of Russian media this clearly has been a mistake. In case of western mainstream media those “mistakes” are almost always deliberate propaganda.

      • Mikronos

        The same man? Of course if you think he’s going to beat you too. It’s called ‘being a friend’ and it happens on a world scale all the time.

      • FlorianGeyer

        Don’t tempt me Dutch :)

  • dutchnational

    It has the last monthsbeen noticed quite often that the veracity of Russian news/info is more related to propaganda or even outright lies then to reality.

    It has been remarked that to divide russian numbers by ten the probability rises sharply. Indeed, a gain of some 50k km2 does sound like reality.

    Well spotted by SF.

    • Dawn of Svarog

      And why would someone lied in this stupid manner troll? It is obviously a mistake.. Only a halfwit would think otherwise…

      • Alex

        That’s what he’s :)

    • Brian Dippenaar

      How much do your masters pay you to come spew your ignorant hatred here at South Front?
      Probably not enough to move out of your mothers basement?

      You are here all the time just attacking the Russians and Syrians without deviation.
      What does that say about you dutchnational?

      That your the very definition of a government sponsored troll and you make it all too obvious with your comments.

      So, back to my previous point about how much they pay you…
      Whatever it is your overcharging, its just not worth this low level propaganda of yours.

      And 500 000km2 divided by 10 is 50 000km2 not 50km2 genius!

      • Garga

        I really hope that he receives a salary in exchange for what he does, just like a true שבס גוי

      • Jacek Wolski

        Still upset about the 57 to 0 loss to the All Blacks ?

        • isoko

          how is this thread related to rugby for FS ? upset or not, he at least keeps straight and isn’t the one out of the mark here !

          • Jacek Wolski

            Another Springbok shedding crocodile tears! Your team plays like a bunch of girls! ?

      • Solomon Krupacek

        he wrote 50k (k = kilo = 1000)

    • Alex

      Could have sworn that you have been reading western msm and listening to your politicians too much :) This here is just a typo, what you do is a complete disinformation and twisting of facts

  • Tommy Jensen

    Its because Russia Coalition had to liberate some areas many times. As you know many ISIS/Al-Qaida commanders also die many times in the MSM.
    Latest Abū Bakr al-Baghdadi the Mossad agent and US leader of ISIS was killed by a Russian airstrike but a few weeks later seen driving around in an American limousine in the outskirts of Mosul.

  • Deo Cass

    Oops! What a gaff! Actually it is 53,223 km2. The ‘0’ should not be there.

  • sagbotgamot

    Maybe the size is the projected area to be liberated by Syria which probably included the Golan Heights and the whole of zionist Israel which is good! hahaha

  • John Whitehot

    is this the same author that was confounding square meters with square kilometers some months ago?

    Also, how’s the Stone incident related to square meters?

    if SF needs to publish jokes I could provide better ones instead of this garbage.

  • EmilyEnso

    Could the figure relate to the area actually taken from ISIS and include Iraq.
    Just asking?

  • isoko

    SouthFront kindly refrain from generalization, you’ve earned your grades and don’t need to please MSM and their troll army down this thread !

    I trust Everyone here knows how to search and fetch truth for him/her-self and clearly knows who’s who !

  • paulgilpin

    it is so simple.
    503,223Km + vodka = 185,180Km
    simple math. what’s not to understand?

  • SCan

    Stranger than the error of the amount – which MIGHT have been, and probably was, an error in the publication – is the accuracy of the area released …
    Next time they should provide with two decimal places.